ISMS for dummies

by marco_hanuman, the blogger


Nihilistic displacement of God with money, via mafia structures created by the global mammon-oligarchy. It involves monopolization and usury and constant war. Societies run by mammonists are places of non-production¸non-self-sustenance, non-employment and no future. 

Example par excellence these days: the British society run by the mammonists of the City of London now having the second largest loss of jobs in Europe next to Greece, one of several South European countries hit by financial terrorism imposed by the European mammonists.


Money and monetary economy as a means to share resources and create productivity without monopolization. Extremely rare in its historical pure form, since Capitalism is Mammonism’s main enemy.


Fascism / National Socialism:
Socialism for one country and one people. Like them or not, both initiatives were feared by mammonists, as they outmaneuvered the abusive system of central banking mammonism and introduced for a limited period of time their own independent economic system that created an unprecedented wealth. This – and there may be reasons to dislike them, but this is not one of them, unless you yourself are a supporter of mammonism – is the main reason, why we have been told endless times in endless ways how endlessly evil they were. The only country in the world today who practice their economic and financial system, is Taiwan, a country that does not have the right to call itself a country or a nation, but nonetheless is doing extremely well, as the rest of the world is relying on its extremely efficient productivity.


Political elitist, identitarian and political ideology created by mammonists aka Usurers International Federations (Usura). An updated version of Talmudism, the politicized Judaism. According to Talmudism / Zionism, only a very small group of people is entitled to the highest privileges and any other beings on Earth (goyim) are to be suppressed, deprived of privileges or obliterated. Jews are also the victims of zionism, that, although it pretends to care, doesn’t give a shit about ordinary jews.



The Zionist basis for secular Turkey created by the Dönmeh, The Young Turks, forming a circle around Atatürk with the aim to dissolve the Ottoman Empire in order to initiate a further imperialist dismemberment of the Middle East. Responsible for the Armenian Genocide, which till this day is a strict taboo to mention in Turkey.



Political internationalist-globalist ideology created by the mammonists of Wall Street to support their agenda from bottom up. And lest we forget: to destroy Russia. This means in the first stage a state monopolizing, and in the second state the breakdown of the state / nation and establishing a global-state called a global village, which is Feudalism 2.0 (see this).

It appears as an incomprehensible reality to people that today still in a state of mental hangover call themselves socialists, although socialism died in 1990, that what they believed to be the opposite of Feudalism was Feudalism 2.0 – from the very beginning.


Stalinism, Leninism, Communism, Maoism:
Synonyms for International Socialism meant to destroy nations, their people and their history by creating a society of slavery and Neo-Feudalism.



A philosophy / ideology that pretends to be scientific for direct support of socialism and indirectly of mammonism with the intent to destroy capitalism, meaning depriving any person and any company the right to trade and exchange with other persons or companies without dictates from states, big companies, banks, legislations and institutions as long as the trade is non-abusive to others. This is the reason, why Karl Marx never mentioned the Central Banks, the main vehicle for mammonistic exploitation of the World. He was hired by their owners.

Marxism stresses the idea of Historical Materialism, meaning that history can be viewed as a sort of machine, a mechanical process whereby certain material conditions automatically create certain social and economic changes. That he was totally wrong has been proved during 70 years of dysfunctional socialism. But the very idea of materialism can now be seen for what it was: an ideological brainwashing stunt meant to confuse our understanding of certain changes in human history as 100% intentional. Such as the well planned revolution in 1917 in Russia.

Oh, but we were just helping history a little bit, they say trying to hide this fully intentional crime against humanity. Where have we heard similar statements lately? Oh, but we are just helping god creating Armageddon, says the neocon-nihilist-zionist war mongerers before they destroyed Iraq.


Deism upside-down, but without Deos/God. A variation of Nihilism. Or rather a Universe without Spirit or consciousness. Cosmology of our time is basically materialistic, although quite a few astrophysicists seem to have been struck by the strange wonders of the Universe thus reintroducing consciousness.

While always referring to the Emptied Universe, the term can be used on many levels. As described above as a view of human history being without conscious engineering / intention, meaning hiding big-scale crimes against humanity. It is also commonly used, but then confused with Hedonism (see this), where material goods are worshipped as god. Thereby synonymous with Consumerism.


A description of a very poor state of living, where your only satisfaction as a human being is going into a shopping mall, being erotically aroused, buying stuff for digesting and piling up regardless of whether you need it or not. 

In order for Consumerism to take hold of major parts of a population, an extensive use of methods of persuasion developed in Behavourism is applied, thus making people confuse their wants with their needs. The definition of Tragedy versus Comedy in Greek Theatre also used today in film scripting is that a protagonist, a main character, or, on the level of archetypes The Hero (… with a Thousand Faces – Campbell) chooses to pursue his wants, his story becomes a tragedy, and if he overcomes his hedonism/materialism/consumerism his story changes into a comedy.

Consumerism and its impact on the World has turned mankind into a tragedy of pathetic consumers. This also affects people outside the western world due to the artificial scarcity created by Imperialism/Mammonism that forces them to live on the edge of survival always having to strive for the material basis for their survival.


Culture Marxism:
A variation of Marxism, realizing that the working class, as a potentially community-depleting force, had to be replaced by disaffected ethnic groups, gender confused human types, and the perversion of culture through sexualisation / pornofication. Main Instrument: political correctness and subversive perversion. Motto: Critique is the philosophy. Meaning: destruction is the goal, but we have no values. Meaning: Culture Marxism is synonymous with Nihilism



Like Utopism in the belief that people don’t need governments but will be able – right away! – to manage without. Problem is, that people have been used to live in dysfunctional states led by psychopaths, so they by now have forgotten how to manage for themselves. This would take training and probably a whole new generation of people, that are not fucked up. And who is going to train them – the fucked up generations? Anarchism demands the same as democracy: people that are totally aware and awake and enlightened and with a secure moral compass. Could this happen?

There is no way out of leadership. And this would form, if a state broke down. Another problem: an even worse mafia structure would emerge at once and claim leadership by brutal power. 

If anarchism should stand a chance, it would have to be in the shape of local government in small unities. And it would have to be a slow process, not a revolution, since all revolutions have created ugly dictatorships. Still I’d say: go for it, since anything other than this degenerate society would be better. Careful though.



The core philosophy was to support capitalism, but later amalgamation with mammonism has taken place. After the death of Fascism (1945) and Socialism (1990), Liberalism is now found in two versions: right-liberalism and left-liberalism, and both are openly totalitarian. Liberalism of today is a nihilistic project to liberate man from his own and the universal nature, so mankind can be developed as transhuman / posthuman, freed from the troubles of conscience, duty, responsibility and history. All assaults on people thus become possible and justified.



Synonymous for Mammonist Liberalism, the West’s oligarchic idea of one world controlled by them and only them. Any attempt to disobey this claim should, according to the transatlantic uni-polarists, be crushed with any means of violence.



The military tool for the realization of Uni-polarism feeding the military-industrial-financial complex. Don’t forget the financial part of the complex, since every war known to man for the past centuries has been the mammonists’ wars. Mammonists therefor always sell weapons to both parties in a war, meaning they don’t give a damn who wins or loses. THEY win every time.



Also called post-democracy. A tyranny of the majority controlled by a tiny minority. A majority of a population is seduced by media manipulation, ideologies, fear and guilt to cast their initiative, their interests, their powers and their civil rights into the hands of intermediaries for mammonists called elected politicians. Thereby the majority will sit back and watch football and pseudo-discussions broadcast to them on their sofas, while the World is taken care of.



Culture-Marxist side-ideology based on the breakdown of the socially conservative family structure, the relationship between man and woman and the relationship between children and parents. Morally legalized hatred toward men as the protector of the family from attacks, and at the same time persuading women by promises or guilt-and-shame to give up their privilege as the internal sustainer of the family. This could only be done with a certain probability, after the character of men had been perverted by the industrial society for a hundred years + two traumatizing world wars with men killing other men.

Feminism is admittedly created by the mammonist family clan behind the Rockefeller Foundation to ensure double labor for the same wages and the children as a state property. Simultaniously the Rockefellers created their version of the Preussian School System to ensure, that this new human property of the state did not learn to think for themselves via The Trivium Method, the classic method of stimulating the capacity for critical thinking, which thereafter only was taught at the elite schools for the children of oligarchs and their hangouts.


Ideology about the preservation of the nation as a birthplace for people and as an ethnic, cultural and historical community. Has been confused with several of the above ideologies, as the mammonists have sought the destruction of the nation as culture-bearing unit.


Chauvinism / Jingoism:

Perverted nationalism where human ethnicity, culture and nation / place of birth is manipulated as a weapon against other human nations for political purposes. Like civil war it is not something that the citizens of these nations themselves come up with, but mammonists and their henchmen have staged by using chaos and conflict to create their favorite state of divide-and-conquer and Clash of Civilisations. 



With steam engines, coal mines and factories a new slave society was created in the 18-hundreds. It all started in England, and it demanded sending children down into mines, it created systematic pollution for the first time in human history, developed chemistry as basics for production and demanded ressources to an extend, that the indstrialists thought it justified to plunder, rape and pillage the rest of the world in a fashion later called Imperialism. Whether industrialism or imperialism is the hen or the egg can be debated.

Industrialism is the ressurrection of Feudalism, when mankind thought that this old shit was over.

Prerequisite for Modernism. 



Breakthrough for a split mind – a glorious and most correct being.

Modern man must be prepared for major as well as minor wars.

To be modern is not to rememeber your history, not to belong a nation, a family or a tradition.

A modern danse is to wiggle your arse in a particular modern way.

Modern man is very erotic but cannot handle the consequenses of his erotic beviour.

Modern man is free. Free for responsibility, conscience, former generations, coming generations, honor, truth, virtue and duties.

Modern man will soon be free from his/her own gender, his own body and her own genes.

Modern man is so liberated, that it has to drink liters of Coca Cola, canned beer or café latte, watch sports television, hang out on Facebook, answer txt’s withing 30 secs, shop in the mall, thing and talk like the friends, watch silly movies like the friends, listen to stupid music like the friends, vote for the EU and complie to war like the friends, and call your bad friends your friends – like your friends,

Modern man doesn’t know what to do with his own unlimited-limited freedom.

Modern man needs a parole from his state of unlimited-limited freedom.



The term for the particular strand of the Empire, the successor to the Roman Empire, which we know as the British-French-Spanish-Portuguese-German and later the Transatlantic Imperialism for the US dominance of the World. This may also be labeled the Maritime Empire, the seafaring, expansive, aggressive empire, the Empire of Envy and Piracy. Its contrast is Empire of the Land, the impervious land mass, which for centuries has had to defend itself against the Maritime Empire and Mammonism.

Imperialism’s main motivation is greed and envy, and an imperialist action against a country always leads to the plunder of the country’s resources. The Maritime Empire is fundamentally based on piracy, and to the extent the global Khazarian Mafia (once expelled from their habitat in the core of the Empire of the Land due to bad behaviour) is involved, we also find their specialty: land piracy.


The invention of the circle of ideologues and spin doctors around Constantin the Great in the fourth century A.D. Christianity was the designer religion of this late version of the Roman Empire, and Feudalism was the designer structure of the society. It was all about the division of power between the Empire of the Church and the Empire of the Kingdom

This created The Dark Ages. an age between the the Post Antique era and the late Middle Ages, where people knew n-o-t-h-i-n-g about the dispositions of the ruling elite, had n-o access to knowledge held by the Church and its monasteries. During the climax of Feudalism, the Frankish Empire under Charlemagne, the people found themselves to be slaves in a society created for the Lords of the Castles. 

Feudalism is about the very few ruling the whole lot and the designer-structure by which they do so. What we see today is nothing but an update of Feudalism as version 2.0. Same old shit.


A forced syncronization between State and major corporate entities. Either the State invades and posesses the corporate entities, or these entities invade and possess the State. The result is a non-society, where the State no longer sees it as its obligation to protect the citizens against exploitation of the corporations, but willingly participates in and enhances this exploitation.

In a corporatized State, the classic separation of legislative, jurisdictional and performing part of the State is no longer existent.

In such a State, media is bought by the corporations, that now own the State. Media now only plays its part as an apparatus of propaganda. Some have called this kind of State Fascism, but technically it is more correct to call it Corporatism, since classic fascism did not in this way betray its own citizens, since it was a form of National Socialism. Corporatism is internationalism and Globalism disregarding any social structure of any nation, which neither fascist or national socialist states of the 30’es did – like them or not.  


Synonymous for Uni-Polarism, Corporatism and basically with elements of all the isms presented here, except true Nationalism, genuine Capitalism and aspects of Anarchism. 



A philosophy behind Technocracy. The mere existence of the idea shows, that the ruling global class never believed in democracy more than as an instrument of control. It takes Scientism (see this) to the next level, claiming that a new instrument for the rulers should be a mixture of scientists and bureaucrats called technocrats. Today by the aid of computers (the idea of technocracy was born long before computers) and mathematical calculations the society will be ruled and managed as a machine. We could also call it techno-utilitarism.

Technocracy is the goal of the European Union. It is a hyper-liberalist philosophy, that will liberate people from all responsibilities and remove all political engagement from their highly controlled lives. It leads to Transhumanism.


Also called Post-Humanism. The ultimate wet dream of The Controllers. Man not only is controlled by machines, he is a machine. Although the human body for 100 years has been regarded by medical science as a machine that could be fixed and maintained, the full realization of this de-humanization will only be possible, when man becomes fully programmable as hardware and software. 

This is not future, this is right now. It takes electronics or chemistry in and around humans, which is in place. It takes indoctrination by applied Behavourism, which is happening. Wellcome to the New World!


A 20th century version of and mind– and crowd control. By the aid of psychology and sociology/anthropology, and with the aid of deception, drugs and electronics, people can be made to behave according to how The Controllers want them to behave, solely for the sake of The Controllers.

Behavourism has infected media, politics, ideologies, school systems and is used shrewdly by intelligence agencies to create better (=worse) conditions for destroying the lives of human beings in great number. 

With behavourism, spindoctors and election-orchestrators can make people vote for leaders that will decide 100% against the interest of people in a country and abroad. This happens right now (august 2016) as the election of Hillary Clinton is put in place.


A political tool developed by intelligence agencies in the West and performed by people inside and outside the West claiming to carry out terror on their own initiative.

The first basic rule is that the so-called terrorists never are what they themselves claim, or what they are claimed to be in the media.
The second basic rule is that a terrorist event is always part of an attitudinal campaign towards citizens of a nation for the benefit of the government of that nation AND
for the benefit of the United States, England, France, Israel or Saudi Arabia, the above countries whose intelligence services have developed and used terror as a tool.

The third basic rule is that a given terrorist group will always have been formed, trained, equipped and used by agencies in these five countries, the real Axis of Evil.


A special hijacked sort of pseudo-Islam, which, under the guise of wanting to reform Islam, wants to pit Muslims against other Muslims and against other cultures, religions and ideologies, and via a staged Clash of Civilizations, to destroy religions and Western culture. To be an Islamist, you do not have to believe in Allah. This will actually be a disadvantage, since you will be hired to commit atrocities, that are condemned in the Quran.



Theory developed by Darwin to pretend a scientific underpinning of the British Empire and its self proclaimed right to subjugate weaker nations. Darwin never used the term the fittest but the strongest. An example of his special form of racism was the statement: There are 70 races of people on Earth (in itself highly absurd nonsense), but the Irish are the lowest race! After which, the Irish Genocide, deceptively called the Great Famine or the Potato Famine, was launched.


In the strict form meaning contempt for people of other races. Today, a term used by Cultural Marxists, when they want to use ethnic groups as a basis for destruction of nations with especially people of white skin. Because they want the destruction of the white race and Western civilization, they appear as the true racists. If someone is exposed to justified criticism for bad behavior, it is common to pull the politically correct word racist forward as a diversion. Most times the word is applied, there is no question of racism at all but about social and political issues that are not politically correct and taboo whereby an automatic use of the word will block any discussion on the subject.

Racism is often seen between ethnic groups, that have been clustered in other countries and seldom in the original cultures, where respectful segregation is the way of living between ethnic and religious groups. This mostly balanced and stable state of living is often destroyed on purpose by Imperialism, for it can only rule in chaos and fear. Racism is a product of Imperialism.


Racism emerges when ethnically incompatible cultures are forced upon each other to an extent that is unproportional, and therefore necessarily will lead to a multitude of conflicts. Multi-Culturalism is such a designer state of being almost only found in Western Societies. Recognizing that conflict is the most essential part of the system of control imposed upon human beings, we can begin to see the contour of a new variation of this system not yet well described. Although it is a product of imperialistic destruction of non-western nations, cultures and sustainable living for peoples deprived of their resources by the imperialists, it is now – like all mass movements – being purposely exploited and used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Multi-Culturalism is sold by Culture Marxists as respectful and inclusive to cultures. But with a closer look on the phenomenon it turns out to be exactly the opposite. Multi-Culturalism has turned into a designer-ideology with the purpose of destroying ALL cultures, all traditions, all history, all ethnicity, all original genes/races and all uniqueness and beauty of these cultures. Multiculturalism is therefore the most racist idea ever to have arisen, since it disrespects ALL races and all sub-races / ethnic cultures. 

A certain mixture of limited groups of people has taken place for millenia without problems, thus enriching cultures. The unlimited extent to which mass immigration now floods the Western World – NB! Not other parts of the World! – is not only highly damaging. It is an invasion, and its purpose is the same as a military operation. It IS a military operation with full intent behind it. It cannot be understood without connecting it directly to the systematic destruction of especially the Middle East, that has been going on for more than a century, but has now been – note: has been, not is, since someone has done it – escalated to a degree hitherto unheard of. 


The Zionist variation of the concept of racism that is used every time a jew faces criticism for eg. the genocide in Gaza. The term is no more scientifically founded than Darwin’s racist statements, as the term semitic is a linguistic and not a racial designation, and since most semites speak Arabic, making the user of the term a weird sort of ethno-racist. In the Jewish state of Israel, people of African skin color are not desired since they are said to ‘pollute’ Jewish genetics. The Oriental Jews, Sephardim, were considered to be inferior to the Khazarian, the Azkhenazim, and Ethiopian Jews, and were even physically thrown out of the country, which shows the consistent exercising of internal ethno-racism. The almost unbelievable paradox is that the state of Israel, being the most racist and anti-semitic society in the World, constantly accuses others of racism/anti-semitism.


The philosophy of non-value. Practiced in our time by among others the American neocons who are students of Leo Strauss at the University of Chicago, a nihilistic Zionist, whose thesis is that America is a nihilistic project. This school is not, as one might think by the deceptive word con as Neo-Conservatives (to con: to deceive), but Neo-Trotskyites. The Russian Revolution was a nihilistic project. Mammonism IS Nihilism. Nihilism is in its cultic form identical to Satanism. To be able to carry out a genocide in size of 147 million in the Communist-Soviet era (just a fraction of the nihilistic-satanic holocaust in the 20th century that wiped out half a billion people!), one needs to have a nihilistic, satanic basis.


Christianity turned upside down as nihilism and, as such, dependent on Christian ethics as a religious cult or philosophy. The symbol for that is the Tarot card of The Hangman. Satanism has its roots in Kabbalism, Druidism and Shamanism, but appears in a infantile, reactionary and distorted hybrid form abusing its roots. It shares its roots with the Masonic philosophy, although masons rarely talk about Satan but of Lucifer as their god. As in Kabbalism or the Cult of the Dying God, Satanism contains elements of ritual pedophilia and human sacrifice. Far more leading political and religious figures than commonly aware of can be described as ideological and/or practicing Satanists simply because of their nihilistic world view, and quite a few of them even go into the perverted ritualism of Satanism. May we just mention the Bohemian Grove and the British Royal Family.   


The Atheist claims to be liberated from God and religion. So why is it necessary for the atheist in every sentence and every deed to relate directly to God and religion – with the head upside down? Is that, what you call being reactionary?

Atheism = Nihilism.


Why consider this obscure, esoteric school as important? Because kabbalists rule this world. We find kabbalism in Freemasonry. We find it with the Templars, that later crept into the Jesuits. We find it in Zionism. We find it in the Turkism, that destroyed the Ottoman Empire. It feeds into Satanism and Nihilism. We find it in NewAge.

According to kabbalists, Reality can be manipulated by means of Magic. Although originally originated in the Babylonian and Egyptian wisdom schools, it later became distorted as a tool for certain groups of people, that seeked manipulative power over others. Mammonism is a sort of kabbalism. Hollywood swims over with kabbalist symbols and Madonna dansed on the grave of Isaac Luria.


Philosopy of the greater good, believing that every choice should be motivated by a sort of merchant’s calculation: Will this choice bring the most benefit to the most people? So far so good. It easily tips over to the belief that people should sacrifice their own needs for the sake of society. If this happens, which it does, we have international socialism aka the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, and since proletars cannot rule for themselves, they need commisarians, committees, police and military, a lot of prison camps and … Lenin-Trotsky-Stalin. For an abstract idea of the greater good for the people – so they said at least – the people had to be sacrificed for the sake of themselves.  


A skewed scientific dogma that only allows palpable and measurable realities to exist. For several centuries Positivism and Rationalism prevented Science from going in directions where the seemingly unquantifiable could become part of the quantifiable and thus a part of reality. As a main tenet of Scientism (see this), we have not the science that we should have.

In Positivism, consciousness becomes a by-product of chemical processes in the brain and therefore not as it was in the scientific understanding that existed among humans before, the fundamental component of a living universe. The positivistic universe is a universe of death. 


The belief that people could be able to make choices by rational calculation. People do not follow reason and rationale, they follow their guts. And to the extent they have a healthy stomach, they say it is the second brain. If not healthy, we have a society of hedonism.


When the metaphysical basis for real philosophy is taken over by materialism – metaphysics as understood by Greek philophers such as Aristoteles – when there is no first cause but only the world of senses preached by the Sofists of Hellas we have Relativism. Synonymous with Nihilism. Intelligence is taken over by mechanics and we have Scientism and Post-Humanism.

Equally applicable to science and politics. In science everything has become mechanics, in politics everything has become of equal, meaning no matter. We live in a quantified world (Réne Guénon) og randomness is regarded as almost a quality. Causes of history and misery can thus never be explained, and we are left in utter confusion and amorality.

Relativism is also embedded into daily language. At the Nobel Prize Museum in Oslo the guide for the Nobel Peace Price was teaching to the visitors, that Assad had poisoned his people with gas. Everyone = EVERYONE these days know, that this is is a propaganda lie. Confronted by a visitor, who happened to be one of the most knowledgable persons into these matters, Patrick Henningsen, the answer of the guide was: Well that is just your opinion! This is Relativism, Ladies & Gentlemen! And it is based on political correct stupidity.


A atrophied, degenerated version of a science that once was (eg Plato/Aristotle), where branches of science like physics and mathematics were in the same room as thology and metaphysics, and where consciousness was thrown of the classroom in a dead and mechanical Universe.

A typical reductionist statement would be, that consciousness is a mere bi-product of chemical-electronic processes of the meat machine called the human brain. 

In more general terms, sensory and quantifiable phenomenons have taken over the role of the First Cause, the Immovable Mover no longer exists. Aristotle states, that you cannot and should not prove the Obvious. Reductionism is just one more synonym for Nihilism. Sophism has taken over science and turned it into Scientism.


An abuse of the concept of hedon meaning heathen, projecting our mindset onto people in old societies, claiming that they lived like lusty animals, following all the immediate impulses like small children, without being able to postpone their wants and realize their needs. Which of course is highly arrogant towards these people that perhaps had a higher moral standard than us.

That being said, this projection seems to be more of a description of the times we are living in, with hyper-sexualization, eating disorders, drunken teenagers vomiting in streets throwing waste all over, greedy bankers, reality shows and media glitter, funny blue pills and rave parties on the deck of the Titanic.


Science transformed into dogma, ideology and politics, thus assuming the characteristics of a religion. Actual Science should be untainted by all these entities. Scientism started in the Enlightenment, with 2/3’s of the leading scientists’ opuses being discarded and declared as superstition.

It has, among many things, led to a physics that does not understand gravity, electricity and magnetism; an astronomy that for the same reason does not understand the forces of the universe and thinks it’s all thermodynamics (the description of heat in a steam engine from 1877); a medical science that does not understand health; a psychology that, although it believes it understands the human psyche, is not able to deal properly with traumas; a genetics which does not understand the cell; a biology which does not understand water, the basic element of all life; a science of history that does not understand actual history but only the Empire’s bedtime stories about itself; as well as an economic mainstream school which does not teach its students the reality of money creation. Whether ‘it’ knows about it, is another question.

Scientism has built a shield around itself, whereby an understanding of these key issues is absent. Additionally, representatives of Scientism are deeply dependent on the commercial hand feeding them, whereby they never go in directions that can challenge the monopolies based on scientistic distortions of reality. A forced kind of Escapism (see this).


Infinite variations of techniques of running out by the back door or detraction from what should be understood and done.

Instead of addressing the core of any economy, the issue of money creation and its mammonistic private-monopolization, we have been led to talk about growth in thin air, as if growth was the cause and not the symptom.

Instead of addressing environmental responsibility, we have been led to talk about climate, and the natural gas, the base of all organic life on Earth, CO2, as a man-made poison that should be taxed – read: providing a huge amount of money to, and yet at the same time preventing, developing countries and small companies to actually have growth. This is The War on Nature.

Instead of identifying the root cause of the refugee currents as being United States and NATO’s destruction of the Middle East and the rest of the World, we have been led to talk about how we can soothe our conscience by letting the hordes of immigrants (of which only a fraction are actual refugees and a percentage are trained terrorists settling down as cells waiting for the call) in from the countries we have helped to destroy and thus masochistically destroy our own countries. Also we in the West are now in a state of war, but we have not identified it as such.

Instead of by the society’s funds supporting research and development of highly promising technologies that can completely obviate the use of oil, and do not pollute and do not run out next year, then we allow companies to develop methods to dismember underground toxic water, to have unclean and unprofitable oil, and the Nuclear Lobby to continue building ticking bombs of fission based nuclear power plants instead of developing real fusion based ditto.

Instead of researching human health, we have been led to allow the investment of billions in supporting a patent- and petrochemical-based mega-industry whose main purpose is that people remain sick, so the mega-industry can continue to harvest trillions.

The instead-of-list is almost endless.

Sorry, could‘t help it, and it is of course a Neologism, the invention of a new word based on media and mediocre.

Media of the Western World is systematized mediocracy. No depth, no truth, no real investigation, no real critizism, no journalism in its real meaning. 

