About paradigmet21

paradigmet21.wordpress.com is the English offspring of
A pe-study of that is

This makes paradigmet21.wordpress.com the third generation in the Paradigm Series with the motto:
Let us dispute the undertow of seemingly indisputable prerequisites for our common reality


The total amount of pages of the series site is extensive. Probably around 10.000 pages or 25 heavy book titles.

It is not the volume that counts though, but the amount of potential information found.
Hopefully the quality in the quantity.

It started out as a study of a World, that seemed to be somehow out of sync with itself.
This was a severe understatement, since the World turned out to be filled with lies and deceptions to a degree of UNBELIEVABLE!

The paradigm series are note-works in progress for this study made available to all, who have similar interests, and who find it increasingly useless and even damaging to listen to mainstream media, politicians and socalled experts.