Journalists are now embedded. Notice the word and its two meanings: in bed with = having sex with = being butt-fucked, and the computer notion of a piece of media allowed into a web page limited and described by an html-tag. In the second Iraq war, journalists were being embedded, meaning sourrounded by military and intelligence services that defined the outputs of journalism.

Journalism is no longer true journalism. It is a mediocre branch of corporatist propaganda. Shame on it! 

An ISM a day keeps the truth or the untruth away.
That depends on the glasses you wear. 


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The Amputation of Time – The Anatomy of Genocide

by marco_hanyman, the blogger
– translation Dylan Waller

Something very old and nefarious has been going on in the world for too long of a time. When a conflict erupts somewhere in our modern-day world, we can be sure its antecedent is nearby, whether decades or centuries ago. In some cases, aeons.

Recently, war propaganda is being taken up against Iran – again. In the current iteration, the group which our humanitarian concerns are supposed to be brought to bear upon are the Bahai. The hysteria says that the Iranians are about to commit a genocide on the members of this sect. This statement is as untrustworthy and hypocritical as the fallacy that Iran is in the process of building a nuclear weapon and is about to nuke the whole world. Hypocrites and propagandists of course never care to argue as to why these absurd and shrill accusations would make any sense. Why a civilized people with an ancient culture and highly-educated population should look for any advantage in such irrational collective-psychosis and counter-intuitive action is never explained. Sound logic has never worried hypocritical warmongers. They sling around the assumptions, allegations, and accusations without concern for whether they are real. They are fully confident that the target audience for their propaganda are unable to see through their rhetoric, which is often unfortunately the case.

When Western warmongers pronounce the word genocide with their mouths, a string of red flags should light up, as the historical precedent of genocide from these warmongers is completely overwhelming. Problem: most people, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries, do not have any idea about the extent of the atrocities that their ruling class has inflicted upon the world in even just the last 150 years. Which concurrently means that all who are infected with this English Mental Health have no clue of the scale. The maintenance of Empire depends on the number of its faithful, supportive ignoramuses.

One cannot say that it was the British Empire that invented the falsification of history, but one can definitely say that this Empire was able to implement it like never before in history – and so, history has become their forgery. It would therefore set the record straight to assert that nothing of what we today hear, read, and see regarding the Empire and its role in the world is reliable. As one Iranian historian puts it: every time you overturn a stone, an Englishman hides underneath. The British imperialists, slave traders, drugdealers, pirates of land and at sea, have been everywhere. Upon arrival, they exerted their piracy and plunder, their murders, their foundations of strife – and their special kind of historiography, which is why the extent of their genocide has only minimally been made clear. The story of it has itself been simply wiped out! Historically, we are denied a plethora of information with which the world could have seen it coming, and at least understood its antecedent. The false are able to get away with their falsehoods because they have also controlled the media and academic institutions.

That’s the story of the inability to represent history accurately until now. It is never possible in the long run to maintain a total erasure, especially in the era of the internet. There are records, written testimonials, documents, relics. There are gaps, inconsistencies and loose ends in the projection of false histories, just as there are holes in any criminal case with those wrongfully convicted. The track exists, even if it has been deleted, even if there are only traces of the deletion. The perfect crime simply does not exist. It is not a question of whether one can cover up a crime, but how long one is able to get away with it. The criminal mindset is: if I can postpone the day of reckoning until after my own passing from this world, then I have succeeded. In the passing, we probably don’t consider the possibility of reincarnating’.

British history is packed to the brim with falsification. All history of England before 1066 is roughly smudged. It is as if people hardly lived before that, and that those who lived then were not worth writing about. But one would only have to move just once through the British countryside to be aware that it was very much similar to its current name: a land of green pastures. It’s one big lush garden, where everywhere grows a large lush forest. A friendly and diverse landscape, where human culture existed very far back. So the Imperial amputation of time before the Battle of Hastings is quite unnecessary for other than just that: Empire. These are political and ideological choices that have created historical aberrations.

There were some concerns which the rulers of England, as early precursors to the formation of Empire, believed they had to take upon themselves, in regard to disputes about kingship. To legitimize the rulership of the throne, one had to have the legal progeny so that whoever wanted to usurp the throne had to refer to this lineage of history. The genera rooted in the past, referring to authentic history, usurped these references they had cobbled together. It was in such an act that the figure of King Arthur disappeared, whereby an important chapter in the history of Wales plunged into darkness. The so-called Prince of Wales, wife-murderer and pedophile Charles, is a contemporary product of this historical pollution. As the two Welsh historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett documented thoroughly, there was not just one King Arthur, but two: there was also Artorius Rex, King of Gwent and Glamorgan, with a few hundred years separating the two figures. They are some of the most well-documented of all figures. As has been said and written, it is not because the documents do not exist, it is because the established historiography, power, money, and the church’s endorsement of quackademia refused to touch it, with the well-dressed clerks of Oxford and Cambridge and all the rest laundering history in their black-and-white unsoiled school-uniforms’.

Other certain terms have been used when the crown is up to its dirty tricks, domestically and abroad, that people were unable to hear about. The Queen of England nourished and enriched herself through piracy. It did not look good that the fine and noble ladies and gentlemen highest on the straw were nothing but wretched scumbags, highwaymen, simple purse-snatchers and tricksters. So they hired so-called privateers to conduct their shady affairs, after which their scribes made sure to find and promote only ‘heroic’ figures such as Sir Francis Drake – note the title, Sir, knighted, a very fine nobleman. The sinking of the Spanish Armada and the theft of the Spaniards’ gold is not much different from the current version of the Empire’s emptying of the Cypriot treasury a few years ago. Or the Grecian, Italian, Spanish again, Portuguese, Icelandic, Libyan, Ukrainian’.

Or in one headline: all Imperial institutions – the IMF, WTO, ECB – arrive and give a country of the world a deal they cannot refuse. As long as this mafia operates above the radar, they will not be identified as the simple crooks and conmen that they are. Just as in the days of piracy, the crown gets its image whitewashed by media-lies and the falsification of history, and, just as in the past, there are two blind spots for the culprits. Firstly, there are people who know what is going on and who do not keep it sealed up. Cover-up is difficult in large, complex matters. Bloody footprints are left in the snow, and something has been swept under the carpet, which is still there, if only someone dares to lift it. This last point is not unimportant, for there exists a very large and widespread fear of reprisals, including among historians. Secondly, there has been a parallel alternate history report. In the Middle Ages, history subsisted largely of an oral, vernacular tradition. Do not underestimate word-of-mouth! It is extremely stable over long spans of time. When Wilson and Blackett talked with the locals in Wales about the renowned, legendary battles before 1066 and their local impact, incidents considered quackademia by the Establishment’s educational temples, which claims they never happened, they were readily able to point to the spot. It was quite common knowledge to quite ordinary people. The spoken word is superior to the written, for the former is the popular context whereby one speaks the truth. The narrator has to see his listeners in the eyes. In other words, imprinting. This is therefore where the concept of ‘true to type’ originates. Interesting, is it not? Never overestimate Quackademia.

Today, the alternative history is alive on the Internet. Its frequencies are flickering, as everything can be posted online, dirt and cinammon, sandbars and scrub. Nevertheless, it is also a valuable source of genuine information, making it impossible for the Empire to wipe out whole chunks of history the way that could be done back in the days of the Roman Empire. One can pollute the information-box, one can throw out flares of distraction in order to confuse (‘all that glitters is not gold”), but it is very difficult to remove. They try, they even try very hard. We look at the various forms of coming censorship. For example, we all exercise self-censorship, by being politically correct and partaking in uncritical collaborations. Today we have a new Medieval submission to orthodoxy, and unbelievers are heretics. If you are a true believer, then you are politically correct. Good boy, sitting still for hours. Nice girl, submitting her bill on time. Good monitor, who on behalf of the schoolmaster keeps track of the students, to make sure everyone is good boy and nice girl. We have a new Spanish Inquisition, appearing in public, where the falsification of history reigns supreme. Take a look at the French government’s monitoring of its populace after the terrorist event there. We see the criminalization of those people who exist outside of Power Corridors. We see a new form of pogroms, where websites will be shut down, instead of piles of books burned in the city square by men in black cowls. A new Dark Age has arrived.

In the 17th & 18th centuries, the Empire had begun a series of shady affairs having to do with the New World. It is also here that we see the crimes committed against the Welsh. Their local languages were banned, their ancient written language was declared nonexistent, even if it was chiseled in stone from the past. Man banned simply a language, in which people spoke and wrote! In the 18th century, it was simply forbidden to speak Welsh, and all local schoolteachers were fired and replaced by Englishmen. George II is the man behind this cultural character assassination. As Danes, imagine if the Germans forbid us to speak Danish, but only German. The Empire was paranoid, the British did not understand Welsh, and suppose the Welsh were able to slander them in a language they did not understand. It had to be banned.

It is also the age of Darwinism. Darwin stated: of all human races, the Irish are the lowest! And here we thought the British imperialist twats thought the lowest were ‘Hottentots and Negroes’, but no, it was their musical and literate neighboring peoples. There was something going on here. And sure enough, after the 1845-1852 Irish genocide, the era of genocide had begun. Pseudo-scientific Darwinism was in vogue for what it was: faux-empirical support for the extermination of the weak. In other words, this profusion of eugenicists, imperialists, opium-pushers, slavehandlers, pirates and industrialists culminated in a series of genocides, all making their best effort to commit these acts without leaving a fingerprint. Remember again: wherever a genocide takes place, the erasure of history appears in tandem. The Irish genocide was swept beneath the carpet under the name of the Potato Plague. So the lowly, potato-munching Irishmen were snuffed out, according to British historians, because the potato crop failed for a few years, and the morons were unable to figure out how to grow and eat more! The historians wrote it that way, and we have been reading it ever since. This is but one instance of the sick mental-ideological lies the British have inflicted upon world history, a historical mental plague of lies that generations have been forced to absorb in absurd, lethal doses.

Thus satisfied by their atrocity against the Irish, which cost millions of lives, whose mass graves are located within a two kilometer space to this day, the British killers employed the same tactics against the Indians. What was this tactic? In Ireland it consisted of organized famine. The tactic is both extremely perfidious and quite convenient.

The first convenience: you do not need to cover your own delicate, manicured hands in human blood, you just close the door and turn on the hot water. It is an internal embargo carried out by the occupying power of a country.

Convenience number two: the scenario contains a sufficiently strong resemblance to a natural catastrophe, so as to advance a random theory based on the denial of evidence. Should anyone complain about glaring anomalies in this natural incident – a rather Darwinian concept – you can label them random theorists. ‘It was not us, it was the potatoes.’ In India, it was not potatoes, but rice. The rice harvest was confiscated and appropriated, and Indians died like flies. 26 million perished! And that’s a conservative estimate. ‘It was not us, it was the rice.’

‘The illusion of accident disappears gradually as the skill of map reading increases.’– John Murphy

Casestudy of Genocide: Iran 1917-19

Thus satisfied by their misdeeds against the Irish, Indians, and meanwhile Tasmanians and the Boers in South Africa along with an endless stream of other vexations, the British killers carried on with the same tactics against the Iranians. We are in the fateful second decade of the 20th century when what transpires then unfolds all the evil of the next 100 years, which continues to bear its cancers to this day. It is the Imperial decade, with all of these mega-events flying the banner of the British Empire, bearing their fingerprints. The German empire fell, the Austro-Hungarian fell, the Ottomans are gone, the Russian tsars are vanquished. It was the Imperial decade, where in every case, the picture is painted over by Anglo-Saxon historians, falsifiers of history, who gloss events over into ‘heroic’ efforts to ‘civilize’ the dark edges of the world and the prodigious global underclass. The White Man’s Burden. The world’s victims could almost feel sorry for its tormentors.

Iranian genocide, you say? What’s that? We have never heard of such a thing. There’s a lot that took place that you and I have not heard about in school, read about in the newspaper, or absorbed via television. A new category of logical fallacies/false logical statements erupt: because I have never heard about an event, it must not have ever existed. However, during the period of 1917-19, half of Iran’s population was wiped out in the same way as the Irish and the Indian. They were starved.

Iran is a great country. There are areas where drought can occur. Elsewhere, there may occur floods. Elsewhere again, there is an abundance of crop and vegetation. It would be ridiculous to assume that half the population starved to death due to climatic factors. The population was halved during the British occupation of Iran during World War I.

The event is one of the best kept secrets in all of perfidious Albion- It is totally omitted from world history except for a few footnotes here and there. Recently, an Iranian historian named Mohammad Gholi Majd, a doctor of agricultural economics from Cornell University, delved into the primary sources, excavated and exposed the incident in the book ‘The Great Famine and Genocide in Persia, 1917-1919’, along with a handful of other books in which he describes what happened with Iraq during the First World War, which, unsurprisingly, then as now, had to do with oil.

The murder of half the Iranian population is recorded in the British and Americans’ own records via censuses (from the US Dept of State). Censuses were taken every ten years and clearly show a population reduction of 50% between 1910-1920. Persia was in 1917 an occupied country. Northern Persia was the Russian zone, the middle was neutral (i.e. Persian? No, not once was it free, the Ottomans laid their stakes there), the southeast was the British zone bordering India, which at that time had not yet been smashed into two parts as an act of revenge by the British, the soon-to-come, forced-fragmentation of India/Pakistan. That was perfidious Albion’s reprisal due to India’s secession from Empire, empowered by Gandhi, after WW2, whitewashed from history in the same way that World War I was a British rather than German invention as the false-history makers who distort and conceal British robber-history would have us believe. Divide and Conquer, or Death and Hunger, seems to be the Empire’s default form of governance. The alliteration repeats itself in the Empire’s own language: Divide and Conquer, Death and Hunger.

It is worth noting that the devastation of Iran took special momentum after the Russian Revolution – a dynamic coincidence! And the Ottoman Empire fell to pieces shortly thereafter. And the hijacking of the US economy in the form of the Federal Reserve took place shortly beforehand. And the staging of the Titanic shipwreck. And the sinking of the Lusitania. And the Balfour Declaration. And the Treaty of Versailles. And the creation of the pharmaceutical industry. And many other things within this one fateful decade, which is why the British robber-historians call it the Great War, feigning ignorance, saying One Incident Begat Another – it all just happened, and we know not why or who instigated it, though surely it was not us. It was the potatoes, it was the rice, it was the lone madman in Sarajevo, it was a powder-keg and there was just a spark that lit it, it was an iceberg, it was the other, it was not us. It is odd that world history is a heap of these accidental synchronicities, and that those responsible refuse responsibility! For a synchronistic comprehension of events, one must look at the timespan and ask: could there be a connection? The short answer is: context. The long answer is paradigmet.blogspot and the demarcated response is this blog post.

The genocide of half the Iranian population took place in the regions under British control. Starvation is quite effective for killing people in large numbers. Henry Kissinger – an enormous proponent of the glories of genocide – was at one point asked his opinion on the best method of how to control large crowds. His answer was: food. And money. He knew the totality of the Anglo-American geopolitical tactics. He also said: by Balkanization (divide and conquer, ISIS in the Middle East right now). He could have added: health, medicine, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biological WMDs to the mix. Or he could have said: by never telling the truth, to yourself or others. And just as with famine as a weapon, we must not forget the dimension of terror located within it. There’s an extreme level of state terror in that an occupying power arranges that people fall to the ground in starvation. Starved people have no will to resist. They are deeply weakened, scared witless.

We have answered the question of why the world does not know about the Iranian genocide, for it was blotted out by the false-historians. But how do we know about it anyway? We know about it through a series of memoirs of British officers who served in World War I. They were horrified by what they witnessed. Although their country and army were led by psychopaths, they themselves were just people. One example is the intelligence officer M.H. Donahoe, an attache of the British army in Persia. He recounts in his detailed memoirs the countless dead bodies by the roadsides and in the streets. This is confirmed by US diplomatic reports as well. People had to eat tree roots. Cannibalism and scavenging were widespread. Cholera and typhoid predictably were as well, and as in the last years of the German labor camps, people died like flies as their immune systems broke down. That is the real holocaust, not the Hollywood fiction which has never been documented, only alleged. It was spurious and hypocritical of the British false-historians, mendacious of them, forcibly digested by the world’s population in the postwar period. The real history of the two world wars is not even written yet. We must write it! There is no one else to do it for us anymore.

This mind-boggling paradox – and people understand that it really is not! – is that the Empire assaults and destroys nations and human life, and in its perverse sense of justice blames the victims afterward! The destructive potential of false historiography is revealing. First you destroy a country and its people by killing half of them, raping their women, smashing their towns, roads, factories, stealing their valuables, you name it. And then dictate to the historians as if it were THEM who had perpetrated this against the destroyers! Since those whose countries and populations have been sunk way down in the shit, they do not have the strength to defend themselves in textbooks or on battlefields. It’s like victims of torture who become willing to confess anything, just as long as the torture stops. This is also why it is totally useless to employ torture as a means of gaining legitimate information, as even someone who really knows something will simply confess whatever is required, whatever fits the dominant, expected narrative, regardless of truth.

‘It is in this vaccuum of time before, during, and after a war, that it becomes possible to manifest and dictate these distortions of reality. All communication is strictly controlled and militarized. The military information channels are hyperactive while public access to the creation and reception of information is blocked, and the occasion is ripe for fictitious substitutes for knowledge. This is one telltale sign that the Third World War is in the stage of deployment, due to all the signs of militarized, distorted communication hitting us right now.

Only in 1919, after half of the Iranians were dead, did they finally get a decent harvest, enough to get the country out of the famine. The British grip was loosened, but never abandoned. The British controlled the transport of food, seized most of the infrastructure in both Iran and Iraq, and prevented imports from Iraq. Again, we see something like this right now. Embargo is another weapon of war against a country, and Iran is currently subject to an American embargo, also imposed by the EU. The EU has been forced to impose it, which shows that the EU is merely an instrument of the United States – only foolish Europeans could believe that they maintain their own independent Empire. That would be patently false. The USA can always twist Europe’s arm, as the dominant and domineering partner of NATO. We see evidence of this now in relation to Russia/Ukraine.

Let us also remind ourselves that the concept of genocide does not only include the physical murder of individuals and groups. According to the UN definition, it includes any orchestrated effort to degrade and destroy people’s quality of life and living conditions. It is like poisoning. Poison can become so acute, you become ill and die from it immediately. Strychnine, cyanide, arsenic, white fly agaric. It can also be chronic, so as to slowly, over the years, create worsening conditions. Sugar, heavy metals, cigarettes, alcohol, GMOs, industrial pollution’

And here it becomes extremely perfidious, in regard to chronic genocide, like chronic poison digested by the people themselves.

The British therefore never lost their grip on Iran. In the decades after the 1917-19 genocide, the Iranian governments were in a state of constant and enthusiastic readiness to cover up what had happened during the famine in WW1. Why? Because they were created and installed by the British. They were not real Iranian governments, they were puppets. Most have heard of Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Persia as they called him, inserted via a British MI5 + American CIA coup in 1953, with the democratically elected President Mohammed Mozadeq reduced to a brief intermezzo in a 60-year history of military dictatorship. Few people are aware that his father was infiltrated by a similar coup in 1921. A Shah, how wonderful. Many Iranians who had to flee Iran retained nostalgia for a historical Shah figure, as it evokes echoes of the heyday of Persian civilisation, which was a truly grandiose kingdom and culture. The coup played on this sentiment deliberately, in order to gain the support of Iranian intellectuals and upper classes. They were bribed with certain privileges in return. But it was never made clear who this ‘Shah’ family really was.

We all know who replaced the Shah’s military regime. It was Ayatollah Khomeini and co. But how much do we know about this figure? He was nothing but a British agent. This is the kind of thing Hegelian dialecticians and their cabal employ in creation of their artificial dialectic. This is in order to assert an apparent contradiction, a revolutionary counterpoint. Once the meme is worn out, it’s time to deposit the antithesis. The synthesis is always located and operating at a level above. Such a sophisticated system of manipulation and control is very difficult for people to understand, which is why it works. As with the entire Muslim Brotherhood, wahhabism/salafism, the British had developed a special tactic to create and introduce false religious leaders. But this was only partially successful with Khoumeini, for his gang was slowly outmaneuvered. His death was also fairly sudden, which leads one naturally to questions of whether it was a natural death.

Today we are back again with Iran as a pain-in-the-arse for the Empire, with the screaming necks of Zionists calling for bombing of Iran, and potentially even its nuclear annihilation. We have seen a grueling embargo., the Iranian state television station, has been censored and closed down in the West. There have been the usual, constant provocations by CIA supported groups in Iran. There have been constant misinformation campaigns against Iran, claiming that they were about to produce nuclear weapons. One plan-in-waiting is a mega false-flag in the Persian Gulf, in the form of staging an Iranian attack on a US warship in order to shut down traffic. The Saudis, the fake royal family, who, as with the Pahlawis, the Shah’s family, were created by the British 100 years ago to be a British operating system in the region, and they will do anything to destroy Iran. Israel despise them because of their support for Shia groups, Hezbollah, the Syrian government. Recently there were again provocations via an American gun boat that had strayed out of international waters, into Iranian territory, and forgot to turn its radio on, whoops! Ah, well, when you put it that way’also, the Iranians have leaked information that they apprehended an ISIS general on board the boat. What was he doing there, and where was he going? Oops again’

In the 80s we saw the Iran-Iraq war, a conflict which was also engineered by the Western Empire. Then we had the Iran-Contra affair, more US domestic politics, a cabal circulating around mega-psychopath George H.W. Bush, in an effort to undermine and ridicule Jimmy Carter. Reagan was already undermined by his Alzheimer’s, which caused him to sleep 18 hours a day and then read like a zombie from preprinted placards – while former CIA director Bush reigned behind him. When you take the entirety of the picture into account, it is frankly astonishing that Iran continues to hang together as an intact nation with its own will and identity. Admirably unbelievable! The culture has something special about it which is enviable, and envy which obviously infects the Imperials, or they would not be working overtime to undermine and demolish this sovereign nation.

It must be said: genocide continues steadily unless it is spoken out against loudly and repeatedly. We can do little else but talk loudly about these issues 24/7. At some point the awareness penetrates the pleasantries of what passes diplomatically for reality. Such pleasantries may be entertaining, in their own macabre way, but let us not split hairs. The question is: are you man- or womenfolk capable of looking this reality in the eyes? You should know that this reality fears the eye that looks directly into it more than anything else in the world. This reality cannot withstand the light of day. Like a vampire, whose pale white body tolerates no sunlight.

The past 200 years have been the Age of Genocide. May the next years and decades be the age of the exposure and extinguishing of Genocides.


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Global Media Fascism

by marco_hanuman, the blogger

It is hard to actually believe for people. It is too big, therefore it cannot be. And please add this to the list of logical fallacies as Appeal to Bigness

Too big a toad to fathom. Too big to feel – to big to fight?

Western Media on mainstream level is now a fulfilled monolithic corporate fascist entity, where everything is controlled by a network of global corporate deep state governance. That would mean a very few people owning a very few but very big feeding channels controlling 99% of mainstream online or printed media of the West. And the last 1% dare not go against it.

We have known that for some time now, and some have known it all along. But recently a significant proof of this being very real and not some too-big-to-fathom theory is the fact, that an article by Gilbert Doctorow in The Russia Insider as the only source titled: Russia’s Had Enough – No More Business As Usual With The US, is quoting Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, giving a 3 hour long speech in the annual press conference from the ministry, which then has been totally ignored by all media in the West.

Mr. Lavrov said:

For Russia there wil be no more business as usual with the European Union or the United States. A new stage of developement is dawning, which can develop only on the basis of equal rights and all other principles of international law.

For a statement of such huge significance to be totally blacked out by Western media it takes a totalitarian structure named above as Global Media Fascism. The word fascism is not used here in the usual infantile sloppy-ignorant way that leftists and liberals use it meaning basically: anything they don’t like. It is used in the strict techical term of a total merge of corporate and government entities into a totalitarien dictatorship. In that sense, the Sovjet State and the ideology of Socialism was – and is – nothing more than red or pink fascism.

As we have pointed out on this blog several times, it is most hillarious and bizarre that the Sovjet citizens never doubted, that the yellow press of the Sovjet state was lying to its teeth every single day and therefore never could be taken seriously, whereas citizens of Western countries to this day actually believe, that their corporate-fascist media is telling the truth!

Even during the Cold War a statement of such huge importance would have got at least some attention although with a critical edge. After all, those were the days of Sovjet grotesque and exagerated clichée propaganda statements. Which is another paradox, since Russian leaders telling the truth and/or making statements, that are meant to be taken seriously, apparently are regarded as far worse than leaders in those days just bragging and howling. Which again would take us down another rabbit hole with a story, of how the Sovjet state was created by the West in the first place.

So, the current blackout is deeply controlled as are all mainstream media, not just some but ALL! Some papers and stations may be too small to be able to have foreign correspondants actually going to foreign places. So they are dependant on downloading from the large bureaus and agencies. Which means, that they are controlled by the apparent lack of ressources, because these corporate mega-bureaus are 100% controlled by the media mongerers, moguls and mafiosi and their mongoloid, malevolent and mouth-shutting media maggots. Nothing escapes this monster machine, that has been bought up and taken over during the 20th century. Apparent lack of ressources, that is, because minor newsmedia have made a choice of not investigating and not questioning the official narrative, which makes them collaborateurs in the most active sense. In the serious section of the Alternative Media we can find more serious journalism produced by one man with the guts and brain to do so, than any one of those lazy, stupid and corrupt mainstream channels/papers with dozens or hundreds of employed. So it is not a question of ressources, but a deliberate choice. Therefore the Media are guilty in serious crimes against humanity for doing what theý do and not doing what they should! Without the Western Media spreading legs to the sinister forces of the World, no lies, no wars, no political crimes, no terrorism, no banking fraud, none of that would stand a chance.

Journalists of today are even taught in their training years, how to deal with conspiracy theorists. A person recently came across a paper, a manual from a Danish academy for journalism, showing how this is part of their training system! This means, that whenever someone or some information has been officially labelled, journalists are to treat is as not real, but as a crazy theory. This again means – and the blackout’ening of the statement of the Russian Foreign Minister is exactly such an act of politicized media filtering-out – that any part of the reality can be cast out, denied, distorted, ridiculed on top-down. demand. Journalists of today are trained to react to any news info with an either-or-filter. Either: the news info is harmless to their employers, and therefore they can more or less tell the truth – as long as it sells of course, if not they just ignore it or angle it more sexed-up. Or: the news info has been classified as harmful to their employers, and therefore it is expected of them to either totally ignore it or lie about it. This shows on one side how emprisoned journalism has become in the era of globalism and on the other hand how desperate the media of the West now is, knowing too well that its level of obsolescense is directly proportional with peoples knowledge of big chunks of reality, that is not reported in the media.

The Media is the enemy of Truth, and therefore the enemy of the people.

When Sergey Lavrov says on the basis of equal rights, he is referring to the right to sovereignty of the Nations of the World. This is the diametrically opposite to the both internal and foreign policy of the US and the EU. This is a total smack in the face of the whole globalist mega-project of the last 225 years, the revolutionary project of the Jesuits, the Sabbateans, the Masonic parasite, the Imperialists, the Industrialists, the Communists, the Zionists, the Cultural Marxists, the NeoCons, the Globalists, … which is: The destruction of Western heritage culture and the the Nation State. Do I hear a squeek about the Zionists wanting a national state? Yes you moron, for themselves, but for everyone else goy on the Planet there should be no nation according to them. Which is why Europe is now being destroyed by their organized mass emigration. 

National sovereignty is part of the Russian concept of a New World Order, which is a totally different order than THE nwo of the sick uni-polar world in the sick minds of the sick Western oligarks. A sovereign nation is a nation with permission to have its own opinion, its own domestic and foreign policy, its own economy, its own culture, its own language, its own population. And this is exactly what nations of the World have been increasingly denied for the same 225 years – that is since the French Revolution, where the World experienced the modern version of globalism and its ugly face for the first time. The death of national sovereignty and nation states was among the prime goals of the Jaccobin, Frankean, Jesuit-Illuminati agenda.

This is why nationalism has been declared the root of all evil and demonized in general by the globalists. Internationalism on the other hand has been praised as part of the new gospel found in Communism-Marxism-Leninism-Trotsyism. This is why it was called International Socialism. This is why National Socialism as a serious competitor was condemned and destroyed, since it protected a people and a nation in stead of destroying it like the Bolsjevik mass murderers – 147 millions in Russia alone! This is why the EU now destroys the sovereignty of its members transforming Europe into a dysfunctional Super State like the USA.

This is why Mr. Lavrov made his statement on behalf of the Russian Foreign Ministry and thereby Russia itself, and this is why all the corporate fascist media of the West were ordered not to tell about it, this being a total smack in the face of the overall globalist agenda that now – maybe for the first time since Napoleon or Hitler – like them or not – is facing serious opposition. I am willing to include Mahatma Gandhi, Emperor Hirohito and Moammar Gadaffi and a dozen of others to the list of anti-globalists, of which only Gandhi has been officially blue stamped due to his pacifism. He was regarded as a real saint, so they couldn’t crush him, although they have tried, which many people don’t know.

So Lavrov and the Russians are saying on the one hand, that it according to international law approved by most nations – including those states that constantly are spitting on these very laws, conventions and treaties – to intrude and intervene in a nation and deprive it of its sovereingty. It is illegal to force regime change in a nation just because you don’t like the regime – meaning the regime being disobediant and non-subordinate to the demands of the Globalist Empire and its Central Banking System. Which we have recently seen in Libya, Syria and the Ukraine. But on the other hand and even more significantly they are saying, that they will not tolerate the West forcefully exporting its global-fascist concept of dissolution of nation states to the countries of the World, especially to the neighbouring countries of Russia by whatever means: colored revolutions, corrupt NGO’ism, Gladio 2.0 terror-operations, simple bribe of leaders of states, military intervention, proxy wars by jihadist groups, diverse sinister operations by intelligence agencies, funding of groups of subversive elements … the means and tactics are endless.

Lavrov moreover states the folowing:

To the best of my knowledge not a single report of the event has appeared on major online American, French, British, German newspaper portals or on television channels.

This was not for the lack of substance or newsworthy soundbytes including the headline ‘No Business As Usual’. As the sharp tongue, Russian commentor, Maria Sakharov pointed out not long ago due to a similar press briefing: What are all these accredited Western reporters doing in Moscow if nothing gets published abroad? Do they have some other occuption?

The answer is quite simple, though still surprising to most people. Socalled journalists of major Western Media are no longer journalists, but agents for the intelligence services. As the German editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine, the leading German newspaper, Udo Ulfkotte, has pointed out: Me and my colleagues during the Cold War and beyond have been used by the CIA to feed the German readers with their propaganda. Former chief editor of the leading Danish newspaper, Politiken, was a Mossad agent. So either: the appointed rapporters at the Moscow briefings were not real journalists at all, but agents of the intelligence services. Or: they were, in principle, journalists, but their rapports were never used as expected as news rapports meant for publishing, but as intelligence rapports meant for the Agency in the time of war, which we are in, which would be: The Theatre of Third World War.

The Russian Foreign Minister is exposing the hypocracy of the Western Media, that deliberately and on demand from the control center above is not rapporting on this major event and statement. So what happened just a week after the statement? 92 old mummyfied but apparent still fully operational former Foreign Secretary, Henry Kissinger, came to see Russian president Vladimir Putin. Many things can be said about this old man, none of which are very charming, but two thing you must remember to say is, that he is extremely intelligent and has been highly influential. Also remember, that the last 10 years have not been his era but the era of yet another geopolitical mummification, Zbignew Brzecinski, a man that hates everything connected to Russia down to his very guts. 

Apparently mr. Kissinger has had 10 informal conversations with mr. Putin during the reign of the Russian president. And informal on this level of politics does not mean chit-chatting and smalltalking. It is noteworthy, that Kissinger broke with the hardliner faction of US policy when part of the faction, the NeoCons, performed their neo-fascist/neo-nazi coup d’Etat in the Ukraine. He stated then, that USA needed a policy of coorporation and not confrontation with Russia. Kissinger in other words is not an Obama-supporter like Brzecinsky – supporter somehow being a misleading word, handler would be more apropriate, since no US president since the original coup d’Etat in 1876 has been elected by the American people, but been selected by the globalist oligarcy, that ever since have occupied the deep-state control room of the British Empire 2.0 aka The United States. For those of you, that do not know how the rightful and lawful election in 1876 was stolen by fraud from Samuel Tilden by general Rutherford B. Hayes, you may want to go and check it out.

Kissinger is a Zionist, and therefore we may expect many layers of cunningness when he arranges meetings like this. He probably foresees the total destruction of the state of Israel if the US confrontation policy continues. He sees that the Russian bear has been awoken and now is willing to strike back. The ISIS gangs in Syria and Iraq are now under heavy pressure and so are the Turkish scoundrels supporting them. And unlike during the Cold War, where the military power of the Sovjet Union was highly exagerated in order for the US war industry to maintain their enormous budget and profit, Russia now has real and modernized striking power.

The commentator at The Russia Insider describes Sergey Lavrov as extremely well prepared. He spoke for three full hours without any notes for support. He answers in detail to posed question. He used fewer diplomatic eufemisms than before, meaning that he was given green light from Putin to speak out with perfect clarity and not hold back. He is the longest serving member of the Russian governement and a man of high intellect, and unlike Kissingers Zionist shrewdness and willingness to lie, cheat and commit mass murder at will to serve some narrow interests. He is a real statesman, not just a political spindoktor and manipulator. He adressed all the main issues of Russian Foreign Policy including relationship to the USA and the EU, the latter mostly concerning the sanctions, that we all (?) know have been forced onto the Europeans by the Americans. Lavrov knows, that there is great frustration among the Europeans and that right now political powers – the Germans eg. – are working backstage to get out of the US stangulation grip.

Lavrov knows for sure, that the forced saparation of Germany and Russia was the main purpose of both First and Second World War. The natural cultural and ethnic unification of the Eurasian continuum was all the time worst nightmare for the Empire of Envy, the British-American Empire. This is why Poland has been used som many times to cut the bonds between the two countries. This is why NATO has ploughed its way into Eastern Europe by violating all its promises after the Cold War. This is why they have been pushing their policy of contingency trying to sorround Russia with military bases, organized terrorist movements, colored revolutions, proxy wars and corruption of regimes. It is classic geopolitics in the spirit of Halford Mackinder and his Seize of the Heart Land. It is classic imperialism with almost modern means – you can’t help notizing that the imperial psychopaths tend to use the same old filthy methods as their forefathers did hundreds of years ago. Same human species to scare, plunder, rape and kill or enslave – same methods.

Lavrov was aksked at the press conference, whether a reset of the US-Russian relationsship was possible in the the last year of the Obama administration. His answer was:

We gave a rather constructive response to the reset. We said, that we appreciated the decision of the new administration to correct the errors iaggreements on various conflikt situations.

But somehow this suddently began to drop back to zero. Now, everyone including our American collegues told os: just fulfill the Minsk Accords on the Ukraine, and immediately everything will return to normal. We will immediately cancel the sanctions and the prospects of coorporation will open upen up between Russia and the United States over much more pleasant issues and not just in the management of crises. Right away a constructive partnership will take place.

That was Lavrov mimicking what they were told. He goes on to comment on it:

We are open to coorporation with everyone on an equally and mutually adventageous basis. We do not, of course, want anyone to build their policy based on the assumption, that Russia and not the Ukraine must fulfill the Minsk Accords. It is written there, who must fulfill them. I hope this is well know to the USA.

At least my lates contact with US secretary of state, John Kerry, the contacts with deputary secretary of state, Victoria Nuland, with assistance of the Russian president Sukrov indicates, that the US can sort out the Minsk Accords. Grosso Modo, so everyone understands everything.

He thus tossed the ball back into the United States, the land of double standards. Which is quite interesting to witness, that is: how the Russian strategy has been to use the Westen/American lies, broken promises and contempt for international treaties, conventions and aggreements and thereby severe and long lasting moral problem against themselves. We saw it at the Syrian crisis. Russia did not intervene militarily before there was an official pledge from the legal and elected – like him or not – president of Syria. We saw it, when mr. Kerry stood up a year ago and lied with his skull and his bones about Assad using sarin gas against his own people. We saw it in the Ukraine, then the only military intervention took place, when the neo-fascists (of which Victoria Nuland is one…) tried to snatch the whole Russian Black Sea base in Crimea, expecting Russia just to stand down and stare at it. These people are like little spoiled, psykopathic children pushing limits to see, when they get a response. The Russian reaction on the other hand has been amazingly restrained and mature.

And we see it in the Russian state television channel,, who’s strategy is to fill the immense vacuum of non-information, non-conversation, non-mentioning and non-trustworthyness, that has been build up during the Cold war – the Second World War that never ended – and has gone full blown thereafter culmination today (hopefully). The strategy is actually telling the truth if possible, surprise-surprise, never tried that before in the West, since we according to our benevolent patrons can’t handle the truth! Millions of people though around the World are sick and tired of being lied to by their fascist corporate media and seeks the real stuff. And although we should always be careful with state sponsored media, especially on certain issues of which one of them seem to be immigration and racism – doesn’t really get that one – the strategy works and is being appreciated. 

This ties back into Lavrovs and Putins style of dealing with reality. Looking a weasel or a misbehaving dog right into its eyes will make it feel very uncomfortable and behave in a creeping-cowardly or a desperate aggressive fashion. We see both attitudes in the West. Lavrovs direct statements is of this kind, and we can learn from them, that the sanctions against Russia are simply not working. Remember – or understand, if not understood already – that economic and commercial sanctions are nothing else than an act of war morally justified by media villification of a foreign nation.

Lavrov goes on with a history lesson:

This all began when there was no Ukraine although they now try to blame it all on OSCE principles. Everything that is going on between Russia and the West is explained by the fact, that Russia did not fulfill its obligation, did not respect the Worĺd Order (.. which in a way is true, who’s order are we talking about?), which was put together in the Helsinki Act.

This is all an excuse to find ways for a Policy of Containment, and this policy never ended.

So Lavrov says without any diplomatic veil, that Russia is not going to play ball with the same old Cold War politics any more. They’ve had it!

The Ukranian crisis was just a pretext. The Ukraine was linket not so much with justified concern over an alleged violation by Russia of the Helsinki Principles although everything began with Kosovo and with the bombing of Yugoslavia. This was an expression of irritation, that the coup d’Etat (in the Ukraine) did not lead to the results as expected by those who supported it.

Secondary commenator, Joseph P. Farrell, here reads between the lines, that it was a corporate take-over attempt. Remember again the technical definition of Fascism: half corporate, half government all in one basket. If you back a couple of years, you will see, that there were GMO agrobusiness giants buying themseles into an area, where they had been excluded till then. You will also see, that there were non-governmental organisation (NGO-fascism) there operation on behalf of US intelligence. The results did not work out as they were supposed to, so now they are blaming Russia.

I will tell you honestly, we do not hold a grudge. We have no such traditions in the relation between states. We understand that life is tougher that any ideal, romantic scheme like ”reset” or any similar such notion. We also understand, that this is a world of harsh clashes of interest, that come down to us from the age of the West’s total domination. And it is amidst a period of transition to a more durable system in which there will not be neither one or two dominant poles. There will be several.

The transition period is long and painful, all habits die slowly, we all understand that.

Lavrov says, that the West is clinging to old Cold War habits, and that Russia has moved beyond that.

We understand, that the US is interested in having fewer competitors in regards to influence, military power and economy. We see this in the relationship between USA and China and how the USA works with the European Union trying to create a ring around it via the Trans Atlantic Partnership and to the east of Russia to create a Trans Pacific Partnership, which will not include Russia and China.

Russian president, Vladimir Putin, spoke about this in detail, when he analyzed the processes at work in the world economy. We all understand all of this.

To answer your question, I would like to advice the US simply to have a reset with the Whole World, so that the reset was general!

This is tough talk. He is dealing with the whole issue of Unipolarism, the main old issue of the Empire of Envy, not allowing any state in the World to have its own prosperity, its own rules, its own culture, its own economy, its own and rightful ressources, and regarding any state, that would attempt that, to be an offence to the Empire and therefore needs to be slain to the ground.

Then we could gather together our commitment to the UN Charter and the principles embodied in it including the non-interference with internal affairs, the respect for territorial integrity, the right for peoples self determination and the right for people to choose their own future without interference from outside.

Question two. At the Munich Conference at 2007 president Putin said to the West: You need us more than we need you. Is that still Russia’s position?

Ideally we still need each other to face the challenges and threats.

If we read between the lines here, he is talking about international islamicist terrorism. And here he is being diplomatic again. A non diplomatic statement without velvet gloves would have been: Neither we nor the people of the Levantine or the people of Europe need to coorporate with those states that have created this terrorism, which would be the USA, Israel and the AngloZionists, the UK, Saudi Arabia and its cucksucking Emirates – and Turkey. And if we go back to the Libyan war, this would include France as well. So here we have the global terror-axis-of-evil. Lavrov didn’t say that, but his boss, Putin, has stated something similar to that in the recent years. Remember again, that Russia has chosen to play by the book of international treaties and written-down rules of behaviour for states, which its hypocratic opponents are violating every time, they have a chance. Confront your enimy, don’t become your enimy.

Reality is different (than what is said about it). The West comes to us for help much more often, than we come to the West. As a response to Western sanctions, we are striving now to be self sufficient and promote import substitutions.

We are not trying to cut ourselves off from the World, we are ready for coorporation as long as it is based on equality.

Meaning: the West will not be allowed to use the Ukraine as a stepping stone for Russia itself. May we remind ourselves of the history of the last 25 years. Since the Fall of the Wall and the Sovjet Union, the West – that is the USA and the banking cartels of Wall Street – has strived to redefine the Russian de-sovjetized culture and deprive the Russian people their right to self-redefinition. This started with the era of vodka-addict and red nosed clown Boris Jeltsin. As former top investment banker, Mads Palsvig, brilliantly pointed out at his speech in Copenhagen jan. 26th, that the Western banksters and their puppet politicians in and outside Russia managed to make a perversion coup of the Russian constitution, forbidding Bank of Russia to buy bonds in Russian rubles! It is unheard-of monetarian imperialism that a sovereign country by its own constitution is not allowed to use its own currency! There is apparently a Fifth Column of Western infiltrators embedded deeply into Russian central banking system. In the years after the CIA-Jeltsin era, we saw a Russia still too weak to oppose the West and claim real sovereignty. Only when Vladimir Putin kicked the butt on Jeltsin, change started to happen. We also saw some severe butt-kicking on greedy oligarks and the emancipation of Russian oil- and gas companies from Western grip. Till then they had stolen all Russian oil without paying for it.

I am a banker. I would know.

So, apparently the capturing of the Russian ‘national’ bank – not unsurprisingly nothing like national but a Rothschild globalist vehicle like any other central bank in the world (including the Danish Nationalbanken) – is still continuing. Mr. Putin has tried several times to nationalize it, but the corrupt elements of the Duma has prevented it.

In that sense, the Ukraine take-over is a variation of the colored revolutions strategy of destabilisation and balkanisation (a Kissinger motto). A destabilised country is an easy drive-through for the Empire. When a country is eaten up from inside by internal ethnic, political, ideological conflicts, the tanksters and the banksters just roll in and through.

But both in the Ukraine and in Syria, Russia has been able to draw a line in the soil and the sand making a mockery of the Obama rhetoric using the same vocabularies. And the recent speech for Sergey Lavrov, blackout’ed and ignored by the Corporate Fascist Media of the entire West, points it out: No more business as usual.

Any state, super state, state system, organisation, federation, ideology, strategy … whatever, that is unable to adapt to reality, has written its own death sentence and digged its own grave. Requiem Aeternam, may it rest in peace.


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War fucking war

by marco_hanuman, the blogger

The Poetry of General Grammar:

Who is it for – Who is it against?

Who are to die – Who are to live?

Who pay for it – Who earn from it?

Who yearn for it – Who turn from it?

Who are responsible – Who are irresponsible? (not contradictory)

Who are the perpetrators – Who are the victims?

Who are the liars – Who are the idiots and the believers?

What are the means – What are the goals?

What are the strategies – What could be the counter-strategies?

What are the weapons – What could be the defences?

What are the lies – What is the Truth?

Where does it come from – Where does it go?

Where are the war mongerers – Where are the peace warriors?

Where does it begin – Where does it end?

Where is the battle field? – Where is the place of reconciliation?

Where do we see the burning grounds – where do we see the healing grounds?

When did it once begin – When will it ever stop?

When were we betrayed – When will we fathom the nature of the betrayal?

When is it too soon – When is it too late?

When do we shut up and ignore – When do we cry out and accuse?

The Poetry of Logic:

Why is it going on – Why don’t we stop it?

Why are we being betrayed – Why don’t we refuse the betrayal?

Why does it never seem to end – Why don’t we even believe in an end?

The Poetry of Rhetoric

How has it become possible – How could something else become possible?

How is it brought about – How could the bringing about be intercepted?

How is it sold – How is it bought?

The Dark Ages and the Heavens

Obviously there is a lot of general grammar to be done. It seems to be where questions should be concentrated. Just crying out the big WHY? is understandable but quite frankly: completely useless. It ends up being pathetic as a desperate prayer of a religious idiot crying out for his god to dump the meaning of life in a parachute from heaven above. So instead of asking the heavens why this place is a place of eternal war, we should ask ourselves why and how we have alowed war to emerge and perpetuate itself.

Don’t get me wrong. Asking the heavens can be most useful. There may very well be celestial reasons for a Dark Age with war, misery and stupidity on this planet. Stupidity may even be a precondition for war. By asking the Heavens I mean searching for reasons outside our physical, social, genetic, behavoural, political and other normal spheres, that effect human consciousness and behavour.

I will give you an example of Asking the Heavens. What if the Indian astronomer and sage – they even called him an Avatar, a Bodhisattva – Sri Yukteswar Giri was right? He described the cyclical phenomenon of the Great Year as being produced by our sun Helios interfering with its sister, the star Sirius. The ancient Egyptians called this heavenly relationshiop for Osiris and Isis. In the course of 24.000 years the two stars form giant spiralling elipses around the galactic plane. They are what astronomers today are discovering to be the most common state in the Cosmos: a binary solar system. Indeed the phenomenon can be verified by science by the change of color of the star Sirius from red to blue, meaning that instead of moving away from our solar system it is now (re)aproaching. Ancient astronomers describe Sirius as a red star. It is called the red shift and is a well accepted phenomenon among astronomers. But since Yukteswar is a scientist in the Vedic tradition, which is different from the Western positivistic science that for only 400 years has excluded consciousness from the cosmic equation, he describes the cycle of the Great Year as both a physical and a spiritual phenomenon. The human consciousness is in this ancient tradition of science (veda meaning knowledge) affected by the changes in the energetic field of the two suns. We have for about 2000 years been in the lowest energetic state of the Great Year, that the Vedic tradition calls the Kali Yuga and Plato calls the Age of Iron. We may just call it the Dark Age.

No, this is not the latest Mylie Cyrus video. But the fact that the music industri and Hollywood constantly promotes perversities from some ancient cult that performed human sacrifice, tells a story about the longevity of dark cults and who are their representatives and organs in the present days.

And has this Age not been dark in so many ways? Has it not been filled with wars, ignorance, poverty, plagues, false religions/idologies, suppression and subversion? Some would say filled with Black Magic, and I shall not object to that. Some would even attribute it to certain occult traditions by many names such as the Sabbatean Kabbalism, the Death Cult of Saturn as thoroughly described by scholars like David Livingstone. And has the Age of Iron not been filled with iron for swords, spears, arrow heads, guns, cannons, cannons on wheels and cannons on wings?

The next age is according to Plato the Age of Copper or Bronze. Copper would be more correct, since bronze is not a pure metal forming a platonic solid. What is the quality of copper? It is electricity. The age we are moving into now – and has been doing so since the 400 years transition period started around the year 1600 – will be characterized by the rediscovery of the subtle energies. What we in fact will rediscover is the energy of the Sun or the energy of the Black Hole / White Hole. Notice the term rediscover, for the discoveries has been known to man before.

The Dark Age has been the Age of Oblivion. It was where humanity forgot, what it was capable of. The Planet Earth is like living on the slopes of an active volcano. Once in a while it will erupt and destroy the civilisation that faithfully and obliviously has dwelled in its vicinity. Nature performs the Great Ctrl+Alt+Delete, the reboot or even re-installation of the system. This is the installation guide. Welcome to Humix. Please set the user name and password … oh no, not this again, we already did this before!

Did the hole of oblivion occour by a cyclical scheme, by accident or by design?

Even if we disregard certain big-scale cataclysmic events, be they cosmic destructive impacts or as some would claim: star-war-like destructions between cosmic civilisations on and about Planet Earth, the natural cycles of The Ages, the Great Year in itself on its lowest level performs a state of oblivion, a big-scale Dark Night of the Soul.

There is a reason, why this Age, or as the Vedics call it: this Yuga is called Kali Yuga. Understand this: the Dark Age is named after a Dark Goddess, Kali Ma, the Dark Mother that devours human flesh in obscene rituals. This was the age, where human beings forgot, what the essence of their own humanity was. We the human beings forgot the morals, we forgot the wisdom, we forgot the knowledge, we forgot the technology, we forgot the resposibility … in the Age of Kali, we forgot what it meant to be human. Therefore in the Age of Kali everything was upside down, and the essence of humanity was explained in inhuman terms. Notice how certain ideologies, that feed on war and destruction, want to descibe The Human Being as basically evil and destructive, as a primitive and fierce animal, sometimes even with an emphasis on why this destructive being should be destroyed! In arguments of counter-destruction there will re-appear arguments of pro-destruction. Very, very confusing and disturbing! The certain ideologuers and their ideologies have projected their own evil characteristics onto the rest of humanity as a justification for mass extinction and genocide. And this, of course, is totally outside the scope of normal people to comprehend, since this is a sick and perverted mindset of the psychopaths that have come to run The World. 

Some say that cream rises to the top.

I say shit floats.

Forgive then the people for not understanding the mindset of this class of psychopaths, for it is truly alien to any sound human morality and existence. This explains why war and misery has been going on for millennia. The mindset behind it is so fucking incomprihensible to human beings as a general, that, when being introduced and presented to the mindset in one form or another most people will say: It cant be! The presence of evil, which is a very real thing, is nonetheless ignored by most people. We all have experienced lonely madmen, but the presence of a deeply organized network of evil running our reality .. no way! And yet this network is being revealed on a daily basis, the amount of its evil doings are piled up and the extend of its lies and frauds are non-deniable. You would think.

Except of course if you are living in a bubble of denial, which is absolutely possible. But this denial used to be easy, since mainstream was almost flawless and undisturbed. The information was not out there and noone really were talking about it. There was no alternative to mainstream, although people that bought into the political left used to believe, that they formed an alternative, which they didn’t. Today total denial takes an actual efford, since the reality is cracking and absurdities are taking over.

Political left – where to even begin?

Mentioning the political left, the liberals: their state of denial is immense. They are so entirely lost in translation of reality wrapped up in their dinosaur designer-ideology, that they will never for the rest of their lives be able to understand, what hit them. Right now they are litteraly applauding their own destruction. Unfortunately they are pulling everyone else down. The brainwash of leftism by political correctness is total og totalitarian in a most poisonous way.

One recent and illustrious example was the election in Denmark for or against a phenomenon maybe not known to people outside this tiny and privilegded country called the Danish legal reservations towards the EU, meaning that Denmark reserves its rights to deviate from the EU on certain legal issues. Which is totally healthy and reasonable especially seen in the light of what has happened in the EU in the form of economic empoverishment of the Southern European countries, huge unemployment, a flood of organized mass immigration, events of terror where factions inside the police are participating while politicians are lying to their people in order to take away the last civil rights, enormous amount of corruption and priviledges for EU-politicians and -technocrates, participation i financial- and trade-war agains Russia/Ukraine. Just to scratch the surface. But the political left today is backing up this monstrous machine!

They have totally forgotten, that they used to be critical towards this Empire building project and have now totally given themselves over to its totalitarianism. Not surpricing, actually, since the essence and foundation of Socialism from the very beginning was totalitarian. Not surprising either, that there is a syncronisation between monopoly capitalism and liberal ideologies/marxism. There was never a contradiction, and the whole Russian Revolution was organized and funded by Wall Street oligarks. The thing about this cunning ideology is, that it has been able to feed people with a belief system of being in opposition and forming an alternative, and that this illusion has been so die hard, that the liberals of even today believe, they have something else and something good to offer to the world. Their ideology is stone dead and yet it still lives on, now morphing into its supposed contradiction.

Leftist people are highly reactionary. In Denmark there is a right wing party, Danish People Party, that is against EU and mass immigration with quite a lot of success. This party for its part have some issues that for sure can be discussed, but how do all the left wingers behave accordingly? They appraise the EU and want more mass immigration as though the Swedish example of severe masochistic self destruction was not clear enough! They can’t make a single thought for themselves anymore, but have to form their opinion based on the opposite of the opinion of people, they have agreed on hating. The majority of Danes nonetheless voted NO to the total(itarian) EU-harmonisation, and not surprisingly the leftists, the culture marxists, the intellectual snobs were bad losers and unable to recognize, that the majority of the Danes for some reason or another did not feel safe about the EU-project. Sickness did not recognize health.

Which brings us back to War-Fucking-War. The same brainwashed leftwingers are the best supporters of the whole neo-con, neo-imperialistic game going on especially in the Middle East. They supported the NATO-aggression all the way back to Afghanistan. They yelled and cheered when NATO bombed Serbia in the 90’ties and totally supported the destruction of Libya a few years ago and Syria today. They even supported the neo-nazi-fascist coup i Ukraine, believe it or not! Danish fighter jets have been joining the Americans in paving the way for ISIS by not hitting them. They have participated in destroying Libya and are now participating in Mali in order to annoy the Chinese – which is what the whole AfriCom campaign is all about. Libya was about preventing Gadaffi and the project with his neighbouring countries from forming an African currency, the new African Dinar backed by Libyan gold reserves independant on American-Saudi petro-dollar and the IMF selfproclaimed right to destroy and enslave national economies of the World at will. Gaddafi disappeared, Libya disappeared and the Libyan gold disappeared!

And if you believe this to be apprailsal of right-wingers, as they appear on the scene, you may think twice.

The left wingers in Denmark supported the totalitarian killing of the Freedom of Information Act. They supported the selling out of the national Danish Energy Company DONG Energy to the financial gangster syndicate, Goldman Sachs. They supported the Transatlantic Partnership, that now allows the globalist cartels to sue any European government should it dare to demand, that a globalist corporation follows national law and eg. stops its filthy pollution – which is regarded as an obstacle for ‘free’ trade! There is no decency or moral compass left in the left – maybe that’s why they are called ‘the left’, since all wits has left their brains …

Which leads to the conclusion, that War-Fucking-War and the global phenomenon of leftism and liberal thought are closely connected if not indistinguisable. Which again leads back to The French Revolution, the mother of all revolutions. Left just meant in days of TFR, that those representatives in the French Parliament before 1789, that were pro-monarchy, sat in the right side, and those against sat in the left side. France thus have a centuries old tradtion for terror as a political weapon and a mean for controlling the masses by scaring the shit out of them. Today this tradition has been revived in a most perfidious manner.

War-Fucking-War is the War OF Terror. The enemy is not some bunch of fanatic mercenaries with false beards somewhere in the outskirts of civilisation. The enemy of the States that are hosting the real terrorists, is you, we, the people. Controllers, infil-traitors inside the French government have co-planned the – most probably fake – terror event in Paris. The purposes were the same as always.

First: to steal the civil rights from the people

Secondly: to engage the country in direct war.

Both with the consent of the people in a state of fear, where they will be willing to accept the otherwise unacceptable. The socialist French government thus acts according to its own tradition of revolution with terrorism just as the later development, the actual realisation of the revolutionary thought: the Russian Revolution and the Sovjet Union, governed for 70 years by terror. When the Russian Writers Guild, Literaturnaya Rossiya, gained access to the KGB archives in 1992, the real numbers of people killed by the revolution was 147 million! Which is in Russia alone. Add to that the Chinese revolution with another 100 million. Add to that the World Wars planned and instigated by the very same oligarcy that payed for the Russian Revolution in order to destroy the Russian Tsardom, that financed the Young Turks to destroy the Ottoman Empire, that fired the shot in Sarajevo by proxy to destroy the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and the German Reich – an unfinished business that took another World War to finish.

All very well documented, but not by the Empire of Envy itself, the British Empire and the later American Empire. Their history of the ‘Great’ wars is a giant piece of deceitful, manipulated whitewashing of their own crimes against humanity. War-Fucking-War will go on as long as the true history is filled with lies and fraud. As the historian Laura Knight-Jadczyk says (parafrased): History is one of the most important things to know. Without profound and real knowledge of history, it will repeat itself, since people will not know how to recognize the reappearance. Which is absolutely true and confirmed by the cattle in front of the abattoir -like apathy by which the populations of the West right now seem to accept the implementation of the Third World War.

Israeli bombings of a defenseless people i the Gaza Strip.

We can pinpoint the exact day and hour, that terror became an accepted political instrument. Not that is was new to mankind, not that its means and goals were not well rehearsed down through the centuries. But with 9/11, state terrorism arrived on a new level and a new piece of technology was introduced. In the future, the start of Third World War will probably be identified with this event. The series of wars in the Middle East were planned to follow, and we don’t have to theorize, we have it from the horses mouth. It is all – except of course 9/11 itself – admitted in documents and broadcasted in prime time media by top politicians and leading military officers. 

Former NATO general as the horses mouth

We only have to mention general Wesley-Clark’s remark in a TV-interview, where he revealed the plan from the US War Room to destroy seven countries in five years in the Middle East. And the countries he mentionend have either been destroyed or attempted destroyed today, perhaps except Lebanon, which was already destroyed by the Israelis in the 80’ties, and Iran although being destroyed by sanctions which is also a form of warfare, and a severe and direct one too. Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Syria have all been destroyed. Except Syria has not been totally destroyed, but the Americans, the Saudis, the French and the Israelis are working on it daily with their instrument of terror called ISIS. And now the British have joined with Cameron’s deceitful twisting of the very British Parliament, that clearly said NO a year ago. The method once again was: LIES!


Lies and post-democracy, which is the method of un-syncing all important political decisions from public influence. The EU is a post-democratic project. That the Danish government felt, it had to ask its people whether to give up the last piece of national sovereignty is just a hint, that democracy is in fact dying and in some places already dead. This governement wouldn’t have done it, if the ruling parties had not arrogantly felt, that it could easily win. Which it did not.

Democracy in the EU does not exist more than as a ritual. The EU Parliament simulates democracy and has no power, whereas the EU Commission is non-democratic and has all power. Democracy has become this kind of theatre and the politicians have now detached themselves from the people of their countries to a degree, where MP’s no longer serve as spokesmen or representatives for the people nor do they care whether they do. They will find ways of not asking what people think, since they regard the democratic proces as an obstacle to decision making. 

This is not democracy. This is the closed circle of plutocracy, oligarcy and neo-feudalism.

In a country like China the process of decision is different. Some would say easier. Ignorant Westeners would argue, that this is due to China being a totalitarian, communist country. Which is not actually true. China is neither a democracy nor a communist dictatorship any longer. It has returned to meritocracy in the old Konfusian tradition. They are not con-fused like in the West, they are Konfusiated. A Chinese politician will have to earn and prove his ability by working his way up through the system. Incompetence is almost impossible in a meritocracy. Corruption is not impossible i China. But in the West on the other hand, incompetence is most common since the powerstructures are able to commission and select people, that will comply to the needs of the ruling class/oligarcy.

In Western post-democracy corruption is now a rule, not an exception. It may very well be a kind of subtle corruption but nonetheless a corruption. One way is by compromise. If a politician has a dark side, a flawed personal character, a perversion, some severe mistakes from his past, he/she is regarded as the perfect tool for The Powers. That is why pedophilia is so common among the British Establishment. The last two General Secretaries of NATO had a dark past. The former Danish prime minister, Fogh-Rasmussen most probably was a pedophile, and the Norwegian Stoltenberg most probably was complicit of the mass murder of youngsters at Utöya by knowing about it, a most dirty piece of political handwork with the usual lone patsy, Breivik, taking the blame. Both GS’s were rewarded for doing a service to the Powers and were placed on a chair, where terrorism and organized mass murder were a daily task for their enjoyment.

In the US it is easier simply to buy and sell politicians like stock on the stockmarked. Every single politician in Washington DC is bought by the mob that runs the country – except right now for Donald Trump, that swims in money and therefore cannot be bought, which is utterly entertaining 🙂 The guy has other issues eg. with zionism, but till now he has said things that no-one dares to say in a country run by the Chicago Mob, Wall Street, the Zionists and the Military-Industrial Complex. 


The Clinton’s and the Bush’s are well known mafia-families. Lyndon B. Johnson that was instrumental in the JFK-assasination was a mobster. The present mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, was the former adviser of Obama (and his father was a Zionist terrorist). Obama himself is a 100% product of the Chicago Mob. Leo Strauss at the University of Chicago educated all the NeoCons dwelling in and around the DC administration. Chicago is the second headquarter of NATO, the largest terror organisation of the world [link]. All is connected: banking/financial industry, military industry, medical industry, politics, the TPP, the TAP, the NATO, the WTO, the UN, the EU, the Fuck-U’s of the globalist alphabet soup.

The post-democracy operates within these organs. No-one gets inside that is not cleared for readiness to suck the big dick of The-Babel-Tower-of-Power. The power-political institutions of post-democracy operate as masonic filters. In The Lodge, the people on the floors only have knowledge and understanding on a filtered need-to-know-basis. The closer you get to the top, the more you know, AND at the same time the more you are compromised, meaning any wrong stop will be a risk of the life of you and your family. They say about the Chicago Mob: If you cross the mob, you will be killed. If you cross the Chicago Mob, they will kill your dog, then your children, then your wife, and THEN they will kill you. Mafia, Lodge, Power Politics – all the same.


For a variety of information in English and Danish, see
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The Power of Play

by marco_hanuman, the blogger


There are basically two ways to overcome or prevent stagnation in this world. Be it in business, in politics, in the social structures, in your mind, in your spirit or in your body.

One way to understand it, is by applying the Hatha Yoga attitude of overcoming pain. This is the practice of molding and shaping your entire being by working on/with your body. Knowing of course, that the body is the access to your mind and spirit.

Since this is NOT a blogpost about Yoga, consider this as an example.

Anyone who has practiced the classic series of Hatha Yoga excercises will know, that there eventually will be a moment of pain where a part of the body reaches its boundary of stagnation, and the response of the body is pain, meaning you are onto something. Since the human psyche is geared to avoid pain, the normal response is to go any other way. Your body remembers and withholds pain and your brain and spinal chord fights or flees any pain.

The Yoga practitioner thinks otherwise and un-chooses beforehand the mental-physical escape route. The pain is where you should linger in order to overcome pain and the courses of pain. But how to linger, that is the question?

  1. The first method is to go into the pain, identify the exact location, intensity and quality of the pain, accept the pain while confronting it. A strange thing will happen: the pain will start to move its position, its intensity and its quality. The pain is on retreat, and eventually it may even dissolve. You have broken the stagnation.

  2. The second method is by breathing and removing the awareness of pain into a sort of pre-release of the pain. You are already beyond pain while still in pain. The breathing is a kind of meditation in motion transcending both pain and physical limitation.

    NB! The second method is NEVER a denial of the pain. This is where the New Age deception comes in. New-Agers deny pain and darkness. New Age is the late-20’th century escapism picking up those who fell out of Christianity.

The Daoists would call the two methods the yang way and the yin way. The masculine and the feminine way (not the male-female way). The way of the warrior and the way of the monk. The methods are not, what some may believe, opposite and contradictory. They are complementary. The warrior and the monk may very well be contained within the same person.


You can either focus on the obstacles or the beyond-obstacles. You can either reveal and release the pain held in darkness, or you can invoke the light hidden from the too-much-darkness.


  • If those, who investigate the darkness are in denial of the light and have fallen in love with the darkness to the extend, that they can no longer act but hold themselves in a state of analytical paralysis, which is one kind of imbalance.

  • If those, who invoke and promote the light are in denial of the darkness, and have fallen in love with the light to the extend, that they can no longer think clearly, but hold themselves in a state of wannabe bliss, which is another kind of imbalance.

We need to avoid the yin-trap and the yang-trap.

We need to maintain our ability to feel, think and act.

We need to learn about the Dao.

There are plenty of well meaning people, thinking and highly skilled analytical people with great concerns for the World of Dystopia caught in translation, tending to fall in almost-love with this World of Dystopia or even their own pain, but unable to act.

There are also plenty of well meaning people, emotional people with great empathy and longings for a World of Release tending to fall in almost-love with an ideological illusion, caught in a World of make-beliefs and self-projections.

In a conversation, these people will most likely try very hard to convince the other, that they have the right attitude and view of any given subject or problem and that the others are wrong.

How to Avoid It

Make sure to test your analyzes within action. The yin needs the yang, since stagnated analyzes is too much yin

Make sure to test your make-beliefs by going back to grammar of thinking (what, where, who and when), since stagnated emotional beliefs and ideology is too much yang.

The yin should be liberated, envigorated and balanced (the Dao) by the presence of yang and vice versa. Some of the stagnation or conflicts we see among people is due to the missing envigoration. An example is the relationships between male and female after the more than half a centure old implantation of Feminism in Western culture, that made it almost impossible for a lot of men and woman to have fruitful and stable relationships – and for children to benefit from that. You see broken marriages, broken families, conflicts, disrespect and destruction of natural polarity and complemtarity all over the Western world, spreading to the East and the South since Western Imperialism and predatory Capitalism has exported the cultural imbalances.

Much of the imbalance and distorsion is, as many have realized, here by design and purpose, as was Feminism. As was any ideology. Certain destructive forces with great power and ill intent have used and almost perfected imbalance as a means of self-empowerment on behalf of other. But since that long and winding road is not the subject today – the subject is examining possible ways to regain balance and dissolve distorsion – and since we are looking at just one field of distorsion, the actual recognition and thorough analyzis of the source and course of distorsion is one way. Or should we say: one important component of any way.

What Fenimism was all about

We May Ask

  1. Should we concentrate on the recognition of the present distorsion forming the future – and maybe as a side kick trace back, what came before?

  2. Should we even forget of what came before, because only present and future matters?

  3. Should we forget about the present and know everything about what came before to ever be able to trace forward from the past and thereby recognize the present and the future?

The answer is – of course – that it is highly complementary. May we be reminded of the Orwellian frase (here refrased):
Manipulation of history is a way to control the future by the present


If people are highly confused about their origins, their past, their history, their culture, their traditions, their people, their nation, their gender, their race, all that came before, all primordial – and being confused is a present matter – they will never be able to influence their future.

Meaning then:

If some minority would want to confuse the majority, they would need to steal the history of the majority, their past, their-all-that-came-before and replace it with something else, a construct, a perversion.


This is why, I would not recommend any of the statement above: forget about the past, forget about the present. If you want to forget about the future, be my guest. It will arive anyway. But if you want to forget about your past and your present, you and we will have a problem.

A Fourth Statement

  • We need to know enough about our past, knowing that knowledge will evolve and unfold as we recognize the consequenses of past into present.
  • We need to look at the present with the optics of ‘presented’ past, the consequenses of past arrived at the present. We are a product of decisions made by our forefathers – and those who pulled their legs.
  • We need to visualize a future based on actual dreams of a future, not based on pro-grosis, machine statistics, grand-scale planners or fictive escatological / apocalyptical scenarios.


We Need

  • People that are dedicated and therefore becoming skilled at trawling through the Labyrinth of History with all its falsifications, ‘noble’ lies, omissions, re-arrangements, re-makes and what-not’s.

    Looking back.

  • People that are dedicated and therefore becoming skilled at spotting and describing the imbalances of our time.

    Looking into.

  • People that are dedicated and therefore becoming skilled at visualizing and realizing.

    Looking forward.

  • We need thinkers and developers and people willing and able to act while thinking.

  • We need visionaries and true dreamers (not escapists).

  • We need the passionate and the couragious.

  • And: We need to play!

What we do not need is infighting among those, who are qualified in either of those directions. We need conversations. We may disagree, we may be at different stages of knowledge, we may have chosen different angles or fields of mental expansion and developement. We do not need to have others shut up. Which is what the socalled thinking segment of mainly Liberal academics with their political correctivism spend all their energy on.

The Power of Play

Did I say: We need to play? Did I say why?

Maybe go back to former blogpost Imagine and Play. But I will further suggest, that Play is the flow of Nature, the Universe. By playing we overcome stagnation and by playing imballance with dissolve itself. The Play is the Dao, the Dao is The Play.

Someone asked me: But how to play, if I forgot it?

No you didn’t, is my first answer. You are always playing, when you forget not to play. Didn’t you play with your children? Don’t you enjoy helping them to maintain their ability to learn by play? And I hope you play, when you have sex and don’t regard it as a routine, a duty or piece of hard work 😉

It’s like musicality. Someone would say: Oh, but I am not a musical person, but I love good music. How can that person not be a musical person? It takes the equal amount of musicality to perceive music as to perform music, since music is neither the compostion / the score, the performer, the media nor the sound. Music is an event, a resonance where the created is re-created within the receiver. If you are not creative, you cannot recreate. What the person meant, of course, was: Oh, but I am not a performing musician, and that is different. But if the audience did not have the equal amout of musicality, the musician or the composer would perform in vain. The event, music, would not occour.

Furthermore musicality is not limited to music. I would suggest, that a true conversation – meaning not a monologue, a lecture – is a human piece of music. Some of the most perfect classical music is composed by J.S. Bach. A musical form, which he mastered to ultimate perfection, was the fugue consisting of two or more parts actually performing the same theme, but never simultanious. When a part, a voice, an instrument doesn’t perform the fugal theme, it performs a complementary counterpart. This musical form once was characterized as an exquisite conversation among learned people, which is exactly what it is. A second part may even start the fugal theme before the first has finished. It sounds like chaos, but is highly organized and total balanced. Listen to women having conversations. It may sound like a chicken den to men, but these chicks are able to talk and listen at the same time.

The Musical Offering



A strange phenomenon arrives by both performing and listening to a good performance of this music. Time is bended and even dissolved. Infinity seems to be build into it. Don’t we all know that phenomenon? When we are not bored – when we in fact are playing – time is kind of infinite. It flies until we realize it, and then it lands again. It went so quickly, we say, when we in fact mean the opposite: it wasn’t there. When we are bored or stressed, it is very finite. It sticks to the no-fly-zone. It feels so long, we say, when we in fact mean that the density is heavy.

Time is Cronos eating its own children. Which could refer to an actual celestial event where the planet Saturn became de-ignated or un-loaded as the former sun of our solar system whereby the planet Helios became ignited / loaded, or should we say positively charged. Cronos / Saturn swallowed a certain amount of celestial objects, that became its rings.

See The Thunderbolts Project

Cronos as Goya saw him

Astrologers would say, that Saturn is the controller of time. The satanic / saturnian quality is therefore the prison of time. The rings are the chains. Someone even mentioned, that the meaning of the Lord of the Rings or Richard Wagners The Ring (four huge operas) is the struggle for the un-casting of the Saturnian power. I will suggest, just a theory, that it is Saturn / Cronos itself, that is in chains, in rings, and that it is the enslavement of the Saturnian force, that produces the time prison. Saturn may be the local second sun of the Solar system, whereas the star Sirius is the real second sun in the Galactic scale. Who knows? Maybe Saturn wil re-ignite and be ‘liberated’ with the return of Sirius, that started appr. 400 years ago where Sirius shifted from being a red star to a blue star (according to the rule of starlight called the red shift, where objects removing themselves from our place is red and objects approaching is blue). And then we are not talking about immense amounts of time, but just a cycle of 24.000 years. The story of Cronos and all the other myths of anthropomorphic celestial objects or Gods and Godesses, meaning the birth of the Archetypes is not in some undefined past but within human memory! And that would, of course, include certain catastrophic events, that seems to have traumatized the human race(s).

This is the Great Play of the Universe / the Galaxy / the Solar system. We could go the other way in scaling: the cell, the molcule, the atom. And just in the middle of this scaling is the dimensions of the human being. Or is that just because we happen to be so? Hard to tell. By the way, if you have come to believe, that the Earth has become flat again like in the Catholic Middle Ages – and there is a meme flying around right now, believe it or not – all this is total bunkum. We are living on a pancake, and the Universe is a projection inside a giant dome. Be my guest …

But how to regain the power of play, the flow of the Universe? C’mon tell me!

Sorry, there is no single recipe. And why would I know it, I am no enlightened guru or expert? But I seldom get bored, except when I have to do something I didn’t chose myself, that is repetetive and not challenging. And if we sell our working ablities to someone else to make a living, we will eventually run into that. Apart from that, I always find some new playground.

What I can say is what I actually do, when going into or am in the middle of the play / the creative process. Whether I would be the right to do it, is questionable. Much has been said and written about creativity. Some bogus also, but that is probably due to the fact, that human consciousness is hard to describe. A fish doesn’t know what water is before it is pulled out of the water. We can’t see what we are made all up of.

I’ll try anyway.

Thoughts on Creative Methodology and Attitude

You need an offspring, an ignition. Some would call it inspiration. The Greek called in amusement, since the Muses were the ‘goddesses’ or the personified forces of the arts. It may even be a musical partner, a Muse – here we go again, and remember we are talking about musicality in the broader sense. Anyone can be a Muse, and it goes beyond gender. As a composer I was amused by my English friend who is a great poet and former playwright. He would send me a bunch of poems to read, and one or more would resonnate with me. It would make me curious and I would start to develop a very vague overall feeling of the may-be-coming piece of music.

So the offspring already contains a structure. Language already contains rhytms = series of stresses and un-stresses = a metrum. Words contain meanings and emotions. But before going into the details, I would have this audible vision of a finished piece sort of coming from a distance, a sort of creative dream. So find your ignition, find your muse.

Another method needs more luck and can go wrong – though it may actually work and succeed. Just start somewhere in total blindness and ignorance not knowing where you will end. I once wrote a novel that way, and it can be great fun. Start somewhere, introduce a character, place it in a situation, create a dilemma or a riddle, take it from there, surprise yourself, amuse yourself.

Painters may do the same. They are ‘in process’. Take a look at the documentary ‘Vinterbillede’ released by the Danish Film Institute (taken off YouTube now, but you can order it for borrow at any serious library), where the internationally known master painter, Per Kirkeby, does something like 10 different paintings on top of each other, each a brilliant painting in itself, but since he didn’t stop his process, he just painted over and over till he was satisfied. Which by the way makes the film an artwork in itself.

The man at work – or is he at play?

He just started, and then amused himself. You go into a dialogue with yourself and the material, you produce. You make a kind of split brain or inner distance. In music you become your own audience, appreciating, experiencing, suggesting where to go next. You play with your self … that didn’t come out well 😉 … but in fact the creative process has a certain element of intermediary narcissism. I would rather call it self-love, self-nurture and inner dialogue.

The Artists Way

Which leads to another important aspect of the creative process, the process of play. You must un-learn and avoid being dominated by self-censorship. Don’t censor youself too soon, get it out, so you can see it / sense it. Then critizise, never before.

You may want to check out Julia Cameron and her book The Artists Way. As a spiritual person – which you may find appealing or not appealing according to your personal view – she describes creativity as God’s gift to Us and using that creativity as Our gift back to God. Or the Universe or the Great Nature, if you got stuck with the angry Jahwe-figure with a long beard.

Julia Cameron also points out, that artists seldom are loners but create in communities. So find your playmates, let them provoke and invoke you. Let them amuse you.

Take a look at some of her tools:

The Morning Pages

This is a kind of therapy for artists – and actually for others than artists too. You wake up in the morning and write down all your thoughts without censoring or trying to be artful. If you wake of grumpy with all your morning hatred, they will be your Mourning Pages. It cleans your mind so that all your negative thoughts will not be in you way for the rest of the day. Grump them out by writing them down. Or if you wake up with crazy thoughts or in the middle of an unfinished dream, write it down. Anything goes. Three pages only. Then your day-brain starts to take over.

So: avoid self censorship, but also avoid spontanious refusal of other people’s ideas and avoid creative obstruction. There will be a place for killing you darlings, or whatever they call it in the film industry, but the morning is not a place for that.

The Artist Date

With her own words: Once a week, go on a solo date with youself alone for the purpose of enchanting yourself and wooing your consciousness like a lover. People are reluctant to go play, they would rather go work. But all creativity is drawing from an inner well, and if you work too hard, you are fishing from that well, and the well will eventually run dry unless you fill it up.

So if you get stuck, don’t try too hard. Do something completely different. Many artists have two personalities, the civil person and the artist, that will fill the other up with energy. An artist date, therefore, is a deliberate refill of you consciousness.

The Lady has written 40 books on art and creativity!

Get Rid of the Vacuum

Next: set some rules. Nothing is more frightening that unlimited possibilites. You will be paralyzed with no limits. Limits are your best friend. Horror Vacui (fear of empty spaces) may be you worst nightmare.

This is why my relationship with poetry in making music making was a perfect trampoline. The limitations and the stepping stones were already there.

There are many stepping stones. The painters and the composers of the Middle Ages and Renaissance knew the Palimpsest and the Parody. The palimpsest is the paint-over, like Per Kirkeby doing an auto-palimpsest as a process of painting. The Parody is ‘stealing’ or samling a preexisting piece of music, it may be from someone else or from yourself, and using it as a starting point. You take the ownership and bring it onto you own ship in your own direction. There was no silly, paranoid copyrights in the Middle Ages, art was not corporatized, and the genious self-centered artist of the Romantic era did not exist. You could steal any idea and concept, because everything in art was kind of Open Source. That is why you often don’t find the signature of an artist on the Medieval artwork. We do not know the name of the master builders of the Gothic cathedrals. And the Farao Keops, for sure, did not order the building the pyramid of that name, because he was not born in that age in time – but that’s another story of Empires cultural theft.

What I am talking about here, is not like the Romans being so jealous of other people and cultures, that they had to steal their cultural achievements and then destroy these cultures. I am talking about the harmless and benevolent ‘theft’ of ideas, shapes, forms, structures thus making them you own. The thing is, that having stolen and played / worked with it, it will transform and morph into something else, and should it eventually return to the ‘victim’ of theft, it will be experienced as a fresh new structure. It would be the phenomenon, Julia Cameron calls community creativity.

It Can’t Go Wrong

Especially in storytelling, be it in book form or in spoken og visualized form, the archetypes are magnificent creative forces, like small nuclear bombs of dynamics. It is the story of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, the never ending story of gaining selfhood. These dynamics were true for our ancient forefathers as for us as they will be for our descendants. Knowing that there is nothing new under the Sun, we may drop our anciety of not being so damn original. And moreover, knowing that the same story will end up being fresh and new and different all the time, makes it even less frightful to create. It can’t go wrong! Say to yourself: It can’t go wrong, It can’t go wrong … make it you benevolent mantra and just do it.

The Must-Read of books

And make your mistakes. For Gods .. and your own sake make a hell of a lot of mistakes! Be shameless of your mistakes and even showing them to others. Afterwards admit them, laugh of them, learn from them. But without mistakes there is no progress. My estimate is, that some of the most stunning inventions of this World and in human history are made by shere mistake. Which is why It cant go wrong. You know what I mean! Of course it can go awfully wrong and you can end up killing someone or yourself in dangerous creativity. But I am not talking about irresponsible experiments. The world is filled with psychopaths doing just that on the expense of everyone else but themselves, and don’t get me started here.

What I am talking about is the playful, self forgiving (the most difficult person to forgive is yourself), humorous, and bat-out-of-hell’ish attitude, that will make any play and any creation totally possible. With that in mind, it will become impossible to indulge youself with the fear of your own inadequacy. Your low self esteme has no place on earth. And you cannot suffer any longer from destructive perfectionism – uhuh, it has to be so-and-so perfect, before …! I see this shit all around me, and it pisses me off, pardon my French! I mean, instead of two regular writers on this blog, I reckon there could be at least seven or more. You guys know who I am talking about, and you may want to reexamine your petty excuses for not making your knowledge available, since the world needs this knowledge now, for Gods sake NOW!

And again, this does not mean, that you should let any old unfinished and sloppy piece of work out. What I am saying is, that you should practice the delay of self critique to where it belongs: The Finish. Or even better: In Wave-Form. Make it a cycle: Let it out – do your critique – let it out … aso. This is the split brain I was talking about. Be your own audience, your own reader, your own viewer, but don’t punish and suppress yourself by doing creative obstructions onto yourself. Also remember: what you do to yourself, you will do to others. If you censor yourself, you are a part of the censorship of the global call for censorship. Is that what you want?

Keep it Tight – and Don’t Keep it Tight

Same-same but totally different. I am talking about two things. When you have an idea, when you conceive a new project, don’t go out and tell it to the world. And why not? Because it will destroy your idea and your project.

This is a piece of psychology rarely talked about. Haven’t you noticed from yourself and others, that we often brague about our New Year’s resolutions? We tell it loud and clear, that we hereby have declared the solemn decision for the new year to become a better person by starting so-and-so. And what happens? After two-three weeks you fall into you old habbits. And why is that so?

It is due to a strange program in the brain being activated by prematurely announcing what is not yet a reality. The brain then thinks, that it is already a reality and therefore shuts off the initial energy needed for the bringing about.

What you should do instead, is keep it in your heart like a hen on the egg untill the chicken jumps out and begins to squeek. Even then you should be careful as a responsible and a caring chicken mother not to let it all hang out and run open. There a predators / destructive forces out there – and more important: in there – that can kill a yellow fluffy chicken.

On the other hand, when your creation has grown to a certain extend, and when you know that it already is an inevitable reality, do not keep it tight! Make it available, make it open source, make it mutual fruitful to others. Let it all hang out. What happens then, is that you will receive more that you have provided. An effect of synergy will emerge.

I see a lot of angst and paranoia in that phase of creation.

  • What if others should steal my creation/idea and profit from it?

  • What if I don’t get recognized and payed for my creation/idea?

  • What if my creation is not ready for exposure because it is not strong enough?

You have probably heard about the Law of Jante. This is the mental auto-immune-defect version of the Law of Jante.

One example from the applied field of holding tight (to the body) creations, that by now could have been a beneficial reality for the whole of humanity. It is the field of Pure Energy Systems (PES). I prefer this term instead of Free Energy or Alternative Energy, since nothing in the Universe is free, and since ‘alternative’ is much to un-ambitious just meaning wind mills and solar cells that are totally unsustainable when you figure out the total costs. These are already obsolete technologies.

Pure Energy Systems are right now the best kept secrets, since no one knows about them, since no media tells about them and since no politician (being stupid anyway) are told about them.

With the exception of mr. Pure Energy System himself, Nicola Tesla, later genious inventors all kept their technologies for themselves. Or – I don’t want to do these important people injustice – were kept for themselves by certain predators, like Tesla himself.

The Inventor par Excelence

What I am talking about here, is the keeping too close of inventions while being un-aware of the enormous benefits they – and the rest of the world – could have had with a proper open-source attitude. Get it out and make it real! What the inventors did instead was to keep it a potential business secret, thinking that this invention could make them rich and succesful. What they didn’t recognize was, that certain groups of watchers, observers, sharks-in-the-ocean did not play by the rules. Result: one day they had their inventions stolen, then destroyed (after being stolen, that is – and do we know that from studying the Roman strategy of cultural/technological theft-and-destruction?) and themselves being character-destroyed, professionally destroyed or even physically destroyed.

Had these brilliant genious’es and inventor-nerds been as brilliant in strategy as in science, we would all have benefitted from their inventions, and the World as we know it would have been totally different. They should have spread their blueprints like a virus, so that enyone with a brain and an urge could have copied and realized it. AND – they would have been rich and famous by doing just that!

Forgive them, for they knew not what they did (semi-quote from mr. Jesus).

Let me hereby round up this blog by saying:

Dear Friends!

Protect your good stuff while in creation.
Be responsible to you creation and yourself.
Make it become real.

Expose your good stuff while created.
Be responsible to the rest of the world and to generations to come.
Make a real thing real.

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Imagination and Play

by marco_hanuman, the blogger


Some years ago I was walking the Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne, which is the High Route of the Pyrennees. It is a path that crosses the highest passes of the mountain chain from the Mediteranian to the Atlantic Ocean, more or less forming the border between France and Spain. Apart from having been used by the Basques for smuggling and guerilla warfare, it is one of the most magnificent places on Earth to walk.

When you walk this route you need to rest inbetween, and apart from the nature view itself the natural inhabitants of the mountains are equally facinating. One day I was observing two black alpine crows flying around. They are especially famous among birds for their flying skills. They fly in two-by-two syncronous formation, they prefer steep slopes and go close to the ground, they maneuvre up-and-down and sidewards effordlessly. And most of all, which stroke me that day, they seem to do it for no other reason than for the fun of it. They were simply playing and merely as a side-effect keeping up their skills needed for sustaining themselves.

A biologist and bird connesseur may argue, that they would be patrolling the territory for dead animals that could be eaten. But that does not exclude the obvious fact that they are playing and having the greatest of fun at the same time.

In this article I will argue, that playful productiveness is the most natural state in the world, and that it goes for human beings also. I will also argue, that human society has a huge problem, because it has abandonned play as the primary source of energy or rather: the primary access to the primary source.

Imagine and Play

This is not a song by John Lennon, although he played and imagined before he was killed.

A Working Class Hero Is Something To ‘Be.

I am talking about play, playfulness and the power of play versus powerplay.

I am not talking about The Play as mentioned by Shakespeare (whoever he/she was) as The Theater, that human beings are lost in.

Neither am I talkin about The Great Game, that is more or less identical on a geopolitical level to the Play of Shakespeare on the personal level.

Notice that game also means the target of the predator, which is rather interesting.

What I am talking about, is the ability to play that has been been taken away from humanity. Without play, there is no freedom. Without play there is no health. Without thruth and play, there is neither freedom nor humanity nor health.

Truth is, that all we have ever learned to have and hold, we learned as children playing. We did not learn, because parents and school teachers forced us to learn. We did not learn, because is was printed in the curriculum. The curriculum may at its best prepare us for and support learning, but no more. We did not learn by a schedule or with a whip over the neck. The whippers and schedulers like to think so, but they are wrong. We may have had some habits and even skills programmed into us, so we are able to repeat and perform them on command. But we only truly learned what we loved to do by playing.

Let us take a moment of imagination

How would it be, if people got up in the morning and actually felt like doing a piece of creative and productive work because it was playfully rewarding and not just because it gave them enough money, so that they would barely survive? And I am not talking about the privileged work-a-holics who are so fortunate as to have a job, where they are allowed to play – and earn much more than for survival. I am asking: what if this was the serious ambition of a whole society? Just Imagine.

I hear someone argue, that human society would not exist, if everyone were allowed to play around like children. Society takes hard work, hard work takes discipline, discipline takes firm education where you are taught to postpone and even override your own needs for the sake of needs defined by society (meaning someone else).

But that somebody arguing in this standardized and commonly accepted and so called mature way is missing several points.

First of all this composite of arguments totally lacks the power of imagination. And this is not really a counter argument, just a direct an spontanious opinion.

Next, and here comes a real argument, it disregards the fact, that people who are in full control of their own business, who are acumulating skills learned by themselves for themselves and who are actually enjoying what they do every day, almost always work harder, better, longer and with better results that others. These people have plenty of self discipline, but the thing is, that they don’t think about it as such, they just perform by passion, and why wouldn’t they?

They may not be artists, but their attitude towards the work they do have some kind of artistic touch. They have not yet un-learned the natural playful creativity they were born with – that every human being is born with! – and therefore they seem do things slightly different than others. They often invent new ways of doing what they do, and I would argue that society would never have been able to achieve anything of value without these people. Therefore it is sad to see, that this fact is so disregarded. 

The Play Killers

We have, as I promised to argue, a huge problem in the world today. One of many, that is, and they are all interwoven. But the problem I am talking about today is, that Industrialism and education/schooling and working moral in the industrial age – that is for 150 years – systematically and by intend removed the element of play from human beings in order to create a homo industrialis. Which by the way happens to be well suited as homo bellum (the war-human), should his master call for it. We are in fact talking about a master-slave relationship here, and we are talking about an update of Feudalism into the Age of Machines. A master does not need his slaves to be playful. He needs them to be an extension of the machine, a machine part, and machine parts are not playful, are they?

From a very early age as children, humans are under attack from The Machine, and most children coming to their puberty – probable before that – have suppressed their ability to play and are only able to simulate play in a way that entertainment industry has developed as a substitute, a simulacre. Real play enhances our energy, fake play drains and exploits our energy and wastes our time. Real play is never a waste of time.

It was all developed in the industrial age and for industrial purpose. When the weekend arrived – and remember it was not until the 60’ies, that Saturday became part of the weekend – the energy of the worker was so drained, that he was unable to be creative. And need we to say: in any way protest against the conditions to which he was condemned. A huge industry grew up on just delivering a valium’ish relief of pain and help to forget a whole week of frustration. The school system in the industrial age was accordingly designed to mimick for the slave labour of the parents of the school children, and a branch of the entertainment industry especially took care of the pain and frustration of children. Which it still does and more that ever. We just have to say social media (Facebook) and smart phones, two sets of disigner-drugs. Thing is: they don’t keep out of working day and school hours any longer. They have crept in and have become ever present. They are preparing homo industrialis for the arise of the transhuman-being.

It can definitely be argued, that the moral conditioning of the homo industrialis is a produckt of Protestant England spreading from the core of the British Empire to the rest of the World. The Protestant, Puritan mindset did not even regard humans as beings with a soul. One of the most clearly outspoken religious ideologues was John Calvin, whose original Jewish name was Cauin og Cohen (admitted by B’nai B’rith). Let us see in reverse order, what this infamous organisation has to say about him:

‘We are the Fathers of all Revolutions, even of those which sometimes happen to turn against us. We are the supreme Masters of Peace and War. We can boast of being the Creators of the Reformation! Calvin was one of our children; he was of Jewish descent, and was entrusted by Jewish authority and encouraged with Jewish finance to draft his scheme in the reformation (which was to convince Christians, that it was alright to charge usury and other damnable heresies which are in violation of God’s Laws).’  

The Puritans 

Calvin was speaking from Geneva, Switzerland, but became a leading figure beside Luther in forming the whole protestant movement, or should we say -revolution, in England without which industrialism is unthinkable. The Catholic project was already a war on Nature, thus a war on human nature seen as sinful and in opposition to God (whoever that was) and should thus be faught or at least strictly controlled. Protestants were not protesting to this project, on the contrary. They enhanced the model and perfected it for the world to come.

Max Weber: The Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism

In Protestant countries we see more developed capitalism than in Catholic. We still see the conflict in Europe between mainly protestant, wealthy North, and Catholic not-so-wealthy South inside the EU. The whole set of affairs with ECB, IMF and Deutsche Bundesbank versus Greece is just that. And Italy, Spain, Portugal and soon to come France are more or less bancrupt.

It may em a paradox, that Puritanism, that would be expected to seek removal of human attention to the material world, on the contrary created the very attitude that Capitalism, Materialism and Consumerism were made of.

In order that a manner of life well adapted to the peculiarities of the capitalism… could come to dominate others, it had to originate somewhere, and not in isolated individuals alone, but as away of life common to the whole groups of man.

Calvin – the protestant rabbi

Since Protestantism had removed the Catholic assurance of salvation by mere devotion to the sacraments and the authorities of the hierarcy, Protestants began looking for other signs that they were saved. And lo-and-behold: Worldly success became one measure of salvation. But, and here is the Puritan element: it was considered sinful to spend all the money earned on worldly things and luxory. Charity and donations were in early Puritanism not considered praiseworthy, for the poor were according to the new spiritual-material hybrid philosophy not succesful, meaning blessed by God. They had no problems, though, with a rich merchant donating fortunes of money to the Church, and apart from the strict Calvinist groups, churches of great magnificence with treasures equal to the Catholic churches of the Middle Ages and Rennaissance were built. The merchant was blessed already by his succes, but doubble blessed for his pious gifts to the church. In return he was given a monumental commemoration inside the church – after his death of course.

Also investment among Protestant proto-capitalists was considered non-sinful, since it was not spending the hard-earned money on luxury.

The strong belief in heavenly rewards afterlife in still intact in the age of Protestantism. The industrial slave can now look forward to post-mortem salvation while labouring in sweat and dirt for his survival. The Machine almost became a devine thing, and certain elements of semi-masochism developed. 

The Shepheards 

So did the Protestants know what they prepared for? Of course not! This is not the way, human history works, and this is one of the slight misconceptions of conspiratorial thinking. It is true, though, that there dwells a well informed group of people operating through the ages, whose time span is radically different from other people, and that recognizes both the longevity and the methods of suppressing human nature. In earlier articles I have named them ‘The Shepheards’, since they were a class of people operating in the Middle East in pre-antiquity who realized, that human beings could be hearded the same way as domestic animals, and who developed methods necessary to do just that. So if you think, I am Jew-bashing while mentioning Calvin/Cohen as one of the descendants of these people, you may be wrong. Jews as we know them today have very much themselves been domestic animals under the auspices of the descendants of The Shepheards.

I will not name-names of where these Shepheard dweel today due to the complex and dubious nature of the subject. But I can’t help noticing, that Calvin performed and spoke in a cross field of Catholic, Jewish and Protestant ideologies, and that one of the main sponsors of first Luther and then Calvin were the Venetian networks of bankers and financiers, that later created the 30 Year War extinguishing half of the population of Europe on purpose! That being strangely similar to the World Wars of the 20th century also done by design and on purpose, but of course denied in the 20th century’s history books for children and adults as coincidense by ‘coincidence theorists’. Neither can I help noticing, that the organs/institutions of Counter Reformation, the Jesuits and the Spanish Inquisition (the socalled Illuminati), have close ties to what B’nai B’rith calls The Fathers of All Revolutions. Today we see them in cloaks of Fabian Socialists, Culture Marxists and Zionist Nihilists performing their poisonous and highly manipulative agenda of political correctness by means of shame-guilt-and-fear.

Enough of name-naming. I just point out, that there is a deeper level of observation and intervention that most conspiratorialists have not identified. The Shepheards are not concerned with ideologies apart from these being instrumental to their observations and interventions. This is the reason for the confusion among those, who try to analyze the phenomenon. They get all confused in pointing fingers in one particular direction, but do not realize, that the virus, the cancer is all over and dwelling in every imaginable organ, institution, lodge and organization of our societies. It has – and let us thereby return to the main subject – killed all play-grounds of human societies and turned them into mental and physical abbatoirs. 

The Shining


The Dull Boy

You know this quote, of course. If in doubt for a second, let me remind you of The Shining, novel by Stephen King, movie by Stanley Kubrick featuring Jack Nicholson becomming a psycho-killer in a strange, isolated and artificial environment.

There are many layers to this movie (eg. see Jay Weidner), but I focus here-and-now on the clean cut statement of ‘all work and no play’. The absense of play and all-prevalence of work is an extremely damaging force to any human being. So whether Jack in The Shining is a genuine psychopath or just a sociopath is not the question. By-the-way define the ‘-paths: a psychopath has been brain damaged in the two first years of his life and cannot therefore be cured by normal means. A sociopath has been damaged later than that, and has still some intact layers of curable, sane mentality. 1000-$-question is then: can the ‘paths be created. Answer: absolutely! and they are being created constantly by the Shepheards ruling this world. One perfidious method is pedophilia, and it is not a coincidence, that an extensive network among the British establishment is being reveiled these days. Next answer: can a real psychopath be cured! No way! Bad news since psychopaths rule the world.

So Jack is a dull boy in the absence of play. Or so he says while writing this one sentence a thousand times, so something else of course i going on here. This makes him attempt murdering his wife and his son and actually murdering the former chef of the hotel kitchen, who recognized the mental gifts of his son (the shining) and the sick behaviour of Jack. The Shining is a strange argument for the all-prevalence of work and it’s damaging effects, since Jack is in no way over-burdened with work, on the contrary. He is simply isolated and bored to death in the strangest place on earth, as caretaker of an empty hotel during the winter in the mountains, whereby his sociopathic/psychopathic entity (whatever) comes fourth. He could in fact have written ‘No work and no fun … He was not equipped with a healthy ability to play, so destructive boredom and imagination poverty took over. We here disregard all the Stephen King’ish and Kubrick’ish occult issues.

What I am saying here is, that the absence of play creates a sick mental condition for human beings. You will probably not end up as a psycho-killer as Jack, but you will be mentally aputated or damaged for certain!

Another crow story. An observer of crows told by Joshua Klein on Ted Talks. Crows are very intelligent animals, and they learn from each other. A crow in Tokyo once found out, that by dropping a peanut at a traffic light for pedestrians the nut would be run over by a car thus doing the hard work of cracking the nut. All it had to do then, was to wait for the green light and pick up the cracked nut. Shortly after, all the crows within five kilometres in the area of Tokyo had learned the trick. A useful trick learned by simple play.

Yet another crow story (don’t remember where I heard it) told by a enthusiastic observer of crows. He saw a crow sitting with other crows on a branch of a tree. Suddently the crow rolls over hanging onto the branch with its head upside down. And the next day it repeats the stunt. Now why on earth would a crow do this except for the shere creative enjoyment of experiencing the world and its own head upside down?

Last crow story of today – also told by Joshua Klein, but a colleague of mine had the same experience. Don’t mess with crows because they will remember your face forever and they will attack you whenever you get near their territory. They simply remember your face and whole statue. Researchers of their behaviour have to wear wigs and sun glasses when doing their research.

Writing this I am reminded of the movie The Crow – City Of Angels featuring Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee – who like his father was murdered by the masters of Hollywood, that you probable have identified but are not allowed to mention. Some years ago it was freely available on YouTube, but the masters of Hollywood – that you are not allowed to mention, who now own Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Wikipedia and most of the digital and written media of the Western World – have now removed it. No coincidence here. The movie directly adresses the perverse, raping-stealing-murdering culture of a mafioso structure infected with occult, satanic rituals running the world. Just as the masters of Hollywood. Therefore Bruce and Brandon and a whole lot of people, that did not like Hollywood and the entertainment industy and its masters, had to die.

Including John Lennon – A Working Class Hero Is Something To ‘Be.

So why would an entity like Hollywood and the whole entertainment industry (run by the same masters) be parasiting on creative people? And I don’t disregard the involvement of the CIA in the industry, on the contrary.

Listen to the Porkins Policy Review and its 7 extensive episodes on the subject of The CIA and Hollywood.

Having understood, that Hollywood is synonymous with the Power Play of the hidden masters, the Great Game and The Theatre in post-shakesperean and post-roman terms, the Colosseum 2.0, we may begin to understand why this ‘creative’ industry keeps us permanently un-creative and in a state of paralysis of playfulness. The ‘holly wood’ is in fact the stick of the Druids putting a spell onto you. But while the druidic culture of our long forgotten past was enhancing and securing deep knowledge of the people, the later masters, the Shepheards, were parasiting on the same knowledge turning beneficial magic into destructive magic (magic: the operating system of human reality).

1800-Industrialism, 1500-protestantism, revolutions since The French and in particular every single ‘ism’ of the the past 150 years serves this operating system of destructive magic.

See blogpost: Ideology Sucks

The Power of Play

Here comes the recipe of fighting back – and ultimately destroying – the operating system, the Great Game of the predatory Shepheards ruling the Age Of Pisces now striving to occupy the Age Of Aquarius – which they will not succede in. That is of course – beside allowing them to destroy themselves while watching and performing their own part of the Paradigm Shift with the means available to anyone who recogizes true human potentials – a recipe for working with the forces of true history (not told history = His Story).

What the Powers-That-Shouldn’t-Be fear most of all is the reinvention of the human Power Of Play, the power to imagine/visualize and thereby create – a force that do not venerate the destructive force of organized re-creation (copy-pasting). If you are familiar with Gnostic knowledge, your may call it Sophian wisdom fighting the Archonic Forces. If you are into Steiner’s terminology or the universe of the Danish highly over-looked equivalent, Martinus, you will have similar terms for this. Persian Zoroastrians also have similar terms for this. And if you consult a nowaday analyst with no connection to the above mentioned, eg. John Rappoport, you will find exactly the same recommended measure against the Empire: Imagination, Creativity, Visualization.

It is the very force striking back on Empire Striking Back.

It is the counter-reformation on counter-reformations.

It is over-all, potentially over-whelming human potentiality over-riding the present over-whelming potency of human beings.

It is the power of creativity defeating the power of destructivity.

It is the opposite of the bored, predictable machine-brain – however smart it may be – that the Play Killers themselves have.

It’s that simple and yet blurred and incomprihensible to us. 

Imagine and play

What Lennon imagined, I don’t know. He probably turned into a Yoko-Ono-and-Me-My-Narcissistic-Self because of the attacks from MI6/MI5 that The Beatles were exposed to – and the whole scam with the killing of Paul McCartney and the replacing him with a trans-figure ‘Faul McCarthey’ (very well documented and explicedly mentioned by all surviving members of the group).

But Lennon did imagine, which is why A Working Class Hero Is Something To ‘Be.

By the way: have the observant listener noticed the striking simillarity between Saulus and Sct. Paul in the Christian mythology and the creation within the Beatles-mythology? This is exactly the way ideologists of all times and ages perform.

Realizing, then, that imagining and playing are regarded as highly subversive attitudes by The Powers That Be, this is EXACTLY what we should persuing.

Follow-Up – The Power Of Play


For a variety of information in English and Danish, see
More than 300 blogposts on important topics released.

Freedom perversion

by marco_hanuman, the blogger 

This is a difficult subject. It is about the perversion of our language, especially the core words and core values that make up our whole view of the world and ourselves.

An assault has taken place. It is an assault on Nature and thereby Human Nature. A Human Being is regarded, treated and educated as either an animal, a machine or a ressource and caught up in a strange prison. This is why the subject is difficult. A human being is set free from the natural bonds and obligations of his nature. A human being is free to do things, he would never do in a society, where people lived according to the rules of nature. But at the same time a human being is a slave of this big machine that has been built around him. 

A fish doesn’t know that it lives in water, before it is pulled out of the water. The prison of perverted freedom is all around us, and most people have no clue of why they have this feeling of unease, suppressed angst or numbness. They don’t know why they are obese, abusive and always want to buy stuff. They don’t know what is going on in the world, why wars and poverty is the new natural. They don’t know why they get sick and why food and water and air no longer is, what it used to be and should be. They don’t know why rivers of shit seem to pour out of the media, and why the people in powerful positions, that were supposed to act in their interest are making you act in their interest and as though is was in your own and your fellow countrymens interest. They don’t know why they are not allowed to mention, question and have answers to certain things. So they have long ago stopped thinking certain things. 

But they do feel the unease. This means that there is a piece of hope, that they – or at least their descendants – someday will say: enough! and will start to want more than this perversion of a human society. This fact may also be the reason, why those that created the society – and it did not create itself, sorry to say – today seem to be more interested in creating a human machine than hearding a human animal. Animals can be fenced and held in fear, but when the moment comes, they will break ouf of the fence and take back their nature.

Let’s review some aphorisms from the former blogpost. 


Free Newspeak:
Free Speech – when those in power may insult those who cannot defend themselves while YOU are supposed to shut up

Free Trade – the freedom of BigBizz to dictate the rules to peoples and nations

Free Bar – NB! only for syndicates, cartels, corporations, bankers, globalists and sycophants – with YOU paying the bill

Free Press – non existing

Free-Dom – heard about it somewhere

Free, then, means something else now that what our forefathers meant. 

Free from responsibility.

Free from conscience.

Free from empathy.

Free from logic and critical thinking.

Freedom is as non-sense as Human Rights. The same people, that perverted the former, invented the latter. Also former blogpost.

Freedom is not our birth right. But when noone stops us from living according to our nature, the freedom of Nature will be given to us by Nature itself. Not ‘for free’, because then we will eventually start acting out certain limits to our behaviour towards others and to Nature. We will regain respect for a world in balance, and abundance will re-emerge.

Now, you may want to object to this in basically two ways.

The first objection

A Darwinist, a Liberal, a Culture Marxist, a Puritan or a Nihilist – and I say that these ‘isms’ are part of the same overall philosophy of the rulers of the world – will object to it by claiming, that the human being is basically evil and aggessive in his nature and that his need for someone to tell him what to do and a whole bunch of rules, regulations and management to go with it.

This elitist philosophy is basically bullshit and bunkum. A foul piece on nonsense does not become less foul by being repeated over-and-over-again. How often have we not heard this? It is nothing else than a way of ex-cusing the motivs and deeds of the self-proclaimed rulers of the world so they won’t be a-cused. People have bought into this philosophy, because they have been traumatized generation after generation by the constant wars, that were never their wars, but the wars of their rulers. Every time someone tried to claim the basic goodness, ability to peaceful co-existense and the sovereign nature of humans, some screwed up dumb-ass or willing agent of the powers-that-shouldn’t-be would instantly step up and shoot down the claim by saying: But look at how people have been killing each other for centuries and millennia. They clearly have to be kept in strict ties, since people by nature are so eeevil!

What people?, though, was always the missing number in the equation. When a ruling elite consists of a majority of psychopaths, the last thing they want to hear is the word: psychopath. Everyone else are the evil ones and the potential psychos.

Darwinism is the pseudo-scientific ideology concocted by the British ruling class to excuse their aggressive, imperialistic plunder of the world by claiming, that it is ‘natural’. It describes nature as one big aggressive war. In reality nature is a system of co-existing organisms, that complement and supplement nature in endless ways. The Darwinist concept of nature as a monstrous, self-devouring creature is non less than a psychological projection of the highly disturbed minds of this ruling class.

Liberalism in its later stages went hand in hand with Darwinism. We see the advanced results of Liberalism in the predatory, monopolistic, Crony Capitalism which is basically one Big War in the realm of business, finance and economics. And there is a direct connection between financial wars and killing-wars. It is the same perverted mindset that is behind both, and to no surprise we always see the exact same people promoting and performing both.

The Puritans created the British way of thinking. It is the mindset of the Protestants (financed by non less that the Venetians, that created the City of London) who created the whole basis for Industrialism. To be a willing labourer in the industrial age, it took a special kind of mindset, where you willingly gave up your natural freedom for a scrap of bread – while all the time dreaming of your lost freedom.

To encapsulate this dream, Marxism and socialism were created – dare we say as the new opium for the masses. It was created no other place than in London, which is not a coincidence. Give them a dream, but do never ever fulfill the dream! It only served as the carrot on a stick driving the donkey. This shows the true essence of Marxism-Leninism aka Socialism aka Communism aka Maoism aka Collectivism. In societies created to realize this ideologi, freedom was most effectively tamed and destroyed. Again, the masses were perseived as a bunch of cattle and machines to be led by an avantgarde via the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Meaning: the same old types of bastards in new uniforms creaping into power, so they could have their Champagne and Caviar, while the masses – note how human being now are mentioned as non-individual elements of a swarm – were sweating day-and-week long for a minimum wage in a society of fear, terror, censorship, prison camps, lies and misery. 

A socialist society was totally unsustainable and deeply dependant on subsidiaries from the West. This is a fact, that is not known to people and not taught in schools. Billions of $ were transfered to Sovjet Russia from the West to ensure, that Russia and the whole Eastern Block would survive but never compete – until of course the walls of the Cold War went down. Luckily the EU and NATO was there to take over, where the Sovjet dropped out …

Did we forget to mention, that the Russian Revolution was invented and financed by financial/industrial oligarchs in the City of London and Wall Street in order to crush the strength of traditional Russia and the power of the families, that ruled, the Romanovs, the Csars. The immense envy of the British-American elite towards all perceived rivals (including the German Empire) drove the world into revolutions and world wars. Hundreds of millions of people were slaughtered to satisfy this indescribable envy. The Tychoon families Schiff and Kuhn-Loeb – Jewish, by the way – basically financed the revolution and for their own interest – not for concern of the ‘suffering’ of the Russians, that did quite well before the revolution. Jewish like Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, the Bolsjevik Commisarians, Ilya Ehrenburg (Stalins Goebbels), all the leading figures in the Culture Marxist re-invention of Marxism, and the leaders of the zionist movement, of course, + a majority of investment bankers and financial manipulators in Goldman Sachs (just to mention one major finance corporation). Just a side note, probably a coinsidence.
Ideology Sucks!

Time for more aphorisms.

Liberal Newspeak 

Free Newspeak, only in latin. 

Neither Liberal nor Conservative mean anything any longer. Meaning nothing means, though, that they can’t be opposites, but the same soup. 

Liberals and Conservatives of the World Unite and become Nihilists!

A Liberal is a variation of Cultural Marxist.

A Cultural Marxist is a variation of a Puritan.

A Puritan is someone that believes, that Nature is a filthy thing and should be fought with all means and by all means. Which includes the human nature. 

Liberal education is the destruction of critical thinking and healthy logic by the means of political correctness.

The result of the war on human nature is what we see all around us. It is not a happy site.

Liberal then means something after all. I am contradictin myself, hurrah! It means the exact opposite of liberal aka itself, which qualifies it as newspeak of the first degree.

The second objection

Let us repeat the statement, that could provoke objection:

Freedom is not our birth right. But when noone stops us from living according to our nature, the freedom of Nature will be given to us by Nature itself. Not ‘for free’, because then we will eventually start acting out certain limits to our behaviour towards others and to Nature. We will regain respect for a world in balance, and abundance will re-emerge.

As I have argued, the rulers of the world simply denies in their own interest that this may hold any truth. Let us look at the objection of the concerned sceptics.

The position of the first objection I have expelled from my system by an act of mental detoxing. Regular readers of will know this and may even aggree. The position of the second objection is still an ongoing internal dialogue within myself and with others. All dialogue seems to be internal and external at the same time.

The second objection again shows the complexity of the subject. An image, an example: A tortured, traumatized slave or prisoner is released from his confinement. But he refuses to be released. His life as a prisoner formed his behaviour to an extend, that he became dependant on his own imprisonment. You may say, that he fell in love with his trauma.

The wet dream or favorite scenario of the rulers of the world is, that people will learn to love their own enslavement. This is the Fabian Socialism as described by people like H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell and the brothers Aldous and Julian Huxley. The strategy of the Fabians are to nudge peoples and nations small steps by small steps into a new technocratic version of collectivism, Communism 2.0. These people and their networks, societies and institutions were not marginal but highly essential and influential in social ingeneering our present society.

SO: the claim of the sceptics is, that these people have already won the battle, and that our societies and the mindset of a majority of people of this world is now ripe for the takeover of the Globalists to form their New World Order as they see it. They have the technocratic means to do it – the means that both Orwell and Huxley predicted and/or wished for. Huxley for sure, Orwell for uncertain.

This is the whole battle of optimism and pessimism, that is the ongoing discourse. It is inside my head, for sure, and I find it ever present in the debates among concerned people. The skisma is between analyzing the dying world and visualizing another coming world. A New World Order will come, for sure. But the term has been hi-jacked by the ruling class to mean their NWO. Some have claimed that this is what the rulers of human history do every time, a major shift of Paradigm is about to occour. It may very well be so.

My objection to the objection is, that it is far too subserviant to the perversion of freedom. By the way, did you notice, that the US draconian Homeland Security Act now is re-branded as Freedom Act? How disgusting will it be?

I understand and respect the objection of inevitability. It even seems plausible. But I reject it as defaitism. If we fall in love with the analyzis, we loose. We accept once more in a same-same-but-different way the narrative of the rulers. This is not to discredit the analyzis, since I would then discredit the overall project of doing this analyzis for the most part. It is to reclaim hope, respect, honor, honesty, integrity, strength, fidelity, truth, virtue, morality, chivalry, conscience, empathy, pride, all the good and old stuff, that has being assaulted by the Cult of Perversion for decades and centuries by us saying: We neither submit to your narrative and your agenda when you are NOT admitting, nor when you – caught with your filthy pants down – ARE admitting, yet arrogantly continuing your rape of humanity with a grin on your face.

I suggest that we reclaim language. Let us reclaim the word Freedom as a word that really means something. Let us thereby dismantle Global Nihilism, that feeds on and perverts meanings as a whole.

Let us re-introduce the concept of True Speak as a respond to New Speak.


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by marco_hanuman, the blogger

Crime and Newspeak:

Thought Crime [knowing too much]

Speech Crime [telling other people about it]
Hate Crime [critique of those in power abusing power] 

Political Correctness:
When people are willing to do the dirty work of terrorising other people in order for oligarcs to be able to sit back and enjoy the show.

Free Newspeak: 
When Free means:
Free from being held accountable and punished for crimes.

Free from being critizised, since critique is now illegal.
Freedom is as non-sense as Human Rights. The same people, that perverted the former, invented the latter.
See Freedom Perversion

In a world upside down, words mean the opposite of what they mean.
In a world upside down, poison is medicin, war is humanitarian aid, and self hatred is what we all should learn.
In a world upside down, crimes on humanity are praised in history books as acts of goodness and rightiousness.

  • when critique of abusive power is illegal
  • when reality is illegal
  • when actual thinking is illegal 
  • when truth in any form is illegal
  • when self censorship is mandatory 

The definition of Political Correctness is thereby the same as dictatorship! But it is even worse, since a dictator, a tyrant at least admits, that he allows no critique. In political correctnes the tyranny is done by yourself onto your self and others, as they do onto you. It is reversed Christianity, which is Satanism in action.

In dictatorship the ‘ship’ is clearly and outspokenly opposed to people who can then be opposed to the ship. Under the yoke of political correctness people have been injected with a poisonous shot of self-dictatorship, whereby ANY opposition now is illegal and forbidden and EVERY MAN becomes his own dictator and tyrant towards his fellow citizens. 

  • Free Speech – when those in power may insult those who cannot defend themselves while YOU are supposed to shut up
  • Free Trade – the freedom of BigBizz to dictate the rules to peoples and nations
  • Free Bar – NB! only for syndicates, cartels, corporations, bankers, globalists and sycophants – with YOU paying the bill
  • Free Press – non existing
  • Free-Dom – heard about it somewhere 
  • Free, then, means something else now that what our forefathers meant.
  • Free from responsibility.
  • Free from the burden of conscience.
  • Free from empathy.
  • Free from logic and critical thinking.

Liberal Newspeak

  • Free Newspeak in latin. 
  • Neither ‘liberal’ nor ‘conservative’ mean anything. Meaning nothing means, though, that they can’t be opposites, but the same soup.
  • Liberals and Conservatives of the World Unite and become Nihilists!
  • A Liberal is a variation of Cultural Marxist.
  • A Cultural Marxist is a variation of a Puritan.
  • A Puritan is someone that believes, that Nature is a filthy thing and should be fought will all means. Which includes the human nature.

Liberal education is the destruction of critical thinking and logic by the means of political correctness.

The result of the war on human nature is what we see all around us. It is not a happy site.

Liberal then means something after all. Self contradiction! It means the exact opposite of liberal aka itself, which qualifies it as newspeak of the first degree.

  • when a country’s government buys a bunch of lowlife, confused, corrupt mercenaries to scare the shit out of it’s own population in order to start a war on another country
  • when a country’s military kills a whole bunch of people and afterwards puts the blame and guilt on those who were killed, their families, their leaders and their fellow citizens
  • when a country’s government buys a bunch of lowlife, confused, corrupt mercenaries to scare the shit out of it’s own population in order to start a war on another country 
  • when you actually don’t know who the terrorist is, but behave according to pre-calculated schemes as if you did [it’s called ‘behavourism’ – some even call it a science..] 

NGO [NeoCon Governance Operation]

IMF [Immense Monetary Fraud]

GMO [God’s Malnutrition Order] 

WTO [Want To Obey?] [Way To Opression]

UN [Unnamed Notions] [Unidentified Nihilism]

USA [Unacceptable Strings Attached]

EU [Eurokleptokratisches Ungeheuer] [Elitarian Usury] [Evil Usurpation]

NSA [Notoriously Snooping All] [Nasty Spying Adders]

CIA [Cruel Infamous Assassins] [Crooks In Action]

ISIS [Israely Sponsored Islamic Sickness] [I Secure Israel’s Safety]

Pre-War [a bunch of lies making an unacceptable war acceptable to people]
Mid-War [a bunch of lies enhancing the war]
Post-War [a bunch of lies named ‘history’ and ‘truth’]
Post-Pre-War [by accepting a bunch of lies, we have accepted the next war] 

– A Country or conspiring group of contries writing laws for other countries as if they had any right to do so

– An aggressive, spoiled-child’s act of war disguised as a paternal, morally legitimate act of correcting misbehaving children (the world is upside down)

– An act of terror [see: Terror is]  

On Victimhood: 

A person that manages to portray himself as a victim, never have to look in the mirror


  • A portrayed victim has no responsibility towards himself or others 
  • A portrayed victim feels free to point fingers at others
  • A portrayed victim – or someone who expresses identification with postulated victims – is per definition always right
  • A portrayed victim may from here on act in the exact manner of his postulated perpetrator – and get away with it 
  • Victimization is an ideological industry 
  • REAL victims of crimes and wars only count as tools for political victimization and those who profit from that. If you thought, that empathy was present here, you may be a ‘victim’ of you own misconceptions. 


They often start out quite well and for a reason, but always seem to end up really bad. Then, if someone wants really bad things to happen to people, why wait for the revolution? Why not create both the revolution AND the reason? 

Revolutions come in all colors and prizes these day. Wanna buy one? Ask George Soros.

 Detox your mind: 

– Never accept an idea without pealing it as an onion.

– Never accept a narrative claiming to be factual history without asking who’s it’s daddy.

– Never accept to obey a self proclaimed authority without testing its author-i-ty and authentizity. Most authorities have no actual foundation among people, but are self proclaimed. Only by reclaiming authority for yourself, being the author, you may detox yourself from parasitic authors.

– Never accept disinformation and lies. So get rid of your television. 

Never accept dubious nitwits betraying you one hour after stepping into office by the means of your vote. Even a decent person will become a corrupt moron after a while in an office of corrupt morons. 

– Never accept claims of your faith and belief – which is not-knowing – without demanding full knowledge of intentions and expected consequenses – which is knowing. Have faith in what has proven to be true. 

– Never accept ideology (substitute for ideas). No ideology in human history has brought thrive to human society. Since ideology is an abstract, shrinked concept of a complex, diverse human being and it’s relation to the Universe, the tyranny of un-nature is there from the beginning waiting for it’s time to emerge.   

On history:

– When historians are hired by the Architect of History, they are commissioned to lying by telling HisStory, not OurStory or TheirStory.

– When lies are accepted by those, who listen to HisStory, history will repeat itself.

– When history came to be written down, HisStory became possible. It is much easier writing a lie to anonymous readers somewhere and sometime than telling a lie in the face of other people.

– History is real big. Therefore, the lies told about history are real big.

– History is like carpet-bombing. The pilot never have to confront his victims.

– If primordial sin ever existed, it’s name is History.

– History is rewriting the past in order to confuse the present to corrupt the future.


– Being identical to something og someone means NOT being who and what you are.

– Identity politics is seducing people to hate themselves and betray their kinsmen.

– Identity is solidarity to your oppressor-whoever-he-is instead of you father, mother, son, daughter, wife, husband, family, tribe, clan, race, group, nation or country.

World Upside Down:

In a world upside down, the victims will be accused of the crimes of their executioners.

In a world upside down, those you invent terror will be those accusing YOU of being a terrorist.

In a world upside down, you will be called a racist, when you defend yourself from attacks from racists.

 In a world upside down, free speech means shut your mouth if you don’t make the correct statements. You have the freedom of saying what you are taught.

In a world upside down, destruction of traditions, cultures and identities is called diversity or multi-culturalism.

In a world upside down, total lack of human virtue is praised as an obscene virtue. 

From The Arsenal

– A tool, that is beneficial to most people, will be a weapon in the hands of a psychopath.

– Revolutionary technology has been stolen, because rich people are either afraid of others becomming empowered and independant. Or they are afraid, that people would do them exactly what they themselves have done to people.

– Anything can be weaponized. So if lying is a weapon, the telling of truth is as well.

– The most effective kind of weapon for the powers-that-shouldn’t-be is YOU being unable or unwilling to defend yourself.


For a variety of information in English and Danish, see
– more than 300 blogposts on important topics released.

Ideology sucks

by marco_hanuman, the blogger

Even without having below the headline, readers of this blog may have a spontaneous sense of the meaning. Ideology simply sucks! Full stop! Or rather: non-full-stop for WHY it is that Ideology sucks?

A former Danish Prime Minister Poul Schlütter, said it verbatim in the 1980s. Without being in line with his political views, I must at this point agree with him. He was prime minister in a time when ideologes was a dominant and – in retrospect – a total destructive force for all communities in the West in the same way as they had been in the East for half a century.

It is not, that we don’t need consistent organisation of thoughts well connected, which one might call an ideologi. Just simle and logic ideas.
What is it then, that ideology seems to do to people, and why is it, that it sucks?

Ideology sucks, because:

  • All sensation is blocked.
    Without senses and direct experience of reality we can not think.

  • All thought becomes impossible.
    Without really thinking, we are left to think about applying surrogates and can not talk.

  • All conversation stops.
    Without conversation, we are helpless, isolated, fractured ‘dividuals – the opposite of individuals (indivisible beings) who will fight each other with ideological missiles.

This is precisely that which ideology is intended to do!

Ideology sucks
because the
stench of corpses is so overwhelming in the ideological universe. War as ritualized human sacrifice is only possible if an ideology already has poisoned the human mindset. The three World Wars are only possible via the ideology and all those who subscribed to it.
Yes, you read correctly: three / 3 world wars! The third has already started.
Non-sense, non-thought, non-speech.

The Chinese picture of the three monkeys describes:

non-sense is the monkey covering his eyes
not-thought is the monkey covering his ears and his brain
non-speech is the monkey covering his mouth

Speech is monologue, talk is co-speech dialogue. Ideology is non-dialogue and forbids conversation by introducing monologue. Ideology teaches us all, after which we will learn nothing.

250 million – let us spell it out again: 250 MILLION people were murdered in the name of ideology in the 20th century. An unknown number of people – a ten-digit number – just in the 20th century had to live a miserable, surpressed, censored, politically corrected, amputated life in perpetual fear because of ideology. The 20th century was the giant lie century because of ideology.

Ideology had many names in the 20th century, but it was basically the same: Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Feminism, Maoism, … the list is almost endless. We just got out of the Century of Isms – unfortunately without getting out of it.

You may ask, was ‘capitalism’ an ideology, then? No, capitalism is just an observation, that people in principle have the right to do business with other people without the right of institutions, states and cartels to interfere. When capitalism becomes monopolized, ideology arrives. Free trade is a newspeak expression that monopoly capitalists like to use when they legitimize their freedom to make all other unfree = slaves, without interference. Capitalism used as a mockery term is an ideological expression that comes from the Marxists. Remember, Karl Marx never wrote about the monopoly capitalism and the central banking system running it. Why do you think? I suggest, that he was paid by the people of the hidden cartels to construct their designer-ideology, that would be the real opium of the people. And destroy one the enemies of these people: The Russian Zardom and society.

‘Statism’ is in turn an ideology, although the word does not realy exist. It is the blind faith that mom-and-dad-State will provide everything in life, that we day-after-day need to feed the state apparatus, and that everything, mom-and-dad comes up with in the shape of 100,000 laws and regulations, are to create life and well-being. And what is worse: it’s all a huge curtain to cover that states are no longer masters in their own house but feeding unknown and unnamed creatures that float the waters and do not give a shit for any state and any law. It is open to discussion whether it is because ideology incarnates and creates cowardice, stupidity, incompetence or corruption or whether a backdrop on ideology is being used as poor excuse for being cowardly, stupid, incompetent and corrupt. I would say both at the same time.

Ideology sucks
because it is artificial. It is a design. Not that either art or design is wrong for their purposes, but the human body-mind is not an artificial product and is not meant to be explained or controlled by design. A fully grown human being is fully able to comprehend, understand, think and talk without an ideological condom pulled down over its face. But someone has designed a ready-made way of thinking. There is an intention behind ideology, and accepted practice of ideology encompasses consequences. It almost goes without saying: accepting an intentional surrogate for perception, thinking and conversation means, of course – what else did you imagine? – serious consequences. Neither the intention nor the consequences are, however, recognized by people who subscribe to ideology. They simply do not have a clue of what hit them when they got hit, and least of all what results the hit produced.

It is this double-blind angle that makes ideology one of the most effective weapons of mass destruction on the market. Once you have taken the ideology intravenously, it may stay there for life. It is a parasite that tells the host animal = You what the host then must perceive, think and talk about. Everything you do hereafter is for the benefit of the parasite.

An ideology-infected person can witness the most horrible incidents without witnessing anything at all. An ideological program starts in the brain translating it into something else. Violent attacks on people, groups of people or nations are magically transformed into charitable acts, though for a healthy sentient and thinking person it would clearly appear as atrocities.

You may try to have a conversation with an ideology-infected person until it is clear, that there is no actual conversation taking place. You are sitting in front of a speaker in mono with an invisible butt plug wired up to a broadcast from somewhere in the ether. And ideological pseudo conversation always ends up being reactionary and stereotype, since ideology infected persons cannot think. They either cling to their rigid dogma, or – if they are in unfamiliar territory, which they will be, as soon as the the ideology runs out of answers – they hasten to think the opposite of the opposite. Suddenly they are sitting with their backs against the wall defending what they in a sober moment never would suggest.

Left ideologues called themselves ‘progressive’. They never told where the progression actually went except for the Utopia, they had painted, a kind of ideological equivalent of the Garden of Eden. Today the leftists are the most reactionary people, one can come near. When one have forgotten to think, one can only react. Like a spoiled child?

And do not worry. If you were insulted and reacted here, so we have not come to stupid right-wingers yet.

Ideology sucks
because it controls all action from motives that the actor does not know, and because the consequences of that reason is not recognized and is attributed to other causes. The sad truth is that subscribers to the ideologies of the 20th century have been complicit in the large mass murder and the immense repression that took place and have therefore incurred a collective responsibility. The ideology was the popular stamp of approval for the misdeeds and the piece of software that made the giant killing-raping-plundering-machine run. No-one should be held accoutable for the sins of their forefathers, but everyone have a responsibility to know what happened in order not to blindly repeat their sins.

Ideologies cryptisizes everything. They make the world unintelligible, and when the world is a mystery the ideologist will surely arrive. Ideologies always feed an ideological clergy who are more than willing to teach us all. Commissars will arrive.

Ideology sucks
because it is religion without being honest about it. We are talking about religion as the outwatered and manipulative concept that was designed to fuck with our brains and keep us going in deep submission and ignorance. That said, knowing that certainly deeper, older layers of spirituality are to be found in the religious cultures, and authors of designer religions was well aware of that dangerous and potentially empowering layer, when they made the script for their modified version. Especially that circle of religions, that are worshipping a semittic god of anger, judgement and mass murder. One can say that religions have been infiltrated and that the potentially dangerous aspects are now in controlled enclosures – or have been removed and hidden for the clergymens own benefit.

This fake religious concept is the core of ideological religiosity. Thou shalt not know, Thou shalt believe. And Thou shalt always consult with the highest authority – according to the Authority itself, of course – in all important matters of life. If you see or hear something you do not understand, always consult the Authority for a response. If you have an unfinished thougt or idea, the Authority already thought it out. If you want to have a conversation, the Authority has already delivered both conversation topic and course of the conversation. If it comes as far as to make conclusions the Authority has already delivered them in digestible form. Beginners may start here.

If someone who does not subscribe to the ideology, allows himself to point out that there is the intention behind an opinion and suggests that this opinion is not really in the opinieur’s own interest, and that the opinion supports actions with consequences that are inhumane, the opinieur will pure deny it. Denial is a built-in feature of the ideological mindset.

Ideology sucks

because ideas actually matter and logic actually is necessary. But what idea-o-logy does is to flip the process of thinking upside down by offering the answer to the logical question why before having cleared out the what’s, the where’s, the who’s and the when’s. It is skipping the grammar, it is logic before grammar and it is utterly destructive.

Any scientist, that would do such a violation of the thinking process is a pseudo-scientist and probably a fraudster. None the less this can be seen quite often. Certain industries use scientist for this purpose all the time, the medical industri as an example. Ideologies have called themselves science to conceal their fake logic. Marxism as an example.

Let’s get specific
If someone call him-herself a socialist, this person probably believes, that it is all about social justice, equality of persons, freedom, all the good stuff. By the way, we forgot to say that ideologies like religions occupy and monopolize all core values, all the universal values and call them for their invention. So if someone then suggest that socialism in the 20th century slaughtered 250 million people – conservatively estimated – and systematically made life on Earth a disgusting oppression-hell for a number to be counted in billions, the socialist immediately denies facts claiming that it is most certainly not what she / he meant by socialism and that it has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Well, sorry honey! It is the very crux of the matter. Every time socialists, communists, Maoists, Marxist-Leninists were allowed to shape a society in the 20th century, it was turned into horrid tyranny. It is built into the ideology that if nothing challenged and stopped it will necessarily happen. A bad seed can never become a healthy tree.

Socialists in the ideology of the century had posters of Marx, Mao and Lenin. They avoided Stalin, for they had, after all, heard of him, but because they could smear ‘the mistake’ on him and the likes of Pol Pot, they believed that the posters on the walls were housebroken. They saw no blood running down the wall. Mao Tze Dong murdered 100 fucking-million !! Chinese during the Cultural Revolution! They had grasped the concept of dictatorship of the proletariat just as bad as Christians had grasped the resurrection of the flesh. It was something they would avoid talking about, for it sounded somehow wrong (or slightly disgusting). They always looked the other way when it was brought up, and had not understood that an ideology is not a self-service board, but that there is a diversity of strings attached. Once you start to load yourself with ideology,  the whole package follows.

Ideology is a Faustian entity. We want to achieve something out of the ordinary and contacts a vendor who offers the goods. It will most definitely be totally free of charge that day. The vendor mentions only in passing, that if he should ever need for your life another day, he will come back and claim it. The buyer in his eagerness and desire for the product does not read the fine print. One day the vendor will be knocking on the door.

Ideology sucks
because it makes you do everything that you NEVER would have done or authorized to be done, unless you had sucked ideology inside. Ideology encapsulates and channels fear, anger, hope, outrage. Liberalism was basically about egoism, socialism was basically about envy. Both babbled about freedom and liberty, whilst morphing the terms into newspeak. Without being held down, both ideologies developed into totalitarian despotisms with trespassing for any kind of freedom. Socialism did it right from the start. Liberalism became totalitarian when it believed that its main opponents had died, it showed its true colors as neo-feudalism. The British Empire never died, and now the imperialists thought that they had a unipolar world at their feet.

As feminist ideology in the Swedish government came to power, they immediately started to organize an ugly femi-sexist despotist regime and a set of moral rules based on guilt, shame and fear. They showed their true face. They claimed to have a mandate for it when Swedes as people have always been easy to subdue. A Swede rarely goes vertically NO! He or she … sorry it can not be said in Sweden anymore, you have to use a gender neutral neo-word (hen) if you want to be obedient to femi-despots. … A Swede says rather mnjae and mnjoee and all-right-then. If the mom-and-dad-government has said so, it must be true. The result of the political and social climate in Sweden is an exodus of indigenous Swedes, often well educated, that are higher in number are currently higher than in the classic age of immigration (utvandring) a hundred years ago. Quite scary and very sad.

Charming. The Swedish feminist Lady Dahmer “is known to tweet hateful sayings like: “I most definitely hate men”, “I hate 8-year old boys” and that she wants to “ass rape all softcore feminist with a Morning Star”. So what are the similarities between feminism and pornography? They are many, and one of them is that they claim to be liberating while behind the glamor nourishing the deepest contempt for people.

Sweden is interesting in the sad way since another politically correct ideology, Multiculturalism, has gained so much ground that Sweden as a nation and culture is now heading straight towards extinction. Mass immigration has become a weapon of mass destruction. Should you dare to think that there is something wrong here, you will immediately be demonized and villified. The elephant in the room that nobody talks about, is the intention behind. In this case, it is also the subject that is most of all forbidden to mention: Zionism. The destruction of European culture and the whole Western civilization is a Zionist project. If any ideology is the incarnation of ideology, it is without doubt and hesitation Zionism.

Industrialism can not be called an ideology. But behind it there is encapsulated a number of ideologies. Liberalism was there from the start. Without it we would not today hear the ideologiskts repeating the hypocracy of freedom. All ideologues harp on freedom and liberation, but when fine words into action, all chances for freedom are being melted away. The socialist society was the most unfree society of all. In the monarchy and the classic despotism there was more freedom than in a country with a communist regime.

Feminism chicken gobbles on liberation while the industrialists who designed feminism, are rubbing their hands and slapping their thigh with laughter and enjoying that middle- and upper-class women in the Western world willingly spread their legs apart for them and helped them qualify for the dissolution of family institution in the Western world. After WW2 a designer-war between men and women emerged. It is Social Darwinism in practice, imperial divide and conquer scaled down to the primary relationships. Children now became available to the state through child care, twice the number of workers and tax payers, legalized hatred of men and demonization of the male figure in Western civilization that had always cherished his family if necessary with his lives.

What became of the liberation? In Feminism’s case it was the other way round, for it was that all about liberation of resources for the benefit of industrialists. Therefore, feminism is perhaps the most brilliant of all ‘isms and designer ideologies. It was custom-designed to frame the seducable sex, so they could hit the real target: the man. Feminism is also one of the most poisonous ideologies. Millions of families were dissolved, millions of children became functionally one-orphans. And, which women are very slow to admit, millions of women ended and still end up with the hair in the mailbox, because they simply are not attractive. They have become objectionable. As an aging, leading feminists – and one must give her that – lamented: We have lifelong preached that it was sinful and gender politically incorrect that men coveted women, since that would be male chauvinism. Now we are old and noone bother to covet us anymore. Should we laugh or cry here? Feminism is almost a textbook example, that neither the intention nor the impact is recognized, whereafter a mental rape is fulfilled.

Another feminist stated recently in full earnest that she was working to introduce more ideology in the nursery! If we thought that indoctrination was something that occurred in the 70s, when the Marxists occupied the education system, then we are mistaken. School, institution and education has always been a primary battleground for ideological brainwashing. In the Danish project, the All Day School, the children’s last pocket of free time is now stolen from them. This is a border-pedofile project. As the Jesuits, the brainwashing experts no. 1, says: Give me the 5-year-old child, and I shall give you the adult.

New reality show: How far will you go for 1 million for your child

The Culture Marxist / Social Darwinist way of instigating war on all levels (divide and conquer). Be it states/nations, peoples, social groups, ethnithities, genders, ages / generations, races, ideologies,  … it all works for them. This poster says: ‘The War of the EX’s. How far will you go for 1 million for your child?

Men and women are supposed to act according to darwinist social ingeneering according to this DISGUSTING!! add. How much further will stupid-stupid TV-consumers / ideology-consumers go in this cultural suicide?

Where are these alleged ideology designers, someone will ask? Who are they? In the case of feminism, an American filmmaker was asked backwards in an interview that he had been allowed to do with a leading member of the Rockefeller family, what he thought feminism was all about? The film maker replied that it probably was about equality and emancipation, to which the Rockefeller replied: You are very naive. It was us that created it. It was about two things. Destruction of the family, so we could get the women out of the labor market and access to the children, so we could shape them in our image.

Please note the term ‘in our image’. It was God who is supposed to have done that. It describes how these people (?) think about themselves. And it describes the essence of what ideology is about: transformation of the World Image. Ideology design is a magic act where reality after fulfilling the magic ritual never will be the same. I have previously argued that it actually is a satanic agenda, a black magic, that drives it. Although ideologies constantly babbles about values-here and values-there, then there is a strange hollow sound of that value-nonsense. When you peel away all the glitter of most ideologies, there is nothing but an ugly, dried, pink gnome by name: Nihilism. The emperor in bare ass.

Ideology replace conscience and moral compass with worthless junk. Cultural Relativism is synonymous with Nihilism. The Zionist philosopher Leo Strauss, the ideological father of the American neo-cons – and no, they are not neo-conservatives, they are neo-Trotskyists! – Said: ‘America is a nihilistic project‘.

Ideology sucks
because it is addictive and opium-like. It is worthlessness masquerading as value. It is the opium of the people, to use an expression that one of the ideologies invented (you know). It is a sop that tastes good when you take it in your mouth, but that one day ends up being extremely bitter. It is wormwood with chocolate coating. A man who is ideology-hit, had his sentient, thinking and conversing properties destroyed. We have all seen pictures of an Chinese opium wreck in his den: pale, apathetic, the stage before death. There is a peculiar built-in cultic death wish in ideologies. It can be so glaring that it is reminiscent of the neuronal damage that designer drugs forces onto the nervous system. When a young person has eaten x-number of funny pills with ecstacy effect – there are 1000 names for this kind of shit – then he loses the ability to be happy FOREVER! The ability of the chemical substance to enter as a surrogate is so radical that it totally and permanently replaces the body’s ability to produce the natural chemistry of happiness. Empathy is gone. Chemical sociopathy has arrived.

The opium zombie

A woman recently said:
There are those who say that men can not feel empathy, and that it should be the cause of all evil in this world. Yes, I have not even read the study, so I can not say whether it is true. I think she felt a bit embarrassed saying it. But it is interesting that this ideology has been so widely accepted, that even reasonable people have sucked it in. Who, what and why would anyone be interested in claiming that all men worldwide were functional psychopaths? Only a sick discord-seeking ideology can conceive such a sick thought. It is typical for Cultural Marxist Womens Studies in Academia, that worked its way into the Universities in the 70’ies. It is also interesting that ideologues / ideology sufferers never think that they need to argue their views and relate to the substance or facts. In ideological pseudo-scientific context it is enough to argue by referring to something that probably should be an authority, and if someone foolishly jumps on the hook, it is sufficient. Ideology is viral and contagious as a flu. To prevent this, one needs to have an ideological immune system.

Here comes the good news. In the case of ideology is not as radical as designer drugs, it is actually possible to get head and butt out of ones ideology poisoning. But it is a very, very extensive project. Depending on how well educated you are, it may take years or decades. And it does not happen by itself, for the most ideology-poisoning is like vaccines. They live in your flesh and bones forever, till the day you die! Strangely enough, it is the so-called educated, the so-called intellectuals, who are having the hardest time with ideological detoxification. What caused it?

The main reason is that they consider themselves just educated and intellectual / intelligent. They can’t get it all wrong, can they? So besides that they are totally ignorant of ideologies intentions and consequences, they are totally convinced of their own infallibility. They do not know that they know nothing. The ideology was well learned in their fine studies on fine colleges where they got fine titles that gave access to fine jobs.
NB! the undersigned have a couple of these fine titles, which I about 10 years ago found a very large garbage can for. I should have sued the state to get my school fees back, but realized that it would be a waste of effort.

Ideology sucks
because ideologues have invested so much in the expensive thought scrap that they as a rule never drop it. Maybe dropping the first in the ultimate situation where the dying person in a split second of extended time called timelessness are being tried in his own court in the moment of death. Here they will ask themselves: Why did I not think, why I did not speak with the others? Why did I not live, while I had the privilege?
Depending on cosmic coding it is either re-take or eternal damnation.

Talking about karma: there is nothing so bad that it is not good for something. A country if anyone that has experienced prolonged ideology poisoning, is Russia. The period is 1917-1990 during Communism. The Russians have intensely experienced at first hand what it means to be infected by ideology. But Russian President Vladimir Putin recently stated publicly that Ideology Sucks. It was obviously not his concrete terms, but the meaning was the same. He mentionend Lenin, but declared himself non-ideological or anti-ideological. Interesting. There is a movement currently that is dumping the design ideology.

The Chinese have experienced it, and their Communism is today a meritocracy – only those who are qualified to rise to the top, can do it. India and most of Latin America has experienced respectively imperial despotism and the post-fascist generalissimo-tyranny.

Where today, then, is ideology and totalitarianism still gaining ground? It is obviously not in Russia. It is precisely in areas that have not experienced totalitarianism on its own body. It is nowhere else than the so-called democratic and free West. But how stupid can we be? Do we simply lack direct experience with the plain ideological malice? Despotism has now arrived in the United States, for sure! Americans are experiencing it now like a juicy mixture of Liberalism, neo-Trotskyism (the neo-cons), Zionism, Cultural Marxism and Multi Culturacism on their own body. Europe is experiencing in the form of the EU. It applies not only to foreign victims of the assault, but also for the countries that are active perpetrators in the crime, the financial terrorism that is happening right now. They are exposing their own people to the same mess.

Many countries in the World have in the 20th century experienced ideological despotism and abuse on your own body and culture. They do not want to repeat the debacle. In the West dominates liberalism. Or rather, a curious clone of liberalism, Cultural Marxism and Nihilism with a Zionist undertone. It claims to defend democracy, but other cultures that have not chosen democracy or has not allowed it, will be put down with a firm hand. For their own sake, of course. Democracy, if it ever existed, is now passé in the West. We have post democracy, a special kind of hypocritical double standards, where all the major decisions with major consequences for people being implemented around the democratic institutions. Democracy is today a whore for the cartels and the financial gangsters who run the Western society. Liberalism morover claims to defend pluralism and diversity. Yet it is now creating a One Global World where people have forgotten and abandonned their history, their tradition, their race and their culture and become members of ‘the Global Village’ of the Global shire.

It is a basic rule in experiencing that you can not do it in advance. You can not raise a child by pre inculcate the experience (although tested vigorously). Prohibition-rearing is guaranteed to create a desire to break the ban as an experiencing individual have to learn on its own. In the West, we counted ourselves as the experienced and all others as the inexperienced. It may in these years prove that we again are novices who unfortunately have to repeat-and-repeat bad experience to finally once, perhaps, to learn. When will we be able to understand that the ideology ALWAYS is the precursor to Despotism?

And how could this loss of experience and true history take place at all? Europeans should be the 100-meter champions in understanding of and distaste for ideological tyranny. The entire European history is one long rat study in collectivist ideology from Roman designer-Christianity, Feudalism, Humanism, Liberalism, Revolutionism, Semitism/Zionism, Industrialism, Social Darwinism, Socialism, Monopoly Capitalism, Neo-Trotskyism, Cultural Marxism, Feminism, Consumerism, Nihilism…… IT goes on and on.

That is why ideology is bullshit!
Ideology steals our experience, collectively and individually. Instead of organic collective memory and experience we have gained: history books. It is the victorious imperial history about itself, as itself likes to hear about itself, and as itself therefore with utmost zeal re-re-recounts to itself and all itself’s wretched subjects. The Empire is a giant, viscious Winnie the Pooh, that likes to hear stories about himself. This is the overarching ideology. It is the ideologized narrative about who we are, where we came from, where we are going.

Outside / before the ideology grip all people, all nations and all cultures knew who they were, where they came from and where they were going. They were adults, not stupid children. But at some point they began to arrive, the surrogate makers, the ideology designers, the history-forgers. They treated people like animals and small children. The Babel-like confusion began here. Monotheism (submission-religion) began here. The banking system had its beginnings here. The fraudulent written word started here. It is said that civilization began here 5,000 years ago, but it’s just part of the ideological falsification of history, the urban culture is of unknown age. I need only mention the underwater city complex buried in marine sediments in the Indian Ocean, which is about the size of Manhattan! This area has not been above sediments and sea level since the last ice age, and such high culture does not occur overnight. Saharasia, the desertified mega belt started here, and the desert created draught, scarecity and therefore the culture of wars. Some people who were early experts in herding sheep and goats, saw that it was possible to herd people. The arise of ideology design is to be found among these people. Some claim that the very bloodlines to these sinister ancesters are intact.

How do you turn people into stupid herd animals? You do this, primarily by stealing their history, their story about there tribe and nation, their cultural identity and give them a surrogate, what we today call an ideology. In antiquity and pre-antiquity it was done by a clergy telling a design-story for the congregation people. The pre-antique religions, early Judaism, for example, was ruled by a priesthood where there was one tale for the inner circle, the cabbalists, the magicians, the human ritual sacrificers, and a completely different tale for the people. The people did not have a jeering oil lamp of idea on what the priesthood really was thinking – about them, for example. They only knew that now God was angry, and now God was less angry. It must be said that true rabbinical Judaism is a much later phenomenon than it claims. It is yet another example of ideology-based falsification of history. We are in fact close to the starting point of all institutionalized falsification of history that has been going on throughout the f 2000-year-old Age of Pisces. There in something fishy about it …

Today it is called Behavourism and Social Science. Shepherdhood has become technological, high priests are now technocrats.

If you starve people for genuine and authentic stories, they will be willing to suck the prodigal stories to themselves. When the immune system is down, parasites will arrive. When the Roman designer ideology, Christianity, stole the original stories from the peoples, first the Etruscans, then the Celts, then the Jews and finally the Germans – and in the meantime a series of more or less rebellious peoples – the parasite closed into the system. The Roman Judea-Christianity (the ultra rich Alexandrian über-Jews were very much a part in the agreement) was the basic vaccination of European culture that created the breeding ground for all later diseases. Why, you might ask, would a vaccination not prevent the disease? So I ask: where in nature do you find an organism with a burning desire to become contaminated with everything imaginable toxic stuff, that is absolutely alien to itself – in order to be healthy? Vaccines are an investment, a life insurance for the pharmaceutical industry, so it has customers in the store – forever! The European ideology project from Christianity to Cultural Marxism has continuously had customers in their ideology store.

This culture has now arrived in its late adolescence. There are many signs in sun and moon that humanity are sated and tired of ideologies for this time. Ideologies are currently burning their last gunpowder and undoubtedly also various bridges behind itself. Such an extensive and destructive megaproject do not collaps in one day. But that does not mean centuries, and it can happen relatively quickly once it takes off.

It is like a huge tree already rotten from inside, and one day it will fall in a storm. This tree is in fact a giant illusion, a grand lie, only standing yet due to those who water an maintain it.

Suggestion: pis on the tree each day in stead of watering it. If you haven’t done it already, find a really big container for toxic waste and throw all the bunk-isms thereinto. Be prepared for a serious hangover and an unusual headache from thinking for yourself.


For a variety of information in English and Danish, see
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Subversion – the Cold War that never ended

by marco_hanuman, the blogger

Let me start by subverting my own title and suggest, that the Cold War actually never took place. It was a huge scam, for Sovjet was never an enimy of the West. The oligarchs in the West were their enimies, when they forced a staged revolution onto them in order to crush tzarist Russia and formi a giant social experiment of a modern slave state. All companies operating i Russia after the Revolution were major Westen companies, and there was a constant flow of support to the Sovjet slave-people in order to keep the experiment alive. The people in the West on the other hand were to be kept in constant fear of the frightening enimy, so they would always look to the East and NEVER to their own leadership, that had seduced them to tax fund their adventures and their perverse weapon escalation.

So in that sense, the Cold War never took place. A ginormous theatre piece took place. Knowing this – fully documented by prof. Anthony Sutton back in the 70’ties – we may then understand, that a double sidet subversion took place during the century. Here we will look at the way, the West was subverted and ended up as the New Sovjet.


You may sometimes have wondered about the paradox that the US and EU are increasingly behaving as we, who are old enough, knew the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and that Russia is increasingly behaving like the image we liked to paint of ourselves in the same period.

To put it another way. US and EU exhibits increasingly totalitarian tendencies, their economies are declining, productivity is diminishing and in some places almost non-existent, censorship and oppression is taking shape, methods of brainwashing and control of people’s mindset is put into system. In Russia, they are referring to the EU as EUSSR and they are baffled to see that the stupid Western Europeans are in the process of making the same mistakes they committed under Stalinism and its extension. The American neocons think like Trotskyists. Jewish-Zionist agenda now dominate the West, just as the Soviet dominated by the Jewish-Bolshevik commissioners. In the West we now accept aggessive attacks on foreign nations, as we saw it under Stalin, which triggered a German preventive counter-offensive known as WW2 which we know fell came out to the advantage of Stalinism. Soviet media was totally propagandistic and full of lies from beginning to end.

Russia, in turn, no longer is the USSR. Their economy is in progress, after they came out of the Soviet collapse, even if they are exposed to financial warfare through sanctions and artificially low oil prices. It does not carry out aggressive attack policy, and the annexation of the Crimea was legitimate and understandable self-defense against a NATO-CIA attack carrried out by neo-fascists and neo-Nazis financed by US neocon-money. Russia’s top managers have higher political format than their Western fake politicians with attached, puppeteer threads in the neck and without really understanding of geo-politics. In Russia, Lenin, Marx, Trotsky and Stalin have been send out in the Siberian cold unlike in the West where Stalin already during WW2 was popular, where images of Lenin, Marx and Mao were decorating the walls of leftist students rooms, where fabian socialism, Roosevelt’s welfare socialism, social democracy, cultural Marxism, political correctness and all variants and dilutions of world Communism has shaped our society. It is common in the Russian media these days – if you read the kind – to find reliable information and the reality behind the propaganda screen. It is among Russians, we may find insight in geopolitics – in contrast to Western mainstream media, which today are just as full of lies, as Pravda was Back in the USSR.

To most Westerners right now unaware that this is in fact has happened in Russia it will come as a surprise due to the very fact, that the opposite happened to us. East and West have imperceptibly swapped roles in the long slippery slope, and we have become the new Soviet in soft packaging. But behind the soft facade, though, something far harder and more inflamed is emerging, something that right now is hard to miss. Do people know what they see? Apparently they do not believe their own eyes, for they have lost the ability to see and think.

There is an actual word for the brainwashing that has taken place in the West which has brought about the mental poisoning, which means that we do not even know it and thus we believe – the media is full of songs that brews of the tune – that Russia still is the stereotype Cold War Soviet, whereas we in return still have a fully functional democracy and are nations freedom. We are neither nations any longer, nor do we have freedom. The word is subversion, meaning ‘turned upside down’, and if you get a picture of a ship wrecked and subverted upside down in the waves of the ocean, it is not entirely wrong. If we want to understand what has taken place in the West in recent decades, we would do well to study what took place to the east of the previous period, from the Stalin era to the end of the Cold War.

According to former KGB agent and delayed whistleblower – he was defector and KGB was abolished 10 years after that he held his lectures- Yuri Bezminov, subversion is the method of choice for the destruction of a nation. It is far more effective than decomposing bomb or physical poison a geographical-political area and its people. Or if you think big: a civilization. A bombed and physically subjugated enemy will rise again and take revenge. Subversion is far more radical.

Hammer, sickle and tits – which is most subversive?

During the Cold War we thought of the KGB as an intelligence agency. However, only about 10-15% of the organization’s activities was to steal top secret blueprints for prototypes of new fighter jets and spy on the Western leaders. Far greater energy and resources were put in psychological, ideological, political, social and cultural warfare. The goal was to turn the neck and head around on the populations of the West to such an extent that we would be rotting up from the inside. Subversion is mental opium, it is aggressive, distracting activity.

We in the West taught ourselves that subversion is about blowing up buildings and installations. Our immune system is geared for that and our awareness telescopes are rotated in that direction. But the real attack comes from a totally different angle. It’s like a magicians trick where a distracting hand is opening the way for an acting hand.

The philosophy of subversion was first formulated by the Chinese military philosopher, Sun Tzu 2,500 years ago. It was required reading for students in the Soviet Union, and applied knowledge of the KGB. He says:

The most inefficient way to win a war is on the battlefield. Wars to be won outside the battlefield, because all wars are extensions of state policy. The most idiotic way of executing policy is therefore on the battlefield. The highest form of warfare is through subversive means to poison the enemy’s culture, so this is no longer perceive you as an enemy but surrender to your kultursæt – and even with the greatest pleasure![paraphrased, indirectly quoted]

This is taking over hostile territory without firing a single shot.

Sun Tzu

Phase 1: Demoralization
The first phase is demoralization and takes 15-20 years. The effect is destructive and potentially permanent. To reverse this subversion it will take another 15-20 years with the opposite effect – as long as it takes to brainwash a new generation, whereafter this lump of mindless self takes over. When the subverted next-generation people grow up and take their positions in a nation that has been targeted and sacrificed, this nation will be stuck with them. Unless the same nation fully recognizes what has occurred. But the entire subversion process has prevented that recognition to take place, due to its best of talents being subverted. Their entire outlook is infected with a piece of ideology = a belief and set of dogma, an idea of the world, an integrated control system which then is fully accessible to those originally installing it. Hence the name control system, an internal system that is controllable from outside.

Former KGB agent, Juri Bezminov

Juri Bezminov explains that this process is actually fulfilled in relation to Soviet main enemy, the United States and its vassals in the West. In the 60s the Soviet state’s extended arm, Cultural Marxism, succeeded to follow it through. The result can be seen the described 20 years later when the US leader segment – which will be a total surprise and source of disbelief to a standard-intellectual in any Western country – the so-called neo-conservatives (neocons) in fact turns out to be Neo-Trotskyists. So the whole gang in the wake of Zionist Nihilist Leo Strauss of the University of Chicago, his pupils with subversion consummated the acquisition of American society with a coup d’etat in slow motion. We saw them operate (most people didn’t see shit!) backstage in 9/11 and the whole series of wars that followed.

Bezminov was a journalist, and journalism was weaponized during the Cold War like all other cultural fields. One can not persuade an enemy who does not want to be in the doldrums. Therefore it is important to make the enemy dearly desire to be in the doldrums.

100 years ago were all alien invasive / subversionist entering Japan were politely refused at the gate. If they exceeded, they were simply killed. The nation Japan in those days had a national-cultural immune system. After the US attack on Japan, this immune system gradually degraded.

The tactics of subversion is identical to Japanese martial arts. If you want to take an enemy down, that is greater than yourself, it would be naive to believe that you will succeed by going directly to the bone of the opponent and then batter off. Instead, you should wait for an attack, glide with the momentum of the attack and continue the momentum in its own direction, whereby the enemy hits the wall with his total body weight.

In the so-called democratic society there will be all sorts of groups who are against the society: political dissidents, criminals, psychopaths, critics, people who do not feel they get enough for their efforts, people do not have access to enrich themselves and unfold, ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, groups that are either suppressed or can ve convinced that they are oh-so oppressed (feminists, homosexuals, …). And then there will be implants in the form of the agents or the foreign powers who deliberately want to harm the nation. These groupings are moving in all directions. However, if they can be made to move in the same direction at the same time, they will provide a momentum to allow the targetted nation to destroy itself.

In the French Revolution she would be half naked.

The techniques were already fully developed shortly after the Russian Revolution. Communist propaganda apparatus, Agit-Prop, was always the most advanced. The Nazis-Prop was equally advanced as long as it lasted, but the Communist propaganda apparatus never ceased. Along with the Soviet behavourist techniques (Pavlov …) they created the 20th-century equivalent of the Roman State totalitarian power in antiquity and the Catholic Church / feudalism totalitarian power of the Middle Ages.

The phase of demoralization and subversion involves propaganda, infiltration, direct contact. The campaign areas are where public opinion is formulated: religion, education system, social sphere, the country’s administration, the judiciary, the economy and the relationship between employees and lenders. These are the main application fields.

Either he is a moron or a math-philosophical genious

In the first field: religion, we see subversion in the shape of false sects, ridicule, religious extremism and fundamentalism, perversion of religion with sex cults and pedophilia, Satanism and false antagonism between various religious directions. The religious cultures have always contained a certain morality, a desire for contact with the Supreme Being and basic universal values such as truth, honesty, love, compassion, although it does not always work out well in practice. Subversion, however, is the total internal destruction of all these fragile qualities.

The second field, education, seen from the POV of subversion is about preventing people from learning any useful and constructive thought and thinking at all. Education systems in the Western world in the postwar period has been increasingly filled with detached and useless knowledge. Students are being taught not to think but taught what to think. They learn not to conjoin sciences. Classical critical thinking, the Trivium & Quadrivium has been washed out of public schools, creative thinking has been downgraded, the quality of education and its students is lowered year by year. Even the basic skills are no longer possible to teach students. They rarely spell or count properly, nor speak in anything other than verbal grunts. But worst of all: they are deprived of all initiative.

In the third field, the social sphere, we see the disappearance of traditional and proven social contexts and instead a growing army of social workers. People used to handle each other with a minimum of care and responsibility, but this is now handled by professionals. When these fail or are inadequate – and this is the constant – it will be their fault and them to blame, not the people themselves. State-grown infantile children can no longer care for themselves. They have lost the initiative and responsibility and received a poor substitute in the form of bureaucratic, controlling bodies. The state then pays for the rest of their lives, and poor bastards whole endeavor will be to receive their entertaining support.

In the fourth field, administration, we are witnessing the full spectrum of post democracy. Elected assemblies, as we knew them, have gradually been replaced by pseudo-democratic bodies composed of people who are not elected and who have no public trust. They just happened to be manifest one day, and suddenly they have taken a lot of decisions that are in direct conflict with people’s true needs and wants. No better example than the EU(SSR) and its abusive post-democratic technocracy and commissioner overtake.
The media is one such institution. No one elected them. How have they achieved their opinion-forming power? They are factories for fake knowledge about a fake reality. Yet people by default accept their fakeness. We allow the rape our brains every day, being taught what is right and wrong. The media on their side is so arrogant as to think that they know the reality and what is right and wrong, but they have not studied this reality in depth and on their own, and their employees are at the best incompetent, smiling mediocrities who have reasonable control on the form, but whose contents fall through because they have not done their homework.


no comments …

Moral disintegration of the judiciary and law enforcement is the fifth field. As the United States were the KGB’s main objectives for subversion, this part of the process can most clearly be read here. In the last third of the twentieth century, a mafia overtake of the police and judiciary took place. Policemen in films were increasingly described as stupid, psychotic or corrupt. People began to perceive them as such, and they began to behave as such. The UK has witnessed loads of cases where police corruption is revealed, and the corruption goes all the way to the top. Conversely, the criminal person is humanized. He is described less stereotype and more nuanced. The tendency is to see the criminal as a creative, exciting person and then as a victim, as it is a pity when things go wrong. In the ’90s the psychopath / serial killer almost became a hero or at least a facinating person.

The sixth field, the relationship of employer and employee, the function, which is negotiating on the worker’s conditions, has disappeard. Marxists – no sympathy here – described this very precisely: A natural economy is barter or gift economy. Money was superfluous. It is only when a third party intervenes and occupies the exchange. The unions emerged as a siehld against this third party abuse of the principal parties and they had their justification back then. It’s not like this anymore. A prolonged strike, for example, will result in further losses for workers. Today is all ideology-based, and resistance to the system is now twisted to do as much damage as possible. Copenhagen, Denmark is one of the few places where garbage collectors has fought and actually won good working conditions and decent pay. But elsewhere, for example in Italy, garbage strikes have resulted in longstanding accumulation of garbage with unbearable and unhealthy conditions for the whole population in Southern Italy and Sicily – and nothing gained for the garbage collectors. The winners are employers and mafia-bosses. The unions have become a strongly suppressive factor that directly contributes to block the worker’s right to sell their labor to the highest bidder for the price they charge. They will be excluded from the labor and denied the work by those who originally claimed to help them.


Pizza Napolitana

A further subversive element is false equality. Communism’s preliminary study was the ideology of the French Revolution. Freedom was so fuzzy that we can pretty much ignore it. Brotherhood, we know what that meant: it was the ‘brotherhoods’, the scientists operating in shadow box, the Jacobins, the Illuminated, the Jesuits, the Venetians, the Freemasons. It was sold as ‘Alle Menschen werden Brüder’ and later as ‘Workers of all Nations, unite’. But people are not born equal, they are born different. If you want to achieve equality, it requires hard work. Some people are tall, brave and wise, some are short, bald and stupid. That would be leveled against the background of all possible variants is neither desirable nor adppropriate. It is quite simply stupid. And more than that: it is a bold lie. And even more than that: it is a conscious bold lie designed to do maximum damage.

Le Club des Jacobins – the neocons of the French Revolution.
Don’t call it a conspracy, or you will be called a … historian

In a collectivist ideology, that the communists and the intellectually softened and modified variant, the intellectual cultural Marxists offered – presented as ideologically and politically correct. Meaning: you as an individual is never counted on. Meaning also: if you think otherwise, you were expelled as incorrect and cast out via the massive intolerance, as the new commissioner practiced and whereby the commissioners – strangely enough! – always themselves were exempted from compulsory leveling. The subversion was to enforce this false equality. It is like building a house on sand. Sooner or later it will collapse.

Subversion is based on nihilism and subversion leads to nihilism. Nothing is right or wrong anymore, nothing is true or false, nothing is valid or invalid, everything is equally-valid. With nihilism intuitively obvious matters as violence, war and mass murder can now be lawfully excused, which means: a necessary evil for a greater good. You could call it the nihilistic utilitarianism. It is this nihilistic doctrine that underlies the neo-imperialist doctrines, R2P (Responsibility to Protect), and Humanitarian Intervention. It is neo-linguistic usage where you get away with calling a dog shit a cream cake.

Everything is upside down!

Note what happened. KGB did not need to participate massively and commit criminal acts of everything happening within the legislative framework, and it was the opponent itself that accepted the hidden crime against its own people.

But was it no longer the CIA, that destroyed the US, but the KGB?
The question is falsely posed, and the answer is: both at the same time. In an environment polluted by subversion, all kinds of parasites will thrive. Subversion was known to all so-called intelligence agencies (more correctly named subversion agencies). Note also in this context, who created the Russian Revolution and the Soviet, which in turn created theu KGB: Wall Street moguls (see. Prof. Anthony Sutton). The crypto-Jewish hidden, or in many cases quite obvious hand behind Bolshevism and the two world wars – depending on your level of information.

The Godfather of neocon trotskyist-zionist-nihilism. And a nazi too ..

It is also worth noting, how the neocon project and its philosophical-ideological mastermind Leo Strauss of the University of Chicago, can be described with the following remark:‘America is a nihilistic project’. Thus spake the Nietzschhean Leo-the-Neo. The New World, the land of Hope and Glory, whose founding fathers and original settler culture had explicit values where freedom over equality was hailed, or rather, where equality was interpreted to: Equal opportunity to express yourself and be successful – that is if you knew how to seize the opportunity! The Americans never looked down on success, but hailing it forward to the point , success was at the expense of others’ misfortune. But they were right up to the millennium, before they discovered that there was something wrong with their society. With the Straussian, Neo-Trotskyist, Nihilist philosophy the American dream died, and a New Soviet began to take shape.

Phase 2: Destabilization
This is the second phase in the process of subversion. Again, it didn’t take a battalion of KGB agents to blow up bridges and diverse installations. Westerners with the Americans as their guide did it himself. The project was narrowed down to the country’s institutions. Again, no visible offense as the victim even did the work.

Application field is narrowed down to: economics, law-and-order, the military and the media. What characterizes this phase is: radicalization. We are in the Culture-Radical, the Culture-Bosjevik and the Culture-Marxist phase. Disunity and discord in depth poison the very root of society: the family. Man and woman can no longer agree on what is right and wrong. Compromise in the family is no longer possible unless there started a quarrel. It is the feminist era, the cultural Marxist subproject. Cultural Marxism is in fact phase 2 of the overall projektet. We are now in the 70s California, where the Jewish Frankfurt School preacher, Herbert Marcuse, is holding sermons with his socalled subversive perversion. Note: he uses even the term subversion! Perversion of sexuality, gender struggle, the sexual minorities acquires efeminization of men and masculinization of women, promiscuity, infidelity, so-called ‘free sex’ and ‘free’ relationship as the new norm. It was said to be ‘liberating’! So ‘free’ in the same sense as when monopoly capitalists talk about ‘free trade’. It is always and exclusively meaning freedom for them to do whatever they like without having to ask others for permission.

Miley Cyrus – the whore of Hollywood

The Jewish owned Hollywood and the entertainment industry produces one sultry product after another, where the limit for pornography constantly is being stretched. Generation idols were their benchmarks and role models. The music industry revived the perversion of sexuality in a similar way to that, which the Germans responded in Berlin in the 30s. The artists and their sponsors and the trendy art critics praised it as ‘oh-so-daring and progressive’ and the general German response to it as ‘Nazi’ oppression although the Germans knew and recognized it as an attack on German values and morality.

With divisions penetrated deep in close relationships, is split between the neighbors as possible. The way the neighbor walked his dog became a source of conflict. In the political field is sectarianism was today’s norm. A plethora of semi-religious fractions to the political left paralyzed all consensus where social justice could have been the common agenda. You could no longer agree on what Lenin believed before Stalin took over – they never admitted that totalitarianism was built in from the very beginning and that the product was determined. A diseased seed can never bare a good tree.

Struggle, war, division and conflict. Does this sound like social Darwinism? It smells, it sounds and the quacks like social Darwinism – then it’s probably because that IS social Darwinism. It was payback time for the subversion projekt which the social darwinists aka the British Empire implanted in Russia during the revolution. And later Germany, not to mention. We did this to them, they taught us how to do it, now they do it against us. And then we can again learn to do this to ourselves and our friends. So now we do it again against them, for we have learned the techniques. We may call it ‘colored revolutions’ or something similar. So an implanted subversion of how ‘they do it to themselves’. Is it confusing to mind? So it is perhaps because the confusion is a product of the subversive culture attack that hit us so that we became part of it, which in turn is a product of the collective traumatic world wars that destroyed the world we knew. With out this devastating destruction on the collective mind of Western people we would not have had such a fragile receptiveness for subversion of our culture.

A former terrorist?

The fight was in the 70s introduced in schools. At the universities the students fought their teachers. The 68 uprising was a genuine Culture Marxist project. Someone had pissed anthill, and now all the ants were pissing on each other. The relationship between workers and their employers were further radicalized. We already saw in the period a trend towards heroizing of terrorism. In Germany there was only a thin wall that separated politically leftist activism from Bader-Meinhof (a NATO Operation Gladio operation). The recent ‘green’ German politician Joshkha Fischer (with the Jewish first name) helped to throw molotov cocktails into police cars where policemen died. He got away with it was never convicted.

We saw a radicalization of the military, what we usually call the ‘militarization’ in the same period. From Korean War to the Vietnam War. From Operation Bay of Pigs to Operation Northwood (.. discovered and foiled). From 6-day war to the Kennedy assassination. From Operation Condor to the Dirty War. From Biafra to Eritrea to Zimbabwe. Was the Cold War cold? Not at all! War had just been radicalized, it was flown under the radar, it was florishing behind the screen, and the screen showed an edited 2D reality without depth and context.

In the same period, all protests against the militarization / radicalization of war subverteret. West’s protest movement was paralyzed by sex, drugs & rock’n’roll and thereby silenced. Well, ask the gifted reader, was it not the CIA, who was responsible for it? Wrong questions, wrong answers. Of course CIA did it, but now we have meanwhile been studying Sun Tzu and subversion strategy, and then everything is much more complex. When driving the war into another dimension, it is also here that the downturn occurs. The overall lie about WW2 is precisely that it was ‘the good war’ where the good defeated evil. War cemented this lie, and we taught all clever schoolchildren to recite it at a given signal. The story about WW2 in itself is maybe the greatest piece of subversion in itself. The ‘allies’ were now sworn enemies (Stalin’s Soviet <> West). Decades later, they had switched places. Where did the story of the good and the evil go?

Terrorism was originally defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as

‘Government by intimidation’.

May I suggest a supplerentary correction:

‘Intimidation by government’.

What is history. Well, then listen to the word itself: His Story. It is not Your Story but the story of He who tells the story, which is always the victorious and never the defeated. And do not forget, that You are among the defeated even though you belonged to the nation of He who afterwards told His Story. It was never your war to begin with, and those of your kinsmen and -women who dared to question its pure and rightious motives were fought like the enemy and beaten like the enemy.

In this phase of destabilization the dormants, the sleepers were enabled. They were the product of phase 1. One example: 15-20 years before a gay was a marginalized minority. Now he graduated, sat in a job with power and influence. Suddenly, homosexuality turns into a political-moral issue and after a short while it was more politically correct to be lesbian-gay-bisexual-transsexual than a hetero (LGBT). This occurred synchronously with the chemically-hormonally-culturally efeminizaton of men and masculinization of women. Random? Only according to random theorists.


Coloured revolution and other subversive elements

Everyone is fighting everyone else in this period. Blacks against whites, women against men, children against parents, teachers against students, politicians against politicians, right to left. We still see Jews against Arabs / Muslims, Sunnis against Shiites, vegetarians against meat eaters, churchgoers against new agers, doctors against reflexologists … you get my point? The antagonism is introduced in all aspects of life. There is no healthy organism in nature that in the long run will survive to be at perpetual war with itself.The Sleepers, according to Juri Bezminov simply means KGB agents now being leaders for the second phase of subversion. The concept of KBG agent is to be understood – and you obviously already understand 😉 – agents, actors, practitioners, further drivers of the ideological seeds that were planted in phase 1. They rarely consider themselves agents, and if so, never admit to. They had internalized an ideology and now delivers the goods. They believed that the impulse comes from themselves, and have forgotten when they first encountered it and how they in their strange-love ‘learned to love the bomb’. They were ideological ‘suicide bombers’.

Some sleepers may have received money from a fund, they may have belonged to an organization or a network. They are a small Trojan horse, a 5th column. They did not think about what they think, say and do. They thought what they thought, they said what they said, and they did what they did. Their opinions were no longer formed in an intellectual environment where ideas were effectively examined before being promoted. Discussions were held to confirm and conform. You patted one another on the back to make sure to think the correct same, so you never had to admit how stupid you were. The trend was secular and took formal distance from religion, but did not notice that they even practiced a religion = an ideology that had all the characteristics of religion. That’s how it was in the era of destabilization.

The episode with the Danish historian Bent Jensen and journalist Jorgen Dragsdahl are reverberations of the Cold War. Dragsdahl felt a little taken over being called a KGB agent by Jensen, whos specialty was the Soviet era and its overall misanthropic monster-device. He knew what he was talking about, but he was not popular in the cultural Marxist Parnassus of baby boomers who now wielded power and culture in society. Their discussion methods were the usual: derailment of all talk about substance by hysterically outraged demonizing and defiling the opponent, so it was no longer possible to have a critical attitude towards them in a decent tone.


A former KGB agent?

The double standards and hypocrisy as cultural Marxists perform can hardly be beaten. While they pride themselves of tolerance towards dissent, suddenly they are charming the surroundings with their extreme intolerance. This happens the very moment when light falls on their own moralities and opportunism. While they pride themselves on their unique intellectual skills and critical sense, they are failing blatantly with self-criticism, and if you seriously challenge them with substantial informations and relevant questions, it quickly shows how little they know about what has happened and is going on in the larger consistency. They have never have been exposed to qualified opposition and thus been forced to think – they think many thoughts. They believe, that they are in control of what is right and wrong, historically as well as morally. But they are products of the story about WW2 being ‘the good war’, and so believes to know who the good guys and the bad guys were, but they run quite short of deeper understanding, every time they see that the updated version of good nations behave as brutal gangster organizations and lying so that the water runs down the walls. They are the generation of the thinking segment without moral compass and a real insight in other than their narrow professional field, and they do not know where their world view is coming from.

Phase 3: Crisis
At a certain point, the bearings and legitimate structures of society no longer is able to function. The artificial structures implanted in society can no longer supply the body with blood. The unelected by-committees, the post democratic selection of inmates, social workers who replaced people’s care for each other can no longer pretend to be a valid substitute and a ‘real deal’. The media, the self-proclaimed formers of public opinion, can no longer maintain the aura of authenticity. The politicians can no longer claim to legislate or act in the interest of the people who elected them.

Productivity disappears in such a society and it collapses just as slowly as it was taken over by a coup d’Etat in slow motion. It disintegrates. People start shouting for action and change, but thereby opening up for anybody that comes as their Messiah. We saw it with the Obama effect, where a nation was given a substitute for a substitute, one worse than the other. The liberals were thus sworn to continue and actually enhance the Bush-era-neocon-aggression against the world and became the new war-mongerers. War was suddently left-cool just by renaming it ‘protection the weak’ and saving the world. Neo-imperialistic violence became acceptable when it turned political correct.

But on the American home front almost everything went wrong in the Obama era. House prices and homelessness, health insurance (Obama care) was a hoax, unemployment peaked and wages bottomed, immigration chaos flooded in from the south, Wall Street went greedy-berserk with financial crisis. More war than ever before now attacking the Cold War main enemy, Russia, with yet another undeclared war-by-proxy – the United States has not declared a single one of their over 100 illegal acts of war since WW2, although their constitution demands it. Say it again: attacking Russia! How stupid, suicidal does it get?

Coloured revolution or just bad taste?

Crisis gives two possibilities: civil war or invasion. Either we will see fighting among ourselves/themselves, or a foreign power will break in. It is no longer the KGB against the United States. Yuri Besminov is quite clear from his time and his vantage point, but he did not predict how it all has changed around. CIA studied the strategy. He did not see how the KGB strategy was an extension of British Imperial tactics. As a defector he put his knowledge at the disposal of his new nationality, and he becomes cold war-propagandist for the Americans. So far so good. Quite understandably, he was fiercely opposed to the Soviets, but he will also thereby be an apologist for the United States, the CIA and NATO’s aggressions. A defense that can not turn down when it has done its job, will keep going to war. It did not happen.

USA is now behaving like Soviet, it has become the New Sovjet. The Soviets invaded Afghanistan, the United States invades Afghanistan. Soviet KGB supported revolutions during the Cold War, the United States supports false revolutions in funny colors after the Cold War. Soviet supported liberation armies and partisans during the Cold War to promote world revolution, the United States supports fake rebel groups from North Africa to China to create ‘the New American Century’, ie PNAC, Project for the New American Century, which described the necessity of 9/11 as an impetus for what happened and will happen. Just like – but more fake.

Crisis’ two options, civil war or invasion, are no longer a KGB project but a CIA project. It has in many ways always been. Libya and Syria were CIA artificially created civil wars. ISIS is an artificially created rebel army. Ukraine War is a similar art product. CIA developed KGB tactics – it uses both options at once. Libya was both a civil war and invasion from the air. There is a lot of talk about ‘no boots on the ground’ going on, but at the same time plenty of boots on plenty of hired assholes, the new privateers, the sand pirates are treading the grounds of the outskirt world. And when they return to the Western countries that more than willingly have bred and raised them, they will return to perform convenient acts of terror there. Recently in Copenhagen. 

4. Phase: Normalization
After a crisis comes normalization, an ironic phrase that describes the artificial normal. There is no more need for revolution and subversion of a society, that has already changed. USA changed, Europe changed, the sick became normal. Like Czechoslovakia back then was normalized after the Prague Spring. Anyone that contributed to the revolution, was now being breached, sometimes eliminated. There was no need for them anymore. When ISIL has done its job to destabilize the area and destroyed Syria, they may either become extinct or passed against Iran or China or Russia. Here, too, the US has further developed Soviet tactics. New World Order is a big project and there are many pieces of the great game of chess on the game designers storyboard.

It is normalization in the same way as a controlled psychosis or medicated neurosis. A nation or a person who has betrayed and denied himself can be ‘normal’, but normality is unsustainable because it is enforced. Sooner or later the facade wil crack.

Where is all the sand?

There was a joke in the former Soviet: If the Sahara desert ever becomes a communist state, there will be a shortage of sand. Workers Slavery was a big scale social experiment in impoverishment and subjugation, and it was together with Peasant Slavery in China studied extensively by the industrialists and financial families who had created the Great Experiment of the 20th Century. And if we still believe that it was just the KGB who was the guiding hand behind the big picture, it is time to shift the focus upward. Marxism is and remains a Western phenomenon exported eastwards. Later, it backfired, and now we are westwards stuck with to it in its metastisized political correct form in many guises.

Industrialists or Our Time are experimenting extensively with new forms of artificial shortage conditions. Half of young Spaniards are unemployed. A similar situation exists in all countries of Southern Europe. Had the European nations refused to contribute to the EU empire, such a situation would never have arisen. But Europeans were tender after two world wars, and the project was sold as necessary to avoid a third. How falsely and deceptively the argument, we see now that the EU is involved in an attempt to provoke a third Great War (don’t we just love the ‘greatness’ of the Imperial language?) via Ukraine conflict. EU is creating trading terror, NATO is creating terror-by-proxy and the Americans and their Zionist freinds are rubbing their hands and laughing their butts of seing how willingly Europe is once again is jumping on the bandwagon of self-inflicted terror.

Liquid War has become the new sick norm. It is all the time somewhere-anywhere. And the alleged enemy is as liquid, sometimes invisible, sometimes in disguise, but also somewhere-anywhere. Terror has become a sick norm, and the sickest is that they get away with constantly being funded, trained, hired and used by those who yell about them.

Russia’s role today
Russian President Putin recently came up with two allusions, and those who know what is being hinted here will realize how very precise and potentially extremely dangerous to the Powers That Be these allusions are. Let us again remind us again that Russia today and the Soviet KGB era are two very different entities. One allusion was a requirement for the United Nations to establish an independent investigation into who funded ISIL. Putin at the course knows exactly who is doing this, the Russians have full intelligence on such things. But instead of just saying loudly, that it is the Americans and the Saudis that pay the bill, and NATO, Israel and Turkey doing the coaching and holding her hand over the dirty killers-rapists-decapitators and pyromancers by letting them into Iraq and Syria, so that they can terrorize and destabilize, Putin choose the smart move, so he does not appear as merely propagandist. This president has two hobbies: he is a black belt judo-fighter and a skilled chess player. The philosophy and skills of these disciplines seem to come in handy.

Office fire?

The owner of a large private intelligence network, Gordon Duff, wrote as a commentary to Putins statement on 9/11 the following:

Moscow (Pravda): American experts believe that despite the fact that relations between the US and Russia reached the worst point since the Cold War, Putin delivered until Obama only minor troubles. Analysts believe that this is the “calm before the storm.” Putin is going to hit once, but he’s going to hit hard. Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services in the September 11 attacks.

The list of evidence includes satellite images.

Published material can prove the US government complicity in the 9/11 attacks and the successful manipulation of public opinion. The attack was planned by the US government, but exercised using her proxy, so that an attack on America and the people of the United States looked like an act of aggression by international terrorist organizations.

The motive for deception and murder its own citizens served US oil interests and the Middle East state corporations.

The evidence will be so convincing that it utterly debunks the official 9/11 cover story supported by the US government.

Russia proves that America is no stranger to using false flag terrorism against its citizens in order to achieve a pretext for military intervention in a foreign country. In the case of “the September 11 attacks,” the evidence will be conclusive satellite imagery.

If successful, the consequences of Putin’s tactics would expose the US government’s secret terrorist policies. The government’s credibility will be undermined and should bring about mass protests in the cities leading to an uprising, according to American analysts..

And as the United States will look on the world political arena? The validity of America’s position as a leader in the fight against international terrorism will be totally undermined giving immediately advantage to rogue states and Islamic terrorists.

The actual development of the situation could be much worse, experts warn.

The second allusion is in a way even more dangerous, for it aims at the very core of the entire terrorist concept by adressing the event created to motivate the millennium wave of US military operations in the world and whatever possible heave Western Europe at its unholy crusade for Mammon and Molech: the 9/11.

Never turn your back on a con man

Putin alluded that the Russians have satellite footage which clearly show that ‘special advanced weaponry’ was applied. He does not say, again wisely, who operated these weapons, and in that case it will be read by satellite recordings. But again, for those who know what is alluded to, and that has made a modicum of homework with a critical eye – not with eyes-wide-shut – and has drawn on a well-chosen selection of the overwhelming piles of information that has leaked about this strange event, it will not be difficult to understand that this is a very important statement with potentiality to get one or other Zionist-Neocon in Washington DC to, shall we say, shake a little in their pants. Just to mention ‘special advanced weapons’ are already a confirmation of what now a majority of Americans are on the trail of: that 9/11 had nothing to do with a few bewildered airliners flown by amateurs from the Middle East then with utmost precision hitting two buildings so they against all physical and architectural known natural laws fell nicely into their own footprints. Americans have smelled the inside job for years now.

I do not think that KGB defector, Yuri Bezminov, had imagined such a radical change-over of power poles, that in fact has taken place. Russians are fully aware that the United States, CIA, NSA – you name them, we blame them – have studied the KGB subvesion techniques and diligently are using their aquired learning. But it also means that the Russians are aware of how they, in their turn, can defend themselves against it. Their propaganda apparatus is still well-oiled, which we can see at, where they wisely have found out that designed and deceitful propaganda backfires. Therefore they broadcast pretty accurate journalistic information with the strategy in mind that the US and the Western misdeeds are their own worst enemy – which they are!

We have, among other things. seen how they quietly deflected the attack by NATO organized terrorist cells in Chechnya via Turkey. The Chechens themselves are quite aware that the rioters were outside hirelings. At the same time the bear calmly puts his lab on Turkey and friendly offers it an agreement on oil and gas for billions of whatever currency will now prevail in the world economy. In Syria their diplomacy succeeded to prevent an intervention. In Ukraine we are seeing a slow acquirer in the eastern region, where Ukrainians themselves are active and where the demoralized government army is falling apart.

Sanctions against Russia both work and don’t work. For a while they will work, so the Russians have to turn down the hitherto economic prosperity leap and reorganize itself. Then – and we are already seeing this – it backfires on European nations and the EU, whose stupid, corrupt and cowardly leaders have been too willing to jump on the bandwagon and act stooped against US demands. Russia are now seeking out completely other trading partners, and the Europeans will miss a whole lot of trading gains. In addition, the embargo results in an additional push for the alliances and organized actions, that in the past decade have emerged between countries that are fed up with the United States and their arrogant assault on the world, fed up with the West’s central banking and their raids and fed up with having to jump and dance to make this spoiled baby of a decaying superpower happy. The outskirts world organizes itself without asking permission in Washington, London and Brussels.

Yuri Bezminov has certainly not imagined this development, for he is despite of his deep insight from KGB too much a conditioned product of the Cold War. But he does nonetheless have an interesting remark about what can help a nation protect itself from subversion. You are a bit confused the first time you hear it, but he says: Religion! People are not willing to put their lives on the line for 2 + 2 = 4. However, people are often willing to stand up for something larger than themselves, something not material, God.

Here one thinks immediately of American Armageddon Christianity and oh-no, not George Bush and ‘If you are not with us, you are with the terrorists!’ But it is precisely that perverted form of religion which Bezminov includes in his applications for subversion. By contrast, there has been a completely different revival of religion in Russia and throughout the former Soviet sphere: the Orthodox Church.

The Russian president is an Orthodox Nationalist. This is a double insult and challenge to the West, where they no longer have religion as a social institution bearing, and where nationalism by the political correct Culture Marxists have been condemned as responsible for the wars, that they were instrumental in creating (globalists will do anything to discredit and expell nations). People have left the church in the West, while the Russians have returned to it. It was strongly suppressed in Soviet times, but it extends deep into the psyche of the people. The Orthodox Church is, so to say, authentic Christianity to the extent that it still retains the elements that have been thrown out or turned upside down by what is considered just a ‘sect’, namely the Catholic Church. The Byzantines saw clearly, that the Roman Empire imploded but dressed up in new womans clothing and funny hats doing … exactly what it used to do before. Remember that one of the papal crusades was actually against Constantinopel.

Brother Nathanael – an orthodox priest with a punch


The second insult is that Russia revives nationalism, which for over 200 years has been on the wishlist of extermination for the globalists. A strong nation is their worst nightmare, because it is an obstacle for the unfettered access of monopoly capitalism, the free lunch that the globalists see as their primary right in this world. That was why the tsarist Russia 100 years ago was to be destroyed with a staged revolution. That was the reason why the German empire was to be destroyed with two world wars. And that is why the EU is working around the clock to undermine and dismantle the European nations promoting a technocratic superstate. In the New World Order, the neo-feudal haven for oligarchs, all nations must be abolished. But there happens to be some large and a good many small nations in the world, who do not think it is a good idea, and Russia has taken the lead with a national revival as a countermove.

The difference between the alliances that the West has created, and those that occur in the peripheral world and between eg the BRICS countries seem to be more respect for differences, sovereignty and nationality. They strengthen the nations and their capabilities, they do not degrade them for the sake of plunder and dominance like the West.

The hope for The World right now is in a recovery of the human and national dignity, that we in the West have destroyed by violence and corruption. It comes currently from two teams: the Non-West and the most exploited nations of the West. Greece has taken decisive steps to move away from the enforced impoverishment. And Russia have started talking about helping them financially. If, again, there is a hidden common denominator here, it would be the Orthodox Church, although it is not promoted as such. Nevertheless it is a common culture that is anti-Roman and thus against the Empire of the West in any updated form.

There is a new chapter being written as we write, read and speak.
Maybe subversion will be out of fashion one day.


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